A new roadmap: ModernBB 2.0

Today, I would like to introduce to you: a new roadmap. Just a couple of minutes ago I pushed a code reset to the 1.7-branch and created a 2.0-branch. Both the unstable and version1.7 branch are removed and we will start developing ModernBB 2.0 right now.

With those changes, ModernBB 2.0-beta.1 will be launched somewhere at the end of this summer or the begin of the upcoming fall. All planned releases for ModernBB 1.7 are renamed and moved to a later date. ModernBB 2.0 will contain some of the planned changes from ModernBB 1.7, and some of the changes from version 1.8. Some of those are Improved styles for the frond end, a brand new dashboard, and more.

When you use the dev versions from version2.0, you will notice that after installation, ModernBB will show you that you’re using version 1.9.0 or any other patch release in the 1.9-branch. Not that those numbers are unofficial and are not part of the version history of ModernBB. As soon as the first beta for 2.0 is ready, we will jump over to version 2.0-beta.1.