ModernBB 3.7 now available

I’m happy to announce the availability of ModernBB 3.7! Todays release if made out of some minor improvements, but they are worth updating for. It comes with an improved editor, “Back to top”, improved style code bases, bugfixes, updated components, a new security feature and┬ásecurity fixes!

First off, we’ve ported a part of the new Luna editor to ModernBB. When you include a list, you used to get a list-tag and it’s closing companion. Now, ModernBB will include a *-tag by default too and use multiple lines. Code-tags also have some improved behavior. We’ve also added a “Back to top” link to the footer, handy for mobile devices.

Further, the Luna style has received a couple of bugfixes for itself, you’ll also see a slightly different color scheme. All styles also have received some love: we’ve changed some lines so the only difference between them is their color, this should make fixing bugs easier in the future. The files in the Core-folder also got some love with improved spacing.

Further, we’ve updated Bootstrap to version 3.3.2, jQuery to version 2.1.3 and Font Awesome to version 4.3.0. You can now use the improvements within these packages. Especially Safari should benefit from the updated jQuery component, and as usual, Font Awesome comes with nice new icons. We fixed a couple of bugs too. One of these bugs is a low-risk security issue. So updating is recommended. You can find the new package on the download page, as per usual.