Vanellope – it could happen

So, we’ve been working on this for a while now, let’s do a quick recap of everything that happened the past 1,5 months, because it is prety big, what has happened. We’ll talk about development, planning, branding and more.

So yeah, we’re now calling Project Luna “Vanellope”. Nothing new here, we’ve been doing that on our site for a while now, yesterday however, we pushed this also to the actual project (which was using both Luna and Vanellope as branding). Since we already have a codename that’s also name Vanellope (update 1.1), we’ll give version 1.1 codename Luna instead, just to make it more clear. The repository will also be moved in the near future. You won’t find it anymore at, but at We have got our hands on the Vanellope username on GitHub. 🙂 We’ll fix that last branding issues on our site in the upcoming week.

So, a couple of days ago, the Vanellope project page on was updated with Yellow, update 1.2. This will be the second update for Vanellope, planned to launch in the summer of 2015. That’s a while from now… Just like Luna (which is now update 1.1), this release will add features that didn’t made it to our first stable release. Update 1.3 and update 1.4 will be released in Fall 2015 and Winter 2015/2016 respectivly, from there on, we want to have 3 major updates each year (kind of WordPress-like).

Version 1.0 itself didn’t change that much on our schedual. In fact, it stayed the same, we’re still planning to launch our first alpha somewhere this summer, probably in June. The beta, RC and final stage are also still on their usual dates. Anyway, we’ve also some news on when we won’t support ModernBB anymore: support will end after the Luna update has been released. That’s a year from now. Meanwhile, we’ll finish ModernBB 3.0 next month and might release another ModernBB 3.1 update.

This is a very exciting part of the past month. Development of Vanellope has taken of over a month ago, and we’ve made already more then 150 commits to the repository. Slowly, we are making progress in rewriting the whole ModernBB source, into a much more advanced piece of software. Currently, we’re working on striping down the features and making the core more simple. Then we’ll add everything again. Currenlty, we’re spending a lot of time on the design, the front-end is being reimagened and so is the Backstage (however, we’re not quit happy with it’s design). The front-end is looking good for now. Anyway, we do recommend to not use the Vanellope software on this early stage of development.

ModernBB 3.0 beta now available

So, I’m a day to late, but anyway, we’re making a blog post about it. Yesterday, I tagged ModernBB 3.0 beta! The first, and last beta version of ModernBB 3 is now available for download. It’s not a stunning update compared to alpha 3, so we’re not going big over the changes. For developers, it might be a good time to check you plugins, since everything that started with pun_ is renamed to luna_.

ModernBB 3.00 alpha 3 now available

I’m glad to announce that ModernBB 3.00 alpha 3 (version 3.00-dev.1701) is available from now on. This is our third ModernBB 3 release, and like the name says, it’s an alpha release. So we do recommend to not update your installation in a productive environment. Anyway, let’s talk about what’s new, and the future of ModernBB 3.

ModernBB 3.00 Alpha 3
This final alpha version (the next one will be the beta) mainly focused on improving the new WYSIWYG editor. We’ve added a lot of bugfixes and improvements to this new feature. We’ve also included the stable releases of Bootstrap 3.1 and jQuery 2.1. Further on, the responsive design has been Improved. We made some improvements to the Backstage, updated the email page and fixed some bugs. It’s also possible to disable the statistics on the front page. That’s it, nothing to special in this alpha.

Roadmap ahead
Now, our next release will be the first and last beta release of ModernBB 3.0 (not a typo, I realy mean 30, not 3.00). 2 weeks ago, I announced that you could get your hands on ModernBB 3 on 29 March, now this is 9 March. Tickets that don’t make it in the upcoming 2 weeks won’t be part of ModernBB 3, since the beta will be our feature-freezz. Then, 2 weeks later, our RC will folow, followed by ModernBB 3.0.0 on the 9th day of March.

Meanwhile, we are working on Luna. Our next big project and the replacement of ModernBB in the future. I’m not going to talk to much about that release in this blog post, may be for another time…