Luna 2.0.11 is now available

A quick fix and a 2 week hiatus

Well then… Looks like I made a mistake with Luna 2.0.10 and 2.1 Preview 4.

Both releases are shipping with old translations. Luna 2.0.10 is using the 2.0.9-beta translation (so is 2.0.9) while 2.1 Preview 4 is using the translation of an early Preview 4 build.

This is why we’re releasing 2.0.11 today with a fix. 2.1 won’t be fixed until Preview 5. This mistake should not impact anyone using the English translation of Luna or who generates the translation files of any other language through scanning the software with Poedit.

This is only an issue for those who

  • Use the Dutch translation that is shipping with Luna
  • Use the empty English translation as a base for their own translations

If you are using Luna 2.1 Preview, we kinda expect you to be aware that this thing is buggy, so it isn’t that essential to fix to us.

A hiatus

While we are not even a month into the rebirth of Luna, it is already time for a break. Like back in the day, I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks to recharge. This year around, I’ll be gone from the 3rd of July until the 15th. Unlike other years, I’ll check back in with you guys in the night of the 9th to the 10th.

Luna 2.0.10 and 2.1 Preview 4 are here

The patch and the Bootstrap 4.1 update

We originally said that it wasn’t going to happen in Luna 2.x but here we are… Luna 2.1 Preview 4 replaces Bootstrap 3.3 with Bootstrap 4.1. We also have a couple of other changes to tell you about. We’re also releasing a minor update for Luna 2.0 today.

Bootstrap 4

Preview 4 is very much ment to focus on just Bootstrap 4. And if you think “isn’t that just replacing the Bootstrap 3 package with the Bootstrap 4 package?”, you’d be wrong. Bootstrap 4 has some major changes compared to Bootstrap 3 and thus what followed was days of work.

Because we didn’t just update Boostrap 3 to 4 and changed a number of classes. No. We redid the entire markup and (S)CSS of Luna. For the Backstage as well as Fifteen and Sunrise. Yes, the Backstage’s design and Fifteen and Sunrise are rewritten. Completely.

Now, what does that mean for you? First of all, you’ll notice a number of small and big visual differences in both designs. One of these is the adaptation of a larger default font (16px instead of 14px) and some of the light fonts turning bolder.

For the Backstage specifically, it means that the hamburger menu is now gone as the navigation now fits on all screen sizes. It also means that we have an updated “About” page (the website also got a new design there). We also fixed a whole bunch of UI inconsistencies.

Meanwhile, Fifteen got a redesign too (and as a result, so did Sunrise). Both themes now use Bootstrap 4.1 and while the goal was to keep them mostly the same as the Luna 2.0-versions of these themes, there are a number of key differences:

  • Like Backstage, the design is now wider
  • The Editor has an entirely different design
  • Fonts, especially normal text, is now larger

We are still working on the UI for Backstage, Fifteen and Sunrise, expect minor adjustments to come as part of Preview 5.

Font Awesome and Prism

Font Awesome 5.1 was released during Preview 4’s development, and thus we’ve updated our included version of Font Awesome to version 5.1 (up from 5.0.13). Additionally, if you set Luna to use CDNs to get Bootstrap and jQuery, for Font Awesome a CDN will now be used as well as long as the Font Awesome Pro setting isn’t enabled (but that will likely change in the future).

Prism.js is the package that stands in for the syntax highlighting in code and this update bumps its version to 15.0 (up from 14.0). We’ve also added support for JSON and TypeScript to the package, as well as support for extended PHP.

Fluorescent Blue

You’ll also notice that this preview drops the “Fallow Preview” branding and insteads is called “Fluorescent Blue Preview”. We made this change because we want Luna 2.2 and onwards to be smaller updates that don’t necessarily need their own letter (G and so on) and wanted 3.0 really to be called Glitter.

