Luna 1.0.2 now available

The second update for Luna 1.0 is available starting today. Like version 1.0.1, Luna 1.0.2 comes with bug fixes and enhancements. You can find the download on the usual locations. So, what’s improved?

When searching for posts, and a topic appears more then once in the search results, they won’t link all to the same page anymore (which is the start post), but to their individual posts that caused the entry in the results. Also, when you would start writting a new message in Inbox, the focus will now be set on the “Send to” field so you can start to type when the page is ready.

Another change we made to Inbox is that, when enabled by the user (and it is enabled by default), users will now receive a mail with a notice that they have received a new Inbox message. Some board might have been sending empty mails when this happened, and in case you did, this should fix that issue too. Further, the installer has been cleaned up a bit.

The delete, soft delete and reset pages have been given a small design improvement to fit better in. And in both the Mainstage as Backstage, we’ve improved the navigation bar design for mobile devices, they now look better. Further 2 bugs, of which one small, have been fixed. The other bug would cause the theme to reset to Luna (the theme) every time you would update to a new version of Luna.

So, there you go. Be sure to make a back-up just in case. Nothing should go wrong with updates, but you never know. Now, we move on to Luna 1.0.3 and 1.1. Luna 1.0.3 will be the first non-weekly update to Luna and will be released when we think its time for it. Meanwhile, we’re working on Bittersweet Shimmer and the update is coming along nicely with major improvements to the default themes, Notification 2.0, night mode and more brand new features, coming to you this June!


Luna 1.0.1 now available

Today we’re releasing the first minor update to Luna 1.0. This update comes 2 days earlier then expected but it is supposed to fix a couple of issues. One of them was rather annoying, causing a HTTP_REFERRER error when you tried to hide the First Run box (and it wasn’t gone afterwards).

Anyway, todays update fixes 6 other issues besides that. 2 of them which I would like to point out. The first one adds better support for websites that use SSL. Luna will load some frameworks from CDNs for better performance. However, the way it did that, caused some frameworks not to load on these websites (jQuery and Font Awesome in particular), todays update should fix that.

Another fix changes the behavior of the index. In Luna 1.0.0 Luna would show the newest 30 topics and order them on recent activity. This behavior was not what it was inteded to be, now it is: now it sorts all topics on the most recent post and picks the 30 most recent topics from that.

Other non-bug fix-changes are for example, the editor: it will now show you a tooltip if you hover above an emoticon to show what the emoticon stands for. Further we’ve included version 0.0.0 of our very own Lunicons icon font. This icon font is currenlty only used to display our logo in the Backstage and notifications where we used to use Font Awesome’s moon icon. Other improvements have been made to the update script and the mail form.

Enjoy todays update, I hope it fixes issues that might have been bothering you. You know where you can find this update. While todays update doesn’t make any changes to your database, except for updating version numbers, be sure to create a back-up either way. Have fun!

Random 5 Preview for Luna 1.0 now available

When Luna was in development, the plan was to ship 3 themes: Luna, our new default theme, Sunrise, a theme based on Luna with a more classic look and Random 5, the next version of the ModernBB default theme. Random didn’t make it and we promised to release it later on. And today, we’re happy to announce the Random 5 Preview.

Random 5 is a new version of our Random style that shiped with ModernBB 2.0 up to 3.7. It has been with us for 1,5 year, and today, we’re happy to announce that it is ready for even more time. Random 5 isn’t based on Random 4, but Random 3.2 from ModernBB 3.5. Therefor, it isn’t a flat theme, but contains gradients throughout its design.

This version of Random is not finished, we’ve got a lot of other things to do. One of these things is adding other colors to Random to match Radical, Awesome, Kind, Magic, Shy, Pinkie, Luna (the ModernBB theme) and happy. Further, there are a lot of visual glitches that need to be resolved.

Random 5 will eventually be released somewhere later this Spring with support for both Luna 1.0 and Luna 1.1. The theme is currently in development as a feature to Bittersweet Shimmer, so the availability to Aero is currently the plan, but it might become a Bittersweet Shimmer-exclusive. We don’t know.

Anyway, you can get Random at our themes page!

An overview of the Bittersweet Shimmer branches

Since development of Bittersweet Shimmer has started, you might have noticed that our GitHub repository had gained a lot of new branches. I would like to give you guys an overview of what these branches are for, and with that, what’s coming to Bittersweet Shimmer.

