ModernBB 3.00 alpha 1 now available

I’m glad to announce the availablility of ModernBB 3.00 alpha 1 (version 3.00-dev.1534). This is our very first ModernBB 3 release, and like the name says, it’s an alpha release. So we do recommend to not update your installation in a productive environment. Anyway, let’s talk about what’s new and when alpha 2 will be released.

The first alpha contains more then 2 months of hard work and fixed 39 tickets. That’s aren’t a lot of tickets, however, they are prety big. Alpha 1 also contains some half-finished work, like the SQLite 3 adapter and editor interface. However, there are, of course, also features that have been finished! When you install ModernBB 3, you will find yourself in a darker interface. The update screen has also been revised and only requires a push on the button. When you log in onto the Backstage, you will see a darker interface. We’ve also added some icons to the navbar. Further, we’ve added a lot of interface improvements.

You might find out that the Forums, Categories and Toolbar pages are gone. The first 2 have been combined into the new Board-page. The third one has been completely removed since we’re going to add a brand new system. A new page is the Registration page, whose features have been cut out of the Global Settings. When you want to activate maintenance mode, you’ll also have to go to the Maintenance page. The Backstage now supports multiple color schemes, which you can change for yourself in your profile. More color schemes might be added soon.

On the front-end, you will find less changes (our focus has been on the Backstage for now). What you will find is that the Quickpost panel has been Improved with a new interface, and so is the New Post and New Topic page. We’ve also Improved the topic view a lot, the action bar has been removed so its features take less space.¬†We’ve updated the Registration interface too. There have been some improvements to the pagination. And the Userlist page also features a cleaner design. Finaly, we’ve added Kindness, a yellow design based on Randomness, to the mix. Another design that has been added is Bootstrap, our development design, this will be removed in the first RC.

Further on, the editor interface has been removed from the core, it will soon be replaced by a new interface. The parser on the other hand does now support inline code. We also removed support for acronyms. The profile now also uses the username is page title. When you want to update to ModernBB 3, you’ll have to use FluxBB 1.5, ModernBB 1.6 or ModernBB 2.x. Finaly, we’ve updated Bootstrap to version 3.1-dev and jQuery to 2.1-beta3. Bootstraps icon font has also been added to the core.

This is also our first release with the MIT license. Which is also an important change. Anyway, with alpha 1 released (which you can download on our download page), we’ve started working on alpha 2, this update should be released somewhere between 17 and 21 January 2014. Stay tuned!

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