ModernBB 2.2 “Zoe” now available

We’re one and a half month after the release of ModernBB 2.1, and we already have a new major update ready for you! I’m proud to announce the availability of ModernBB 2.2. With ModernBB 2.2, ModernBB is one of the first (if not the first) forum software to release with a design that is responsive by default! As always, you can find the latest version of ModernBB at our download page!

What’s new?

  • Responsive design: it’s finaly here! It was supposed to be part of ModernBB 2.0, but didn’t make the cut. Anyway, the new responsive design let ModernBB shine on every device you might get in touch with. Randomness, Radicalness and Awesomeness support this feature.
  • New profiles: This was a major issue with ModernBB (and FluxBB): the profiles were a mess. In ModernBB 2.2, this has been resolved, improving the way profiles work. Less pages with settings, a cleaner “View profile”, better tools for administration, and more.
  • Updated designs: All 3 default styles have had a small update. They are now lighter, do not require any image anymore, allowing your forum to load faster. The new designs are smoother and fit every need.
  • Improved elements: We’ve also Improved the way the pagination is displayed, making it easier to use and better fit with every style. We did this with the permission labels too, and the topic-type labels.
  • Backstage updates: Backstage also uses a slightly altered design and the code behind it has been Improved too. Making better use of Bootstrap 3. We even did already some stuff for ModernBB 3.0! While it’s just some visual change here, you might like it.
  • Clickable labels: Radiobuttons and checkboxes are small and hard to click, especialy when your on a touchscreen device, that’s why labels are now clickable. Making it easier for users with mouse, and touch.
  • And many, many more

Of course, we recommend you to update to the latest version of ModernBB. It’s important to make a backup before you update your forums to ModernBB 2.2. The system requirements of ModernBB 2.2 are the same as those for ModernBB 2.0 and 2.1. Enjoy!

ModernBB 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0
With ModernBB 2.2 released, and following our release scheme, support for ModernBB 2.1 will end together with that of ModernBB 2.0 after 10 December 2013. From then, we will only support ModernBB 1.6 LTS and ModernBB 2.2. However, that day, we will release the final update for both branches, version 2.0.2 and 2.1.2 respectivly. Meanwhile, we will start developing ModernBB 3.0.

ModernBB 2.2-beta now available

Today is an awesome day. A couple of hours ago, we released ModernBB 2.2 beta, 2 days earlier then expected. ModernBB 2.2 beta is a hugh step forward, and with 58 tickets closed, the largest milestone yet (however, the amout of changes is smaller then 2.0). Let’s see what’s new.

First of all, we have decided to hold on our Zoe codename, since ModernBB 2.2 isn’t that much of a change, it will keep the same codename as ModernBB 2.0 and 2.1 (since the codenames are also used to identify the version with the documentation). Anyway, ModernBB 2.2 features an updated default style, not that much of visual changes, but the fact that it is a responsive design, must be mentioned.

Another welcome change you will find in when you’re searching for your profile, if your an admin, you would run up on a page with a menu that refers you to 8 pages, this menu, now only includes 4 and has a way better construction. The profile view is now also more accurate to what others actual see. Labels of checkboxes and radio buttons have been made clickable too. This also counts for the Backstage, which also had a visual update on its forms.

On the frontend, other stuff has changed, “sticky”, “closed” and “moved” will now show up as colored labels, instead of plain text. The BBCode permission labels also use color codes, rather than text. The pagination has been Improved and now uses the Bootstrap pagination, also instead of plain text. We moved “IP log”, “Email” and “Website” to the action bar, instead of displaying it below an users avatar. The advanced search interface has been given a facelift, and more.

Other small changes are the move from Bootstrap 3.0.0, in favor of Bootstrap 3.0.2 (this will come to ModernBB 2.0.2 and 2.1.2 too), the Forums page on the Backstage won’t be available if you have no categories, and the login and update interface has been given a better design. We’ll be working on ModernBB 2.2 to release somewhere around the end of this month. This will mean that ModernBB 2.0.2 and 2.1.2 are the latest version in their respectivly branch, and only 1.6 and 2.2 will be supported. When ModernBB 2.2 has been released, we will move on with developing ModernBB 3.0, which is set to be released next summer. Is there a chance for another 2.x release? Well, yes, I am concidering a ModernBB 2.3, but I’m not sure if I will release such a version. If this update would come, it’s for next year and would feature a new and better editor interface, and a refresh for the Randomness, Awesomeness and Radicalness style.