Not that everything said below is the current plan and it might change.

dev_bs is short for “Develope Bittersweet Shimmer”, and is basically the lunadev branch of the Bittersweet Shimmer release. This is where all other Bittersweet Shimmer branches get created from, and this is where all their fetaures will go into. The nightly branch will eventually be updated to this branch some time in the future.

fb_editor is short for “Feature Branch Editor”, and obviously, is the branch where we’re working on our new WYSIWYG editor. Development is going nicely.

fb_accent is short for “Feature Branch Accent” and is the place where we’re working on our Mainstage and Backstage accent features. For the Mainstage, this is a major overhaul. For the Backstage, this is the return of a feature that got lost in the transition to Luna.

fb_night is short for “Feature Branch Night Mode” and unlike all other branches, is a branch based on fb_accent instead of dev_bs. This is where we develop our Night Mode feature that will allow you to switch to a dark version of themes (when supported).

fb_lunicons is short for “Feature Branch Lunicons” and is the branch that contains our very own Lunicons icon font instead of Font Awesome (that is, partialy). We’re currently working on our very own icon set, and we’ll talk about this later.

fb_random is short for “Feature Branch Random”. It’s an older branch than any of the others. This branch is where we’re developing the Random theme, it was originally planned to land with Aero, but didn’t make it.

fb_seo is shoft for “Feature Branch Search Engine Optimization” and is the branch where we’re working on some SEO features for Luna that got requested earlier. This branch currently isn’t published.

fb_wpios is short for “Feature Branch Windows Phone and iOS” and is the branch that contains support for pinning websites to the Windows (Phone) start screen/menu and the iOS home screen. This branch currently isn’t published.

fb_note is short for “Feature Branch Note” and here we develop the next version of the Admin Note feature of the Backstage. This branch currently doesn’t exist.

bittersweetshimmer is the Bittersweet Shimmer counterpart of the “aero” branch and contains the latest stable release of Bittersweet Shimmer as soon as it will hit stable. Up until then, it will contain the latest preview release.

These are just some of the (coming) branches in our repository. As development of Bittersweet Shimmer evolves, these branches will merge into others and disappear. Cornflower Blue however will also introduce new branches, and we also have some branches running for Luna 2.0 (like fb_edge).

Welcome to a more beautiful community: Luna 1.0

Lets face it, if you are a ModernBB user, you’ve had a realy boring time the past 9 months when it comes to new features. Sure we released 3 minor updates during this periode (3.5, 3.6 and 3.7), but they where one by one just small and minor updates. But now, starting today, we give you access to a broad set of new features. Because today is that day. Welcome to Luna.

We’ve worked on it for a long time. A little more then 9 months have past since the beginning of our development cycle. We’ve released 20 development releases (2 Release Candidates, 3 Betas and 15 Previews), and we made over a 1000 commits, closing over 260 tickets. The development of “ModernBB 4.0 Luna”, as it was called in the early days, has been a hell of a ride. But this isn’t ModernBB anymore. We thought it to be time for a new chapter in our ongoing story, so here we are. Luna 1.0 is available for everyone as a stable release starting today. Let’s take a brief look at what is new (through a list of what ISN’T new would have been shorter).

A brand new design, Backstage and Mainstage
First of, we gave Luna a big redesign. The Backstage has been updated with a new header, more concistency in its interface and more, while the Mainstage has been ripped apart and put back together to make it more customizable then ever before. The Mainstage now has full theme support (through improvements to it will come in the future), and with that, we’ve build a brand new theme.

Luna is the name of this theme, to match our actual brand name and to indicate that it is our default design. Luna is build from the ground up and comes with, what we think, is a fresh look, yet familiar, to forums. In case you aren’t up for this fresh idea, yet you do like the design of Luna, we’ve got Sunrise for you. Sunrise is a theme that is build upon Luna, yet is a little bit more conservative with its design, going more for a classic look.

And in case even that isn’t classic enough, we’ve rebuild Random for Luna. Random has served us well during ModernBB 2.x and 3.x, and we’ve decided to bring it along with Luna. Random brings the classic ModernBB look to Luna. In case you wonder where the color variantions on Random have gone (Awesome, Radical, Kind, Luna, Shy, Pinkie, Happy and Magic), they are now part of the Random theme as a color option in the user profile.

