Round-up #1 – Let’s introduce a serie of dev posts

ModernBB 2.0 beta 3

Starting this week, I will post development round-ups. In those posts, I will talk about the latest and greatist from the dev builds of ModernBB. In this case, that is ModernBB 2.0 beta 3. I will also talk about the future roadmap and how I expect everything to go and of course: explain decisions.

Development status
During the past week, we did some awesome things. Today, the jump to Bootstrap 3 is finaly completed. We also got rid of the HTTP_REFERER errors, adding the possibility to replace files from Backstage to their own folder, /backstage/. Actualy, in one of the last commits, the structure of the core changed completely. We moved the Bootstrap-files to the /include/bootstrap/ directory, since both the front-end and back-end use the same Bootstrap core, and /admin/ is a weird place to load files for the front-end.

Talking about /admin/, we’ve got completely removed this folder, the /admin/img/ folder has been moved to /img/backstage/, the Bootstrap files are moved to /include/ and everything else has been removed or moved to /backstage/. Other changes are improvements to the update dialogue, bugfixes and an Improved login experience. We’re also working on improving the Backstage design.

Roadmap changes
No roadmap changes are planned compared to the current roadmap. Which means: no beta 4. The 1.6-branch doesn’t have any roadmap changes planned, either.

I’ve got an quit important decision in front of me. This is about the Backstage design Aurora. I liked the design that has been used during beta 1 and beta 2 of ModernBB 2, however, the new beta 3 design is way more simplistic and uses flat colors, it has also a darker color scheme. However, IF I’m going to move back to the beta 1/2 version of Aurora, that will need port-work and time and will happen in RC1. Otherwise, RC2 or ModernBB 2.1, or just not and we stick with the current Aurora.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on the front-end design and system. The system is almost done and only profiles need still some work. But the design needs lots more attention. For now, the current style is almost only Bootstrap 3 with some fixes to keep ModernBB working properly. The design will be called “Randomness”, this name would be used by the new ModernBB 1.7 default design, but never made it (because, you know, that version is never finished). However, one default design isn’t much, I want to add more designs, but I don’t know how many and if it should be color variations or completely different designes. I think I will go for the first option, but then: how many? Randomness will be a blue-colored theme. There is an option between 4 default themes and 7 default themes.

Those themes are in the package of 1, 4 and 7 default themes:
Randomness, a blue theme
Those themes are in the package of 4 and 7 default themes:
Awesomeness, a green theme
Radicalness, a red theme
Kindness, a yellow theme
Those themes are in the package of 7 default themes:
Magic, a pink theme
Freedom, a purple theme
Happiness, a orange theme

However, if there are coming more themes than Randomness, they will be added in RC1.