Luna 1.0.6 and 1.1 Preview 1.1 now available

Today, we’re releasing 2 new updates for Luna, for both Aero and Bittersweet Shimmer. We release these updates as important security updates due to a bug brought to our attention by Kaaleth (for which thank you).

Luna 1.0.6 and Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 1
Luna 1.0.6 and Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 1 consist out of the same fix. Moderators where able to change settings they where not authorized to change in the Backstage due to a bug in the navigation in the Backstage. This issue has been resolved.

However, both updates also come with another change: our May 2015 brand update. This brand update has also been applied to our website and blog, and now we’re adding it to our software. New installations will find themselves in a lighter environment as we changed the default accent color from dark to normal blue. Further, some images have been updated to reflect our new color pallet.

Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 1 only
For Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 1, there is another minor update to the language files. These now contain a series of reported strings that where missing from the file in an earlier update. So there you go, this also has been fixed. More strings might be missing, so please report them.

One-click update for Luna 1.1
Now we’re talking about Luna 1.1 Prevoew 1 anyway, like said yesterday, Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 1 would contain the fixed one-click updater. That isn’t the case in this release. The fix didn’t make it and we considered this security update to important to postpone until that was fixed. So now, the fix will be part of Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update 2. However, Luna 1.1 Preview 1 users can upgrade to Preview 1.1 through the update system!

ModernBB: Luna’s about to replace it for good
Further, I also want to inform you guys that starting with the final release of Luna 1.1 Bittersweet Shimmer, we will officially start to push Luna as a replacement for ModernBB. I know that it is quiet obvious already, but we think that, with Luna 1.1, we are getting to a point where Luna is a very good replacement. Why aren’t we pushing Luna already? Well, I think the fact that we just released the sixth update to Luna 1.0 in 1,5 months is a very good statement. That isn’t much of a problem, through. I mean, Luna 1.0 is after all a “1.0” release. And while we concider it stable, bugs are to be expected. Luna 1.1 will be an even further polished version of Luna 1.0.6.

What does this mean in the big lines? Not much for you guys. The site will send you to on more locations (some pages already do so) and the “Download ModernBB 3.7” button will be removed from the front page. Of course, ModernBB downloads will continue to be available and we’ll continue to support ModernBB.¬†Updates to fix bugs and security issues will be released until December 8th, 2015.

However, third-party downloads will be removed from the websites content too (themes, translations and plugins). With other words, the websites content will be limited to the minimum. The documentation will also start to redirect to Luna in the future. And well, we’re starting to draw the line for ModernBB.

Luna 1.1 Preview 1 now available

Today I’m glad to announce that the first preview for Luna 1.1 “Bittersweet Shimmer” is now available to be downloaded from our website! Luna 1.1 is a refinement release and mainly focusses on improving the features that shipped in Luna 1.0, so lets go over them…

One click and nothing more
First of all, Luna 1.1 introduces an one-click update system from within the Backstage. We released earlier a nightly with this new system and while it is in place and working, you won’t be able to update from that nightly to this new release. The reason is that, while it is a very good system to rewrite files, it’s – right now – horrible at creating new files. The update mechanism can’t create new files, so every release we add a file, it will fail to update. This is obviously something that will be fixed later on in the Bittersweet Shimmer development, but not now. This also means that, if Luna 1.1 Preview 2 gains new files, you won’t be able to update to that release either. That’s why we hope to be able to push out a Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update that includes the changes that will allow the updater to create new files, but prevent that update itself from having new files so that you can update from Luna 1.1 Preview 1 to Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update.

Notifications 2.0
Another big update you’ll find is the notification center and how Luna handles these notifications. First off: they are now powered by AJAX. Luna will now check every minute for new notifications for you, or when the page reloads, or when you open the notification center fly-out. Further, the fly-out now can be used to mark notifications as read (on a per-notification base) or remove them completely. For developers, there is now a Notification API in place. Further enhancements, like prune options, are coming in future updates.

For your reading pleasure: Night mode
A feature that has been arround in the nightlies for a while now is Night mode, and we got a lot of great feedback on this one. What is it? Let’s face it: Luna (the theme) is a realy bright theme and during the night, a bright screen is the last thing you want, thus, Luna is now able to switch to a “night mode” when set in the profile which will, if a theme supports it, make the theme switch to a dark version. Obviously, the default themes build into Luna support this new feature, so enjoy it! You can set night mode to disabled, automatic or enabled.

Announcements 2.0
Announcements can be handy, however, they always look the same, wether it’s a warning to your users or a friendly hello or welcome back. So Luna 1.1 allows you to – if the used theme supports it – change the color of the announcement between Warning, Success, Info, Danger or Default (unlike the name would suggest, “Info” is the default setting). Further, you can now set a title for your announcements.

Translations 2.0
We’re not to proud of the fact that it is changing, but we are proud to what it is changing: translations are now handled by a brand new system. This system allows you to translate Luna more easly through applications like Poedit. However, this will require all translations that exist for Luna 1.0 to be rewritten for Luna 1.1. So if you’re planning to translate Luna, and you haven’t started yet with Luna 1.0, you might want to start translating Luna 1.1 instead.

All arround changes
But it doesn’t stop there. Luna 1.1 comes with changes all arround the board (no pun intended). We improved the profiles for example. Or we changed the behavior of the Luna-theme. Not to mention a lot of new developer possibilities.