New management tools
We’ve added a ton of new features to the Backstage to manage your forum even better. First off, we’ve rebuild the menu system. It now isn’t as confusing anymore as it used to be, yet much more powerful. We promis you that you’ll love the new menu system, through your menu from ModernBB won’t be converted to Luna. We’ve also updated the Backstage’s index with a note section, where you can write down important notes all of your fellow administrators and moderators have to read.

Another major change has come to the update system. You can now ask it to check for in-branch releases (so for example, if you choose this option, Luna will only notify you for 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc. if you have Luna 1.0, but it won’t warn you for Luna 1.1), stable releases (which warn you for the newest stable release), Preview releases (alphas, betas and RCs) and nightlys (almost daily updates). In case you wonder what an update adds, the “About” section from ModerrnBB 2 has returned too, to explain exactly what has changed.

Moderating forums and topics used to be part of the Mainstage, however, we’ve decided to move this to the Backstage, to make it the one-stop point to manage your board. While you’ll have to enter the Moderation mode from the Mainstage, the feature is visible in the Backstage. In case you want to change multiple ranks at once, this is also possible starting with Luna 1.0. For user groups, you’ll also see a bunch of new permissions (like soft delete, Inbox permissions and more). We’ve made more minor changes, and added more settings, for a full overview, read our ship list.

New Mainstage features
Not only the Backstage was up for an update through. The Mainstage also got a bunch of new features. First of, we now support sub forums. You can now put a forum into a forum. We’ve also revamped the user search feature to be less confusing. Another much requested feature was the ability to send messages to other users, and we’ve added this capability with Inbox. This private messaging system can be disabled in the Backstage. It allows users to talk with each other without others seeing their posts, it’s a rather simple tool.

The Profile Settings have received a major revamp too. First of all, we’ve made it possible to change and save all your settings at once. No longer do you need to visit multiple pages and save your settings one by one. Now, everything is displayed on one page, under mutliple tabs (through this is up to themes to use). Another update to the Profile system is the addition of notifications and the notification center. On certain actions, Luna will send a notification to the user, what will be visible in the navigation bar’s user section.

Another update we’ve made is to the editor. The editor now works much smarter: it adds white spaces where it is useful and logical to have them, or includes other tags on locations where it is useful (like the *-tag inside list-tags). We’ve also updated our emoticon set, they have a new modern look, and if you want, you can change their size in the Backstage. Or even better: you can switch to use emojis. Emojis are ever-scallable smilies, perfect for smartphones and tablets, not so for older desktop operating systems, like Windows 7 and below. So be sure to update your whole family to Windows 10 later this year so we can enable emojis by default in the future!

And so much more
Yet we have much more to share with you guys. Be sure to check our ship list for Luna 1.0, or our release notes. We’ve got a long list of features, and we think we’ve covered a couple of nice ones here. Of course, Luna comes with updated components and tons of bug fixes.

Luna 1.0.1 and “Bittersweet Shimmer”
And now, all our focus shifts to Luna 1.0.1, the first update to our Luna software, which will be released next week, and should fix the first batch of bugs that have been found in the software. Together with 1.0.1, we’ll also develop Bittersweet Shimmer, our next, minor, update to Luna. Bittersweet Shimmer will come with feature refinements and more minor changes. And we’ve a whole road set out beyond that.

2 year ModernBB: a story that comes to an end

Today, we’re celebrating the 2nd anniversary of ModernBB. It has been just 2 years, and to be fair: we did a lot. ModernBB has seen some amazing updates in the past 2 year, and I think that ModernBB 2.2, 3.0, 3.2 and 3.4 where the greatest releases we ever had (that is litteral, they where the greatest as in most changes). Not to say that ModernBB 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 weren’t great. They are as stable as the others, through 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 and 3.3 just feel less polished, while 3.5 – 3.7 just weren’t big changes.

A little more then 2,5 years ago, I became a FluxBB Developer. I was supposed to focus mostly on developing the FluxBB 1.5 core and move it forward, and help with FluxBB 2.0 where I could. And I was looking forward to that task. I was looking forward to extend the possibilities of 1.5 beyond the things it could do 2,5 year ago. There was only one issue: FluxBB 2.0.

