ModernBB 2.0-beta.2 available

I’m happy to announce the availability of ModernBB 2.0 beta 2! Starting today, you can find this download at our download page. Beta 2 is the second of 3 pre-release releases (beta 1, beta 2 and release candidate) before we launch ModernBB 2.0.0! Let’s introduce you to the changes.

First of all, before you update to beta 2, it’s recommended to check if your host supports MySQL 5.0.1, starting with ModernBB 2.0 beta 2, we won’t support MySQL 5.0.0 and lower anymore. Another important note is that beta 1 users won’t get a update message, you have to check for the update by yourself. This will also be the case for the future release cadidate.

Now, what has change between beta 1 and beta 2? First of all (and most noticeable), the Backstage frontpage has been redesigned, it now contains useful stuff like reports, statics and more. When installing a fresh installation of ModernBB, it won’t make demo content anymore. We also redesigned the update dialogue to be more simplistic. StopForumSpam is now also included into ModernBB (disabled by default) to protect your forum from spambots.

Other changes are various fixes to the core, like some rendering issues. The extensions menu bug is also fixed. And everything can be translated now. Another change is the renaming of the back-end of ModernBB, starting with beta 2, we call it the Backstage. For developers: we also renamed all PUN_ stuff to FORUM_.

Before you update your forums, make a backup of your database (you can do this in Backstage > Settings > Database management). We also recommend you to use ModernBB 1.6.1 if you want to use ModernBB in a productive environment.

2 thoughts on “ModernBB 2.0-beta.2 available”

  1. Thanks for this update !!! =)

    Really happy to see all this activity in dev, hope this will continue !

    Did you receive my e-mail on contact[at}studio384 about problem to register and ask for editor interface?

    Sorry to bother you, but we still no register on the forum :/

  2. I’m sorry for this realy late response and I will take a look at your email right away! Once again: sorry.

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