Developing Luna #11 – Final Leap

So hey, where there. In the coming days, we’ll be working on “Preview 5” of Luna. Unlike the previous Preview 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, “Preview 5” isn’t an alpha release, it’s a beta. Our first beta. So basically, its Luna 1.0 Beta 1 (instead of Luna 1.0 Preview 5). Either way, our final leap has begon.

Beta stage (0.5, 0.6 and 0.7)
We’ve been in Preview stage for a long time, and while Preview 4 already did a lot of work on this: it’s now time to fix bugs and stabelize code. Either way, these Betas will mainly focus on fixing bugs, through we’ll also finalize features. This is the final stage of feature development, through our feature set is already fixed from now on.

Release Candidate stage (0.8 and 0.9)
The Release Candidates are only bugfixes compared to Beta 3. They will only contain bugfixes, through you’ll also see a couple of visual changes (like the long update list from About, it will get removed, and other references to the preview and beta stages). Further not much will change.

Final stage (Luna 1.0)
And with some good luck, RC2 will be the very same version as Luna 1.0, just with another version number. But I’m not going to bet on it. It probably won’t. Either way, in late April/early May, Luna 1.0 will be released, and that officially ends our development cycle for Luna 1.0. Only to start all over again.

Post-Aero stage (Luna 1.0 Updates)
Since Luna is a 1.0-product at this stage, we’ve decided to release updates (1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.) every week for a limited time (perhaps just 2 weeks). These will include bugfixes only. Meanwhile we’ll be developing Bittersweet Shimmer. The development of Bittersweet Shimmer will start soon, ahead of the Luna 1.0 launch. Either way, with this fast cycle for bugfixes, we hope we can bring you the most stable experience we can give you.