Editor and BBCode

Luna has a very simple editor to use its BBCode features. This editor shows and allows you to include most of the supported BBCodes into your comments, however, it also contains a couple of additional features.

The Luna Editor as of Luna 1.2

Basic features

From left to right, the upper toolbar has the following features:

  1. Pin the thread to its forum, this will make the thread stay on the top of the list, only available for admins and moderators with the required permissions when creating a new thread and editing the opening comment.
  2. Edit the comment without adding/updating the "Last edited by" line. Only available for admins and moderators witht he required permissions when editing a comment.
  3. [b][/b] Bold text.
  4. [u][/u] Underline text.
  5. [i][/i] Italic text.
  6. [s][/s] "Delete" text, strike-through.
  7. [h][/h] Heading text.
  8. [sub][/sub] Text in subscript.
  9. [sup][/sup] Text in superscript.
  10. [quote][/quote] Quote.
  11. [code][/code] Code field with syntax highlighting for supported languages.
  12. [c][/c] Inline code.
  13. [url][/url] URL to other pages.
  14. [img][/img] Include an image.
  15. [video][/video] Embed a video from DailyMotion, Vimeo or YouTube.
  16. [list][/list] Make an unordered list.
  17. [*][/*] Make a new bullit within a list.

The bottom toolbar allows you to preview and submit your comment.

Other BBCode features

Additional to the features listed above, Luna supports other features in its BBCode implementation that are not included in the editor.

  1. A range of emoticons.
  2. [ins][/ins] Insert text, visual identical to strike-through text in most browsers.
  3. [color=<color>][/color] Where <color> is a color in either hexadecimal notation or name, changes the color of the text.
  4. [email][/email] Add an email address.
  5. [list=1][/list] Make an ordered list.
  6. [list=*][/list] Another notation for an unordered list.

Additional to those options, there is a third set of features that have to be enabled in the Backstage to be used, just like the list above, these options do not appear in the editor.

  1. [center][/center] Center the content.
  2. [size=<size>][/size] Where <size> in percentage relative to normal text in which size the text has to be displayed.
  3. [spoiler][/spoiler] Will hide content by default until clicked.