So why “Fluorecent”? Well, turns out you can put 4 different colors behind it and still end up with an “official” color: Blue, Orange, Pink and Yellow. So there are the names of the (maximum) 4 next updates of Luna. These will be minor releases while most focus will go to Glitter and I honestly don’t even want to promise that we will get to Pink, never mind Yellow. Orange will most likely happen, though.

Other changes

  • The default user group can now be changed again
  • Pruning threads will no longer prune pinned threads by default
  • Some emoji have been updated to better represent their text counterpart (including ūüôā and :(, among others) – this will also come to Luna 2.0.11
  • When updating, Luna will now update the cookie bar url if it still uses the old default value
  • Enabling debug mode now works correctly for PostgreSQL
  • Updating to Luna 2.0 no longer causes ‘o_custom_css’ to start with “NULL” as value
  • Fixes a spacing issue with Inbox’s paper plane icons
  • Resolves a PHP error due to receivers in Inbox not being countable
  • Fixes a number of markup violations

Luna 2.0.10

Luna 2.0.10 introduces a number of fixes, these are the same bugfixes that are in Luna 2.1 Preview 4 that are not specific to Fluorescent Blue. Thus, here is what’s changing:

  • When updating, Luna will now update the cookie bar url if it still uses the old default value
  • The default user group can now be changed again
  • Enabling debug mode now works correctly for PostgreSQL
  • Updating to Luna 2.0 no longer causes ‘o_custom_css’ to start with “NULL” as value
  • Fixes a spacing issue with Inbox’s paper plane icons
  • Resolves a PHP error due to receivers in Inbox not being countable
  • Fixes an issue with Inbox’s paper plane icons

As always, make sure to make a back-up before upgrading!

More website and documentation updates

And to close it off, we paid some attention to the website. Today’s update includes our brand new “Release notes” page. This was one of the pages that still used the design from the old website, now we updated it and each release has gotten its own page as well (we also updated the sidemenu to make more clear that these are subpages).

And of course, we also updated our documentation yet again. Our focus was basically spread everywhere.

Luna 2.1 Preview 3 now available

Look at all that documentation

Today we are very happy to announce the availability¬† of Luna 2.1 Preview 3 (no 2.0.10, at least not today). This is our third alpha release for Fallow and we have got some pretty exciting things to talk about. First off, something that isn’t really about the release itself.

Documentation revamp

As mentioned when we released Luna 2.0.9 and 2.1 Preview 2, we made a major change to the way our website handles documentation. Today, we’ve pushed the first major update to our documentation to our website. This gets the documentation up-to-date with Luna 2.1 Preview 3. At least, for as far as we have refreshed these pages. Right now, that is mostly all about the Backstage and our Theme developer documentation. This is just the start of our journey to improve the documentation, and to keep it that way. We’ll have more to share with the next release.


Today’s update makes some important changes to themes. First of all, themes no longer use the faux “information.php”-file with an XML in to tell Luna what they exactly are. Instead, we now have the “theme.json” file. This is a much simpeler structure, a more polished approach and allows for easier extension if it’s ever required.

Also, themes now have to define which features they support of which Luna is depending on the theme to support it. If a theme does not support a certain feature, a red warning will be shown in the Backstage next to the relevant setting. This way you know why a feature may not change anything on your board. Features need to be defined in “theme.json”.

Accent colors now have to be defined in the “theme.json” file. This way we could make the whole thing much more dynamic for the Backstage. Themes can now show their actual accent colors in the Backstage, heck, if they want, they can even show a gradient now.

For more information about the new theme.json file, I highly recommend you read the brand new documentation on theme development.

With todays update, the “Theme” setting is also moving back to its own page called “Theme”, the current “Theme” page has been renamed “Appearance”. On the new Theme-page, you can install and uninstall themes (yes, they require installation now) and if you want, you can delete a whole theme right from the Backstage now.

Installing a theme adds it to a new “themes”-table in the database, but themes can now define some of their own configurations in the new theme.json file, and by installing the theme, these configurations are put into the database.

