A roadmap change, once again

After our first roadmap change (whe stopped development of ModernBB 1.7 and the planned 1.8 release and jumped to the upcomming 2.0 release), I want to present you guys another change in our roadmap. Yesterday, we started developing ModernBB 2.5, now ModernBB 2.0 is in RC fase and we are actualy waiting for FluxBB 1.5.4 to be released (security reasons). Today, we stop development of both ModernBB 2.0 RC and ModernBB 2.5 beta 1.

ModernBB 2.0 RC is moved to a later date, while ModernBB 2.5 beta 1 is, just like beta 2, rc and 2.5.0, cancelled. Why? Because all features that where planned for ModernBB 2.5 beta 1 will now be part of ModernBB 2.0 beta 3. Idem dito for the features from 2.5 beta 2. This also means that the development of MBB2 will take longer then first planned, however, what we will get will be even better!

The reason behind this change in the roadmap is very simple to explain: we think that ModernBB 2.0 beta 2 isn’t feature ready and that it can’t be launched with additional bugfixes as a stable release. This sounds like a weird statement but the point behind this is, that ModernBB 2.5 would break everything we did in 2.0 once again (we already break the thing with the jump from 1.6 to 2.0). We don’t want this to happen twice in a very short period of time.

Somewhere around the end of this month, or in September, you will see a 3rd beta of ModernBB 2.0, revamping the design of Backstage and rewriting the complet front-end with a new design and new features. Later, in October, we’ve planned 2 RCs and the first stable release. The first RC will be launched on October 16th, RC2 will follow a week later at October 23th and 2.0.0 will be launched at October 30th. This makes, that the development of lots of new features, that where planned to take 7 months (starting in December), has to be done in the upcomming 2,5 month. So,, it’s very likely that we won’t hit this deadlines, however, I’m will try to do whatever I can to get this all done by then! Trust me! Stay tuned for more information!