Luna 1.1.1 and 1.0.7 now available

Today, we happily announce the availability of Luna 1.0.7 and 1.1.1. This is our 7th update to our original code and our first to our first revision (logic right there my friends). However, todays updates bring a couple of great enhancements over version 1.0.6 and 1.1.0.

Luna 1.0.7 and 1.1.0
We’re happy to announce that, finally, Luna supports SQLite 3. Todays update adds the required adapter to our database layer and when installing Luna, you will – if available – see an option to install with SQLite 3. Also, when you remove posts from users, their post count doesn’t decrease, this behavior has now been changed. When you remove posts, the post count will also decrease. Further, we’ve made some improvements to the moderation interface in the Backstage. This looks now much better in both releases, though you’ll get a better interface with Luna 1.1. We also updated Bootstrap from version 3.3.4 to 3.3.5. Finally, we fixed a bug in both versions where the user settings would claim that the user’s email address wasn’t verified.

Luna 1.0.7 only
Luna 1.0.7 also comes with support for PHP 7. We introduced PHP 7 support in Luna 1.1.0, and are now bringing it to Luna 1.0, as we consider it a bug since our system requirements say that we support PHP 5.2 and above.

Luna 1.1.1 only
Luna 1.1 now comes with 2 new options under Settings > Appearance: you can now disable both Night mode and Accent colors. And finally, we’ve also fixed a bug for Luna 1.1.1 where you would get a blank screen when a config.php-file was present but couldn’t be linked to a database.

Get the updates
In case you are on Luna 1.0.6 or below, we recommend you to install Luna 1.0.7. Even better would be if you install Luna 1.1.1 (for everyone on Luna 1.1.0 and below, including FluxBB 1.4, 1.5 and all versions of ModernBB). Todays updates are worth it! Be sure to make a back-up of all your data before upgrading (you never know). Now, onto Luna 1.0.8, 1.1.2, 1.2.0 and 2.0.0 (yes, we’ve quiet some work to do).

Luna 1.0 “Aero” support
With todays update, Luna 1.0.7 might just be the largest update we’ve released so far for Luna 1.0 (while 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 had more changes, these where mainly bug fixes). And perhaps, that raises a question: with Luna 1.1 out, how long will Luna 1.0 be supported? Is the support cycle for older ModernBB-versions something to look at? The answer is no, it isn’t. Unlike ModernBB, we’re planning to support Luna version for quiet some time. Luna 1.0 will be supported for some time in the future, but do not expect us to release any more updates like 1.0.7. This can very well be the last time you see such a big update for Luna 1.0, or a feature update overall as our focus is now shifted to Luna 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0.

We’ll continue to deliver bug fixes and security updates for Luna 1.0, and if these bugs are also in Luna 1.1, the patches can very well be released at the same day, but in the future, you should expect less and less updates to Luna 1.0. We’ll announce when we’re killing of Luna 1.0 in the future, and otherwise, keep an eye on our roadmap page, which will also note the EOL-date (typical the release of the last update), through it’s fair to say that the EOL-date has been altered for a ModernBB release in the past, and we might do it again if something serious is wrong.

Luna 1.1 “Bittersweet Shimmer” now available

Today, we’re releasing Luna 1.1 “Bittersweet Shimmer”. This is our first minor update to Luna which includes some new features and enhancements, so let us walk you trough anything you’ll get when updating from Luna 1.0 to Luna 1.1.

  • Night mode: Luna 1.1 comes with a new “Night mode”. This mode will make the interface darker during the night (through you can choose to force it for the day). This should enhance the readability of Luna boards during the night, and it is much better for your eyes.
  • Backstage accents: we’re happy to reintroduce the Backstage accent system. This new version includes all accents you can also use in Fifteen and Sunrise and gives your Backstage a more personal touch.
  • Fifteen 1.1 and Sunrise 1.1: Fifteen is the new name for our Luna-theme. Fifteen and Sunrise both have been updated with usability improvements and a better interface. Fifteen now shows you the board a topic is posted in on the front page, Sunrise has a redesigned front page. Fifteen also has a new forum view. Both styles have also received a new topic view.
  • Languages: language files are now based on gettext. This means that you need a tool like Poedit to translate Luna. While this will require translators to start from scratch, it does make it more future proof.
  • Live notifications: notifications are now checked by Luna every minute, regardless of refreshing the page or not. Further, the fly-out has been improved with tools to mark notifications as read. We’ve also included a nice Notification API.
  • Upgrades: Luna now supports upgrades from all versions of ModernBB, not just 3.5 and higher. Further, we’ve decided to add support for upgrades from FluxBB 1.4.0 and higher and 1.5-beta and higher.
  • New settings: there are some new settings. You can choose the default accent color, for example. We’ve also extended the available settings for announcements. Further, you can now set your own url for the cookie bar and you can set some keywords for SEO.
  • PHP 7: Luna 1.1 now supports PHP 7. Or at least PHP 7.0 Alpha 1. We’re bringing support for PHP 7 also to Luna 1.0 in the near future (with update 1.0.7).
  • And more features…
  • …and bug fixes

Make sure to upgrade to todays release. It will bring some awesome new features, and we think you’ll like it. Make sure to back-up your installation before updating, just in case something goes wrong.

Luna 1.1 RC now available

Today, I’m glad to announce the availability of Luna 1.1 RC. For todays release, we’ve made a couple of bug fixes and other improvements over Luna 1.1 Beta. Let’s go over it, shall we?