Fifteen & Sunrise

In Preview 2, we moved Fifteen and Sunrise’s source over from plain old CSS to SCSS. This makes these themes easier to manage and is one of the many steps we’re taking to improve our theming support. However, you might have noticed that Preview 2 crippled Fifteen and Sunrise in a number of places. Well, get ready for it to get worse.

Fifteen and Sunrise should have “working” accents again in this version, but on numerour places, the styling will be broken. We are not planning on fixing this as we’re working on major updates for both Fifteen and Sunrise, essentially rewriting both themes, to support Bootstrap 4. Fixing these broken things just feels like a waste of times. So yeah… now you’re warned.


Preview 1 removed the capability to switch between the emoticons included with Luna or use the emoji font present in the system. This preview also removes the support for changing the size of emoji. Starting with this release, emoji will take the size of their parent element.

Under Backstage > Settings, you’ll find a new page titled “Emoji”. Here you can manage which emoji are available on your board. You will no longer have to dive into the parser to manually add emoji to the list of supported emoji.

Other changes

  • The duality between “e-mail” and “email” has been cleaned up, Luna will now always refer to it as “email”.
  • The Backstage’s page title now contains the name of the page.

We’re very excited with all these changes and we’re not done yet. Luna 2.1 is shaping up to be a nice update, and you, our users, deserve it after more than 1,5 year of silence! Go get it if you’re running Preview 2, but make sure to make a backup first. You never know…

Known issues

  • You have to select an accent color every time you want to save profile settings or the Backstage’s Appearance settings, otherwise, the accent color will be reset to 0 (which isn’t an accent).
  • Fifteen and Sunrise have various visual issues.
  • The category name and position in Board is missing some styling.

Luna 2.0.9 and 2.1 Preview 2

Also… documentation announcement

I know that it hasn’t even been a week, but we’re happy to say that the next update to Luna, version 2.0.9, is now available to download! And to make sure that people the 2.1 Preview are not missing out on all the fixes and enhancements we’re releasing 2.1 Preview 2 as well with the same fixes as 2.0.9 and a number of other improvements.

Luna 2.0.9

Luna 2.0.9 is just a minor update with a bunch of bugfixes and other minor improvements. Here’s what to look out for:

  • More improvements for PHP 7.2 support
  • A number of fixes for localization
  • Site descriptions can now be 300 characters (up from 255)
  • Improved error for invalid search queries
  • Fixes the in 2.0.8 introduced bug where a space was missing between a name and “wrote” in a quoted comment
  • Updates references to to match our updated website (see below)
  • Updates the “Check for updates” feature
  • A set of bug fixes

Since Luna 2.0.8 we use the by Git (and GitHub) generated zip-files as downloads from our website. However, we didn’t think this one through since Git also includes a number of irrelevant files (like .gitignore) that should not be part of production versions. Today’s update rectifies that and Git will now leave such files out of the download.

Another GitHub-related change is the inclusion of a number of files in our repository for issue templates, pull request templates, etc. But also the GPL v2 license. Except of the license, non of these files actually make a difference to the package you download, but it does make reporting issues and requesting features easier on GitHub.

For more details I would like to refer to the release notes.

Luna 2.1 Preview 2

Luna 2.1 Preview 2 contains the same set of fixes and improvements as Luna 2.0.9, but of course it also bring a number of other features and enhancements to the table. The most notable changes since Preview 1 are:

