Ending support for ModernBB

Luna has been around for a couple of months now, and we like to move on. That’s why we’re officialy ending support for ModernBB later this summer. This will happen somewhere in the last week of August. Before then, we hope to release our final ModernBB update before then, as promised.

But what is this update? We’ve talked about ModernBB 3.7.1 for a while and we have mentioned ModernBB 3.8 a couple of times too. However, our plan is to release neither of the twoo. Instead, you should get ready for ModernBB’s final branch: ModernBB 4.0.

Yep, we’re doing another release of ModernBB. However, the jump to 4.0 is more to get something to close off, rather then an actual 4.0. Then again, 4.0 is going to contain a couple of nice changes. For starters, we’re working on bringing the Luna 1.2 Backstage to ModernBB 4.0, of course not with all the new settings in it and neither with Night mode.

Another change that we will bring along is the return the Random 3.x design. In ModernBB 3.6, we introduced Random 4.0 which was flattened out. We regret that design desicion, so we’re undoing it. ModernBB 4.0 will ship with Random 4.3, reintroducing the gradient design, of course, all other changes stay. We’ll also apply some other small changes.

We don’t have a date for this right now, and while we do target the end of August, this can always run out as it isn’t much of a priority right now with Luna 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0 in development.

But what about support? Well, we’ll provide no support for ModernBB 4.0. In case 4.0 gets released with a major bug, we’ll fix it, but a month after release, we’ll consider ModernBB obsolete.

For the website, you’ve probably noticed that if you visit the ModernBB.be website, you get redirected to GetLuna.org quiet a lot. With the launch of ModernBB 4.0, we’ll be taking down the ModernBB website for good. However, it will be more obvious to download older versions of ModernBB on the Luna website.

Luna 2.0: Project Astrid

We’ve turned our attention to Luna 2.0 a while ago and now, we’re working hard on building this very new version of Luna. Our focus is now on Project Astrid, which is the codename for the new Backstage. However, let us talk about this a bit, and why you shouldn’t expect to see much from it in the near future.

What Project Astrid isn’t
Let’s clear up things first. What is Project Astrid not? To start, it is not an attempt to redesign the Backstage. Project Astrid will largely share its interface with the current Backstage as seen in Luna 1.1. Of course, visual changes are to be expected and we’ll redesign some of the pages in the Backstage, like the board page. We feel confident that the current Backstage is build perfectly to manage your board, so we do not change that.

What Project Astrid is
Project Astrid is more a rebuild from the original Backstage, based on Jewel (which is the name of our core (as in Core 1.0 (Luna 1.0), Core 1.1 (Luna 1.1) and Jewel 2.0 (Luna 2.0))). With this, we want to make the Backstage more modular and make it possible for extensions to add new options to the software.

Where we develop it
There is an fb_astrid branh in the GitHub repository of Luna, which is ment to develop Astrid. However, for the first couple of revisions that are coming from this point out, we will not be pushing commits to this branch or release anything on Astrid. We first want to build a fully working version of Astrid, if that is done, we’ll push Astrid to this branch and probably release Luna 2.0 Preview 1 (through more development then just Astrid will be contained in it (like Jewel).