  • First of, what an RC is ment for: we fixed 5 bugs.
  • A couple of code improvements to improve readability within the code.
  • Luna now checks whether or not you’re running PHP 5.2 (instead of 5.1).
  • Luna 1.1 RC supports PHP 7.0 Alpha 1!
  • Links in forum descriptions are now readable in the forum view.
  • On small screens, all modals will now appear in the center of the screen instead of the left.

These are some small, but I think, welcome improvements over Luna 1.1 Beta. We’ll release Luna 1.1.0 in its final form later this week (on Saturday), together with an update to Luna 1.0 (which is version 1.0.7). If you’re running Luna 1.1 Beta or any prior version, it’s a great idea to update to this version. If you’re a translator, now is a save time to start your engines and get to work to translate Luna, which is now easier then ever!

However, before leaving you, I would also like to warn you for known bugs with Sunrise. The Sunrise theme won’t show a user menu at the top right corner, and neither will you be able to navigate to the forums listed on the index. Another bug prevents the index from indicating that a new post has been made since your last visit. But no worries, all of these will be fixed in Luna 1.1.0. Our last known “issue” is about the themes information of both Fifteen and Sunrise. Both have out-dated screenshots and the Fifteen logo still claims to be named Luna. This too will be fixed in the Luna 1.1.0 release.

Also, stay tuned for the Luna 1.0.8 and 1.1.1 update later this month that will bring SQLite 3 support to Luna. And we now shift our focus to Luna 1.2 Cornflower Blue and Luna 2.0 (which we call Denim, but since we follow the alphabet and leave a chance for a Luna 1.3 and onwards, we don’t fix the name on 2.0).

Project “Astrid” – An introduction

A couple of weeks ago, we kicked of the development of Edge. Edge was our vision in rebuilding the Backstage from scratch as part of the Luna 2.0 release. However, since then, Microsoft announced their browser’s new name as Microsoft Edge, so we said: screw it, we rename our project. And now we have Astrid. Allow me to introduce Astrid to you.

Astrid is the codename for what you could also call Backstage v5. Unlike Backstage version 2, 3 and 4, Backtage 5 will be build from the ground off. It isn’t based on anything. With that, Backstage is the first half of Luna to be rebuild to fit a MIT license. With Astrid, we hope to deliver a more modern experience to all of you and make managing your board even easier.

That being said, Astrid is not an attempt to redesign the Backstage. The look off the interface will stay largely the same.* What will change is the underlying code and the general structure of the Backstage. We’ll be throwing around some of the features. Some get their own page, while others are merged into another one. The goal is to make it simpeler to change settings.

Astrid will, however, change a couple of annoyance that have been reported, like the forums list, which will be improved to indicate sub forums. Another change you can expect are general improvements to the interface and the addition of a Light theme. Astrid will have its own setting for wheter or not to use Night mode (due to the new Light theme).

So when can you expect the first build with Astrid included? Well, it might take a while. Do not expect us to release anything in the summer. With some good luck we have something to show off in the Fall, but then again, it won’t be completed. We’ll release a Luna 2.0 Preview with a partial working Backstage and the old Backstage included.

So basicaly, there will be 2 major Previews for Luna 2.0 to focus on the Backstage, after that, we’ll shift gears to the mainstage as that also has to be rewritten completely. For what’s to come for Luna 1.x, keep an eye on this blog!

* On the other hand, I know myself well enough to say that the Backstage will look different by the time Luna 2.0 launches.

Luna 1.1 Beta 1 is now available

Today, we’re releasing the first – and with some luck final – beta for Luna 1.1. Unlike our planning, there is no Preview 2 and a lot of features have been pushed back to a later release. Allow me to explain why, and what is new in this beta.

New in Luna 1.1 Beta 1
Beta 1 comes mainly with improvements compared to Preview 1. First of all, the language files have been updated so you can translate everything again. Talking about translations: if you’re a translater, now would be a good time to start, we now accept language packs that are beta 1-compatible to be shown on our official website. Further, Beta 1 adds support for upgrading from any version of ModernBB (not just 3.7) since 1.6-beta and even FluxBB 1.4.0 and later.

Further, the update system has been reverted to its former self. We’ve added a couple of new options in the Backstage, including the ability to set your own URL for the cookie bar. You can also use HTML in forum descriptions now. Further, we’ve made some major improvements for mobile devices. You’ll also find the Luna theme do be renamed to Fifteen. There are a lot of other under-the-hood changes in Beta 1.

Luna 1.2 and onwards
Luna 1.1 doesn’t incorporate all features we promised. And for a good reason. We have to keep in mind that it is a “point 1”-release. Not a major overhaul, and with all the plans we had for Luna 1.1, it kinda began to become the second. Further, I’m on a break during July and I want Luna 1.1 to be available by then and give myself the time to push a Luna 1.1.1 release if required.

Some of the Luna 1.1-features have been pushed back to Luna 1.2, other to Luna 2.0. And with Luna 1.2, you’ll see us make small changes but release them on a more regular base. That said, I’m happy to confirm that Luna 1.2 will finally support SQLite 3.

The Luna 2.0-adventure has started
While we will continue to support Luna 1.x for a while and build new features upon it, we have already started looking beyond. Luna 2.0 is currently in development and it is going to be a blast. I can’t say to much about it yet as it is in a very early stage (design stage, that is), but it is coming along. Luna 2.0 will be the first version of Luna to be released under a MIT license. This will however require us to rewrite every single line of code in Luna (no worries, translators, you won’t notice anything except for new lines). We will have more information on Luna 2.0 soon.