  • Forum icons can now be set to be either Solid, Regular or Brand icons from Font Awesome Free, if you enabled Font Awesome Pro, you can also choose the Light icons
  • Improved night mode with better contrast and a darker design for the mainstage
  • Fifteen and Sunrise have been rewritten in SCSS and the CSS file included in the download is now compressed resulting in smaller stylesheets and thus faster loading times, this also makes these themes easier to maintain
  • Fifteen has an updated sidebar design in threads to take less vertical space on small devices
  • Spoilers now use the Bootstrap collapse plugin instead of a custom implementation
  • General enhancements to the Backstage design update, including the start of using bolder fonts
  • Fixes an issue in Preview 1 where the Backstage accent color selector in profile was broken
  • Fixes a number of icons that didn’t exist in Font Awesome 5
  • Branding update, because Luna’s logo got a little bit bolder
  • MySQL 5.5 is now the minimum required version if you are using a MySQL database
  • We updated the Backstage logo to use our new, bolder typeface
  • Like with Luna 2.0.9, irrelevant files are now excluded from the generated download, for Luna 2.1 this includes the LESS and SCSS files used to generate the CSS for the Backstage and Mainstage

For Luna 2.1 Preview 2 I would also like to redirect you to the release notes for more information. We still have some more things to come for Luna 2.1. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • User avatar as profile menu icon (instead of the generic user-icon)
  • Font Awesome Pro system icon set selection
  • Converting the Backstage stylesheets from LESS to SCSS
  • Typography
  • Backstage night mode improvements
  • A big update to our documentation (see below)

As always it is recommended to update, but make a backup!

Website and documentation updates

Now, there is one more thing I’d like to talk about. And that is the documentation. Our documentation has always lagged behind, in true FluxBB-fashion. However, I’m making moves now to change that. And step one was dropping the whole HTML-mess that was the documentation and rewrite it in Markdown. “Rewrite” as in “I changed all html-tags to Markdown”, not “The whole thing has new content”. The documentation is available on GitHub for everyone to collaborate on!

Additionally, the website got updated to dynamically show the sidebar menu and the page content depending on what page you visit. As a result, the documentation can fully be managed from the GitHub repository’s content. This should make maintaining the documentation a lot easier for 2 reasons: Markdown is much better fit for writing documents than HTML and much less prone to markup errors, and updating the documentation no longer requires directly messing with the sites code.

Everyone is free to help out with the documentation now. If you want, of course. And “helping out” doesn’t mean you have to write it, if you see an error or would like to see some documentation about something in Luna, you can also create a new ticket on GitHub.

Before Luna 2.1 goes out the door, I really want to spend some serious time on the documentation and start maintaining it properly from there on out. This has lacked for years, and it is really time to change that.

And to close it all of: we made a number of improvements to our website’s design, mainly for small screens. We also fixed the broken download buttons for the Luna 1.0 preview releases.

Luna 2.1 and 3.0: where to next

It has been¬†5 months since our last feature update – Luna 2.0 Emerald – and in that time, development has come to a stand-still for a while. Earlier this month, we released Luna 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 to fix a number of issues.¬†However, just to reassure you guys that we’re still working on this project – yay – I would like to tell you guys how it is going in our 3 development branches right now (being 2.0, 2.1 and¬†3.0).

Luna “Emerald” 2.0 Update 6

We’re currently investigating a number of bugs that have been reported over the month and will provide a new release somewhere later this month to address those issues. Version 2.0.6 will probably be the last pre-2.1 patch for Luna 2.0. 2.0.7 will likely coincide with the 2.1-release. As¬†used to be the case with Luna 1.x, the Luna 2.0.x-series will continue to receive bug fixes until¬†the release after 2.1 is made available.

Luna “Fallow” 2.1

Fallow is our next minor update, it will be mostly some more polish, bug fixes and minor new features. Fallow might turn out to be our smallest feature-update yet. Don’t expect to much from this update. We currently are planning to improve the spoiler-tag and are giving the thread-view in Sunrise a new design. Other new features might join in later as well as¬†development continues.

Luna 3.0

Luna 3.0 is our next major¬†milestone and as always, we want to rewrite most, if not all, of the core¬†of Luna to give ourselves a more modern¬†codebase to build upon. I currently do not have an ETA on when the first alpha release will be made available.¬†There is a¬†“version3.0”-branch available on GitHub, however, I do not recommend you to download that code, let alone use it (in a production¬†environment) as it will remove a lot of features and data from your database. We’ll have more to share later.