It was decided that FluxBB 1.5 wouldn’t get new features and that everything would be saved for 2.0. However, back then FluxBB 2.0 was in early alpha stage. And now, 2,5 years later, it’s still in early alpha stage. In fact, it’s now abandend in favor of Flarum. I understand the decision, because development of FluxBB 2 went just way to slow. And meanwhile, the capabilities of FluxBB 1.5 weren’t changed at all. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I simply wasn’t allowed to.

And then it happened, I was a FluxBB Developer for 7 months and forked the FluxBB code on April 13nd, 2013. Not to create a fork, but just to provide people that liked FluxBB 1.4 more then 1.5 with the latest fixes, as only security fixes where ported to FluxBB 1.4, and not the other fixes, or new small changes. This version of FluxBB was renamed by me to ModernBB 1.6, based on 1.4, with all fixes and changes from 1.5.

On April 29th, ModernBB 1.6.0 was released. And it stayed like that for a couple of months. I adandond ModernBB myself. Until a couple months later. I started to play arround with Bootstrap and wondered how hard it would be to get FluxBB ported to Bootstrap, or at least make a theme based on Bootstrap. This turned out to require more change that I first tought and ModernBB came back to mind, and I decided: heck, why not make a ModernBB 1.7 that uses Bootstrap for styling instead of these old styles?

What followed was weeks of work on porting FluxBB/ModernBB to Bootstrap, meanwhile kicking in some other features I liked to see in ModernBB. This is basically where ModernBB went beyond what it was ment to be: a simple patch for FluxBB 1.4 users. Due to the big changes, ModernBB 1.7 was renamed ModernBB 2.0, and the ModernBB project became a thing of its own. It wasn’t just bug fixes anymore, but a new design and a lot of new features.

What followed was me improving the port to Bootstrap, resulting in one of the first (one of the first, not the first) forum software that supported a responsive design out-of-the-box in ModernBB 2.2. And we continued to improve this Bootstrap usage. And with ModernBB 3.0, an update that was mostly under-the-hood, we nailed it. What followed was a serie of updates to ModernBB. The most notable ones where ModernBB 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4. ModernBB 3.1 was only a redesign to the thread interface and other minor changes. ModernBB 3.2 extended the new thread design all over ModernBB. Version 3.3 included the new style engine and 3.4 just contained a lot of nice new features.

And then, in April, it happened. I decided to  take a step back to the drawing table for “ModernBB 4”. And announced on twitter that something was coming soon. Later that year, in July, I announced Luna. This ment that ModernBB wouldn’t be developed as active as it once was, and most of my focus shifted to Luna. ModernBB 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 where mainly small releases. Only fixing some interface issues and other bugs, adding little new features.

Ever since July, I’ve spend an aweful lot of time developing Luna, and today, all that work will finally pay of. We’re ready to release Luna. And we’re ready to close off the most amazing story of my life when it comes to technology so far. Seriously. I’m proud of the work that has been done. And I’m proud on the community arround it. Sure, we’re not the largest community out there. But we are an amazing one. I get exited every time I find a now ModernBB-based forum. It’s amazing to see your work grow beyond the things you imagened yourself.

I mean, I’ve had a lot of projects like this before, but every time again, they ended up dead. For some reason, that didn’t happen to ModernBB (until now that is). And I’m sure of it that it won’t happen with Luna. Thanks for 2 amazing years, and now we’re up for the next. The first one of a brand new story, a story that is going to be great. I believe that we can build an amazing piece of software together. Because after all…

…we can do anything.

Developing Bittersweet Shimmer

With the development of Luna 1.0 “Aero” coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to Bittersweet Shimmer. This is our first update to Luna 1.0, and we’ll publish it as Luna 1.1 later this year (expect it somewhere at the end of spring or early summer). Let’s talk about what we’re up to.

New options
First of all, we’ll provide a couple of new options for you in the Backstage, mostly itterating on existing ones. This includes a major revamp to the Admin Notes. This feature, that got introduced in Luna 1.0, is planned to get a revamp to make it much more useful. A little to-do-list. Another new feature that will get an upgrade is the Notification management. We’ll give you more tools to manage notifications (prune them, that is).

Features that existed prior to Luna will also get some attention. First of all, we’ll make announcements better. This includes the capability to add titles to your announcement and apply styles to them. Another change in the Backstage will be the addition of an interface to the rules textarea. This will work much like our existing editor in the front-end, but with HTML instead.

