Luna 1.3 “Denim” now available

Little less then 2,5 month ago we brought you guys Luna 1.2 “Cornflower Blue”, and today, here we are again. This time, we’ve got the Luna 1.3 “Denim” update ready for you. This is our 4th full release of Luna 1.x, and probably also our final.

So, what’s in it:

  • We reimagined Sunrise completely, its design is now based on Random from the early days.
  • Threads can now be marked as important.
  • You can now, optionally, allow the usage of a center and size tag.
  • You have now access to all globally recognized timezones and no longer as subset selected by Luna.
  • You can no longer enabled Daylight Saving Time, Luna will now take care of this itself.
  • Fifteen has an updated sidebar with categories and quick access links.
  • The behavior of some markup tags has been changed.
  • You can no longer change the size of embedded videos, instead, they are now responsive.
  • CSS files have been rewritten to be easier to read and manage.
  • PHP coding contentions have been updated and this includes major changes to our naming schemes.
  • Improved support for High-DPI screens.
  • Bootstrap and Font Awesome have been updated to version 3.3.6 and 4.5.0 respectively.
  • 23┬ábug fixes

As said before, this means we’re dropping support for Luna 1.1 (as by our policy of only supporting the current, and current – 1 release). However, we also announced that Luna 1.2 would be left without support, and that’s still the case. Luna 1.3 is now the current and only version we still support.

With Luna 2.0 now being the next version, we expect Luna 1.3 to be the current version for a while. We’re planning to provide bug fixes like we’ve always done, but we might also include minor new features and changes, after all, we can’t stand still to long, and Luna 2.0 won’t be for this winter (or perhaps even spring).

This means that we’re considering Luna 1.3 and LTS release. We’ll provide support for it longer then usual. As how it stands now, not only is Luna 1.3 the final PunBB-based Luna release, but it is also the final release that provides support for PostgreSQL and MySQL. Luna 2 will require MySQLi or SQLite. Additionally, we’re considering dropping PHP 5.3 support too, so for these people, it might also be the end of the line (but maybe not).

Anyway, we’ll have a lot more to tell about Luna 2.0 Emerald in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned about that. And…

…have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.