Roadmap overview

Today I want to show you some things we are working on. It’s important for us to show this to you, after all, we are an open source project. That means also that we will keep our roadmap transparent. So, let’s take a look at the stuff that going on.

First of all, we updated some launch dates today. Version 1.6.1 is now planned for June 2013 (instead of Summer 2013), and version 1.7-beta1 is now planned for July 2013 (instead of Summer 2013). We also moved the release of ModernBB 1.7-beta2 to August/September 2013 (instead of Summer/Fall 2013). I hope you guys like this. As you can see, version 1.6.1 is coming very soon, we only need to patch 2 issues (and 1 of these will maybe be moved to version 1.6.2 or 1.7.0), and we patched today 2 issues too!

As you know, we are also working on ModernBB 1.7, this version will be a big improvement to the front-end of the system. We will also start using our own visual style(s). For beta 1, only 4 tickets are waiting for a patch. However, there is still a chance that we will add new tickets or reopen tickets that are already closed. The new style of ModernBB will also get more versions in the future releases, this is planned for beta 2 for now. Beta 1 will be available in July 2013.

And what else? You wouldn’t expect it, but we also have worked on ModernBB 1.8. This update will reinvent the dashboard. For now, it’s only a proof of concept. However: the new dashboard will be Bootstrap based. This means that you can easly constumize it. This feature isn’t pushed to GitHub yet, and it won’t happen for a longue time. Since this feature is not build on ModernBB itselfs, it still has to be ported. Stay tuned for more on ModernBB 1.8!

And last but not least: our website. We haven’t anything new for the website itself yet. But in the near future (before the end of the month), we will move our blog to a system that’s a little bit more advanced. I mean WordPress with that. So, this part of the website will be in maintenance for a short period.

A brand new website

The ModernBB website is now online for a good month. We’ve used the basic Bootstrap theme for all that time, but today, that will change. We have launched our brand new website, featuring a new style, that matches the design of ModernBB, ModernCount and ModernTask. Welcome to our brand new website!

When you visit the home page of our website, the first change that you will see is the new menu and page header. Both have now a flat color and feature the real ModernBB logo. It’s not centered anymore and the download button is now more prominent. In the menu, the ‘Resources’ link isn’t a drop down anymore and we added ‘Blog” (where you are right now).

We also rearanged the download page, it now contains tabs so the page won’t get to long over time. The download buttons now also indicate how safe it is to download something. Green means it’s table, orange means it’s unstable and red indicaties a nightly. For all pages: the page headers are now less high. It turned out to be not user-friendly to have that kind of page headers.

With the new design online and the everything up and running, the development of our software will go on. ModernBB 1.7 beta 1 is expected to launch somewhere at the end of next month (which is June), we will also launch ModernBB 1.6.1 this our next month, together with its LTS version. Meanwhile, we will launch our 3rd application: ModernTask. And ModernCount v2.1 will make it’s way to the internet too! We will also add those software to our own website very soon (you can now download it from Studio 384).