PluginDK, StyleDK and Kindness
Some time ago, with the release of ModernBB 2.1, I promised to bring back the yellow Kindness design. Well, it is coming back, modernized around, but not like, the other 3 default styles. Its design will be used as a inspiration to create Randomness 3.0 (and Awesomeness and Radicalness, for the matter). Those styles will be featured in version 3! Kindness might be released somewhere after the launch of ModernBB 2.2.0, and, of course, will be compatible with ModernBB 2.2.0.

On the other hand, we will also release a PDK (Plugin Development Kit) and SDK (Style Development Kit). The first one will be a modified version of the FluxBB MDK, working with ModernBB. The second one will be a striped down version of the default styles, only containing to elements that keeps the forum in place, for easy development, the style is called “Bootstrap”, by the way (mainly because it makes ModernBB uses the default Bootstrap style).

ModernBB 1.6.0/1.6.1/1.6.2 LTS releases no longer available

Todays site update has removed the Long Term Support tab from our download page. With that, ModernBB 1.6.0 TLS, 1.6.1 LTS and 1.6.2 LTS are no longer available. If you’re searching for those versions of our software (which we do not recommend), you can download ModernBB 1.6.0, 1.6.1 or 1.6.2. However, at least ModernBB 1.6.3 would be a better idea.

The only difference between 1.6.0, 1.6.1 a,d 1.6.2s LTS and original version is the file it compares it’s version with. While the original version would ward you for ModernBB 2.0.0 and later being available, the LTS versions will warn you for a newer 1.6 release being available. Since 1.6.3, we only release versions that compare towards the 1.6-branch. We think it’s pointless to keep those version on the site, when they making it harder for us to keep track on things.

Anyway, todays site update doesn’t only remove things, we’ve added stuff too! The FAQ has been updated, we’ve added information about ModernBB 3.0 on our About page, we also added other milestones. The type of milestones are no longer showed, however. We’ve also updated our feature list and the home page. Enjoy!

Round-up #9 – Development in full swing

It has been an exciting week! We’ve done some serious construction for ModernBB 2.2 “Odd”, and it keeps getting better and better. Since last round-up, a lot of tickets have been opened, discussed and closed again. And most all of them have made it to the core of ModernBB 1.6.4 LTS, 2.0.2, 2.1.2 and 2.2-beta. However, we changed some stuff on the way we are working, that’s kind of important to note for you guys.

What has been done in the 2.2-branch?
Well, we’ve done some awesome work on it. We’ve improved the styling of ModernBB, did some clean-up. And most important of all: we’ve done some serious work on a responsive design, which is almost finished. The responsive design is, give or take 1 ticket, completed. Another update we did is the parser, it now supports more font sizes and families, and a horizontal line. However, we’re not sure if the font settings will make it into the final version (they will be there in the beta release). Finaly, we removed the toolbar from all the editors. Don’t worry, it’s coming back. However, a little bit more advanced.

What are we going to do in the 2.2-branch?
While that’s what we have done, we are, of course, planning even more stuff. The next days, we’re going to redesign the profile system! Finaly. We’ll also finish the responsive design. And then, there are still 9 other things that have to be done. We might add more to this counter in the upcoming week. However, we hope to get the beta of ModernBB 2.2 out there at the end of this month. It’s going to be awesome!

The way we work
ModernBB 2.2 is the first milestone where we work wit a shiplist. This shiplist contains all changes that we made, and are planning to make to the ModernBB core. We’ve also decided to not create sepparate milestones for betas, RCs and final versions. So ModernBB 2.2-beta is developed in the ModernBB 2.2.0 milestone. However, in the changelog on our site, it will still be displayed as a sepparate milestone. We might merge the older milestones later on to, to clean up a bit.

The Future Ahead: ModernBB “Cortex” 3.0
You may have noticed that we cleaned up a lot of our branches. “hook”, “sqlite3”, “upgrade”, “”, “1.6/lts”, they’re all gone. However, a new branch has joined the others: “version3.0”. Yes indeed, ModernBB 3.0 is our next big milestone, after ModernBB 2.2. It’s a very ambitious milestone, we’re planning a lot for it. The 3 first branches that where removed, hook, sqlite3 and upgrade, are supposed to be in this branch. But many, many more will join. However, do not expect it to be here any time soon. We want to change a lot, and development will take a while. That why we plan 2 alphas, 3 betas and 2 RCs before the final version is here. Both alphas aren’t feature complet, the first beta will be the feature-freeze, however, beta 2 and beta 3 can still remain changes to features, but no new ones. The first RC is the code-freeze and willl, just like RC2, only contain bugfixes. And with some luck, ModernBB 3 RC 2 will also be the final ModernBB 3.0.0.