A feature that is on its return to Luna is Backstage accent colors. They got removed in the early development of Luna because it would be hard to implement them in the style of Luna Preview 0, however, we changed our style over time and we think that that feature missing is sad, so it’s coming back again. Similar to this, we want to introduce the capability of choosing your default theme color. Now, you’ll have to go with the default color set by your style, which in the case of Sunrise and Luna is Luna Blue. Bittersweet Shimmer will allow you to change that.

New options – totaly new, never seen before – are “Topic states”. You can close and open topics, move them arround the board and so on. The idea of Topic states is to add notifications into the topic timeline (so that is between the posts) to show that the topic got closed, was opened again, or moved to another forum. You an compare it to tags GitHub adds to tickets when they get a milestone, label or owner. This will be optional. Another option that we will add is focused on security: you’ll be able to set the required length of passwords.

Improving the UX
Luna 1.0 comes with a whole new User Experience, and such things are just destined to be flawed at some points. With Bittersweet Shimmer, we want to improve this UX. The first thing that we will take care of are errors. We’ll make them more useful. For example, when you do not have permission to go somewhere because you need to be logged in, we will show you a login screen instead of a plain text error. When a search returns no results or when you go to a topic id or forum id that doesn’t exist, we’ll show you a search field. It’s this kind of things that make software better.

And for our blind friends (or people that simply aren’t able to use a computer as you and me probably can), we also have some improvements in mind regaring the UX. This includes making it more accessable. We’ll also change the behavior of tooltips. While we now use mostly the default OS-tooltip, we will jump ship to the – more user friendly – Bootstrap tooltip.

Further, we want to simplify making themes. That is, we want to limit the amount of required files and the complexity of themes. Some of these changes will include one single error interface instead of one for each location that it is needed. And there are other elements out there that are repeated multiple times, yet need to be created every time again for their own. So basically, Theme Engine 6.1.

Bittersweet Shimmer Preview 1
So, it’s not that big of a release like Luna 1.0. And if you where expecting this to be another 1.0-sized release, you’ll have to wait a little longer (for now a year). Bittersweet Shimmer is supposed to make small improvements upon Aero, and the features that are listed above are the ones of which we think that they will get into the core on time and they are already planned. More features will join over the development time of Bittersweet Shimmer.

The goal for now is to get a first Preview out in the wild in early May. Our website currently notes 2 May 2015 as a target, and lets get this straight: we’re not going to make that. Count at least a week to every noted date. Anyway, enjoy Luna Aero when it gets released, we’ll see you then!

Luna 1.0 RC2 now available


Haaa… Release Candidates. Aren’t they the greatest? Indeed, they aren’t, finals are. Anyway, we’ve got another second-best RC for you. This time it’s Luna 1.0 RC2. Todays update comes with another series of bug fixes and small improvements.

RC2 fixes a couple of issues that have been reported by multiple people. You can find a full list in our release notes on GitHub, in total, we’ve fixed 56 issues. But there is more, we made – again – a lis of small changes that are beyond bug fixes:

  • Sticky topic and Muted edit now have a tooltip.
  • The scrollbar is now always shown in Firefox, Chrome and Opera to resolve an issue.
  • Users can now disable Inbox if they want.
  • You can now disable Inbox on a per-group base.
  • When enabled in settings, users will have an email field on their profile again.
  • New design for the Send mail form.

You know where to find the download (on the left hand side, in the menu), so go and get it.

However, before I leave you guys, I want to thank Tarus for supporting this project. Another person I would like to thank, now development is coming to and end, is Quy for the amazing amount of issues he has reported and the improvements he has suggested (and eventualy all of them made it into the Core). And finally, every other person out there that has helped us wiht developing Luna, every person that is using Luna, and every person that will be using it in the future. We’re almost there, stay tuned!

Luna 1.0 RC1 now available

We released Beta 3 a day earlier then planned, and that means that we got a day extra to develop RC1. Yes indeed, we’re now in the semi-stable “RC” stage. The final week of developing Luna 1.0 starts today. And while you might expect RC1 to be as large as the extremely small Beta 1 and Beta 3 updates (Beta 2 contained quiet a lot of change), nothing is less true: RC1 comes with tons of improvements and fixes.