And there is a lot more to come
Meanwhile, we contine to work on new features for Bittersweet Shimmer. Like said before, we hope to push out a Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Update to fix the one-click update mechanism and that should be followed by Luna 1.1 Preview 2 with more new features. Next up is the first beta which will include the final feature set.

Anyway, you guys know where to get this download, so get it now! Be sure to make a back-up for all your files and database and enjoy this new preview release. Do not use this in a public environment, this is – after all – an alpha version.

Update with a click

For a while now, Luna has been perhaps one of the easiest to update forum packages out there. Simply drag all files over the old ones, click on the button and Luna would update for you. It has been like that since ModernBB, and FluxBB had a similar system, but required some unnessecary complexity.

With phpBB 3.1, the guys over at phpBB finaly managed to catch up with the drag-and-drop system. You can now update a phpBB installation similar to how you would update a Luna/ModernBB installation. So we tought it was time for an update to that system. To update Luna, you would do this:

  1. Check if there is a new update available in the Luna Backstage.
  2. Go to to download the update.
  3. Unzip the update.
  4. Upload the update to your server through your FTP client.
  5. Go to your board.
  6. Click the “Install update” button.

6 small steps. And prety simple if you compare it to some other systems. With Luna 1.0 however, we’ve put the focus even further on the User Experience. But this doesn’t apply just to your board’s users, this should also apply to you, the admin. So it’s time to change the way you can install updates in Luna. Right now, the update process on my development version of Luna is like this:

  1. Check if there is a new update available in the Luna Backstage.
  2. Click the “Install update” button.

Isn’t that great! Of course it is! Basically WordPress, but then for Luna. This new update system will be part of a future update to Luna: Luna 1.1 Bittersweet Shimmer. That will be the last time you have to use the first list of steps to update your board.

There are some restritions to it, through. As you might know, we have 4 rings when it comes to updates: Slow, Normal, Preview and Nightly. Nightly won’t be supported to be updated like this, thus you will have to update it still like you have to do right now. Perhaps we get to build in support for Nightly, but not at this moment. Slow, Normal and Preview will support this new update feature.

The new update system isn’t yet in our repository on GitHub, but it will land there soon in the lunadev-branch. So stay tuned!

Luna 1.0.4 now available

Not even a day has passed since the release of Luna 1.0.3 and Luna 1.0.4 is already available to all of you. Is there a flaw in Luna 1.0.3? Some kind of major bug? No. If you’re using Luna 1.0.3, you’re perfectly fine and have nothing to fear, however, there is an issue with Luna 1.0.3 that managed to get attention.

Since some pre-release version of Luna – I do not recall myself – we’ve been using colornames as the names for color schemes used in Luna and Sunrise. One of these names is “Black”. The corresponding color scheme, however, never uses the color black, but dark shades of grey. And apparently, it’s racist to call it that. So, here by, I would like to apologize to people that might have taken this as a racist remark.

The person/people that informed me about this “inacceptable situation” also asked me to remove all versions of Luna that do call this color scheme “Black”. And my response to that is simple: no, and neither am I going to replace them with updated versions that do not. These versions continue to be available for people that might need them.

Another requirement that was made was that I would track down all Luna-based boards and warn them to update to the latest version of Luna – 1.0.4 that is – because we would have found a “major issue”. And I’m not going to do that either. Luna has a build-in system that warns users for updates and I’m definitely not going to lie about what an update includes, we’re an open source project, users can go and find out for themselves anyway.

I’ve informed this person/these people about my position for the issues in the past to pharagraphs and I hope they understand. They already told me that they are prepared to take legal action and I simply do not have the resources to fight that. So here you go, Luna 1.0.4 is now available.

However, this isn’t the only change in Luna 1.0.4. To make it at least some kind of useful to upgrade, we’ve also included jQuery 2.1.4. This release of jQuery, in comparision with jQuery 2.1.3, should bring improvements to jQuery behavior on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

So, you know where to get the update, go fetch it if you’re still in Luna 1.0.2. If you’re on Luna 1.0.3, you can also update, but it will not benefit existings installations that much. Have fun!

Luna 1.0.3 now available

Today, we’re releasing the third update to Luna 1.0. Todays release is a small enhancement and bug fix release. Make sure to stay up-to-date.

Todays update updates the update system update check. When you’re in the Slow ring and are only receiving updates for Aero, there is a good chance that, after a couple of months and releases, we’ll stop supporting Aero. However, the updates doesn’t know that and thus it will continue to check for updates in Slow. We’re not going to automaticaly change to switch to Normal, but Luna will now display a red warning as soon as it finds out support for the version you’re using has been ended and no releases will be made. But again, it will take a while before you’re going to see this error as we’ve no plans to drop support for Luna 1.0 Aero right now and it will be supported for the forseable future.

Other changes have been made to the Backstage, where more icons have been added to fix some random usage of icons. Other changes that have been made is a fix for when you cancel a quote. We’ve also fixed a bug that shows up when you’re first login attempt fails and the second does not, where you would be redirected to login.php, this now redirects you to index.php. And finally, we’ve changed the location of a button in the admin area of the profile that caused a design glitch on mobile devices.

So, there you go. Be sure to make a back-up just in case. Nothing should go wrong with updates, but you never know. Now, we move on to Luna 1.0.4 and 1.1.