And these improvements are mainly bug fixes. Special thanks to Quy and other that reported these issues. We fixed 63 bugs since Beta 3 and now can bring you an even more stable experience with our Luna 0.8 release. It’s an amazing progression compared to Beta 3, and we are realy happy about it. However, it isn’t all bug fixes. We’ve also some other minor changes to how Luna handles some things. Here is a small list of the non-bugs that have changed:

  • “About” has been cleaned up and no longer shows Preview/Beta-information like Preview/Beta-updates.
  • The logo in “About” has been updated.
  • When requesting your password with a wrong email address, you’ll now get an error instead of nothing.
  • When you log in, you won’t be redirected to the Index anymore, but to the page you loged in from.
  • The back-up system has been updated to support Luna.
  • Back-ups are now named “luna-<date>” instead of “modernbb-<date>”.
  • When removing posts from Inbox, you’ll now get to see a modal instead of another page that asks for confirmation.
  • We’ve removed the (not working) options to edit or delete posts from conversations in Inbox.
  • New installations will no longer add a note to the “Admin note” section.
  • We’ve made small changes to the way the notification page identifies you.
  • We’ve made some minor changes to our language files. So translators: be sure to check them out.

All these changes, combined with our very long list of fixed bugs, makes us think that we have a prety solid RC1 right here. Overal, RC1 comes with minor changes, a lot of minor changes. And that’s what a Release Candidate is ment to do. We didn’t had to fix major bugs that made Luna unusable, but that doesn’t mean that it is not important to update to RC1 if you’re on Luna 0.7 or below. Next week, we’ll release Luna 0.9, our second Release Candidate, and we hope our final, because the week after, it’s Luna’s time to shine.

RC2 isn’t going to be as big as RC1. We have, for now, just 6 more bugs to fix and we hope to have that done by RC2 so we can put some more focus to our documentation again. Meanwhile, we’ll kick off the development of Bittersweet Shimmer, you’ll see a lot of new branches appearing in our repository soon, including a “bittersweetshimmer” branch, like we have also an “aero” branch.

Coming soon to a Luna software project near you: Luna 2.0

Gosh, we shouldn’t be talking about this yet, however, while we are still at full work to bring you Luna 1.0 Aero, we’re already thinking about what’s next. And we’ve got some nice ideas. Some major changes are coming up. And we like to call it Luna 2.0.

O gosh! Are you guys going to make every release a major number? No. Luna 2.0 simply is our next major project. There will be a Luna “Bittersweet Shimmer” 1.1 and Luna “Cornflower Blue” 1.2 release in the meantime. Either way, we’re following Semantic Versioning. This means that we have to change the major number every time we make a change to the software that will break some extensions or modifications. For the note: no, Luna 2.0 won’t contain extension support (at least, for the Mainstage, the Backstage is planned to support extensions). The fact is, that we’re about to make some major changes, and thus, we’re going to make a major version number. After Luna 2.0, we hope to go up a little bit slower, unless Semantic Versioning requires otherwise and the Mainstage revamp is finished to early.

Backstage “Edge” 4
While Aero brings a looks-like new Backstage, it’s rather only the navigation and general design that got changed. Of course, there where other improvements, however, it’s not very modern under the core. With Edge – the name of the new core that will be used by the new Backstage and is introduced with the new installer in 1.2 –  we want to change that too. This is a step to an easier to use Backstage and an easier to extend one for that. Where does the “4” come from? Well, it’s version 4. After the Admin Panel v1 from ModernBB 1.x, the Backstage v2 from ModernBB 2.x and 3.x and the Backstage v3 from our upcoming Luna 1.0 Aero release.

Anyway, Backstage 4 will be build from the ground up with modern technologies in mind. But that doesn’t change that our goal is to keep the code as simple as possible. And of course, we will documentate it as well as we can. Expect a major design change, through, that will use the full width of your screen, on any device.

We’re planning to design our very own icon font to be used in Luna. This will bring us a much lighter and smaller icon font then the currently used Font Awesome. We love that project, but it simply is to big and we need to give our software more of an identity. So here we go, our very own iconset, called Lunicons. Also available as a free package in the future. We’ll publish a website for it, perhaps. Something like, or something.

Edge core
Unlike the current Backstage, the new Backstage will be build on the “Edge core”. What is this? It basically replaces everything in the current Luna versions to make the Backstage completely separate from the Mainstage. A small version of Edge core will already be included in Luna 1.2 for the installer and update systems, but Luna 2.0 will include a more powerful version. This will also allow us to kill off the GPL license for the Backstage (additional to the installer and upgrade mechanisms), moving Luna even further to MIT.