Release notes

We change things every now and then...

Emerald Download 2.0.12

2.0.12 26 July 2018 Download 2.0.12


Support for more modern emoji shortcode like Luna 2.1


Maintenance mode now throws a HTTP/503 code instead of HTTP/200


Emoji have been remapped to better represent their text-version and match Luna 2.1


Luna no longer returns the password when a registration error occures

When updating, fields are now correctly dropped from the database

2.0.11 1 July 2018 Download 2.0.11


Fixes the incorrect language file versions being included

2.0.10 30 June 2018 Download 2.0.10


Upgrading will update the cookie bar url if the old default value is still used


The default user group can now be changed again

Enabling debug mode now works correctly for PostgreSQL

Updating to Luna 2.0 no longer causes 'o_custom_css' to start with "NULL" as value

Fixes a PHP error with receivers in Inbox not being countable

The paper plane icons in Inbox are now properly aligned

2.0.9 14 June 2018 Download 2.0.9


Site descriptions can now be up to 300 characters long instead of 255

Improved errors for search queries

Adds a number of files to Git that GitHub likes you to have

Generated downloads no longer contain files you don't need


Further improvements for PHP 7.2 support


Updates some string to reflect current situations

"Check for updates" has been updated to match the new site and repo structure

Updates references to to match new site


Underscores are now properly escaped in LIKE-queries

Fixes an issue where SMTP data could not be set due to a character limit

Calculations now work properly in debug mode regardless of localization

There is no longer a hardcoded "said" string

The forum title will no longer appear to far to the left when active

A space has been added to quote titles before "wrote"

"spoiler" is now properly quoted in the parser

Night mode now correctly colors the border in the release notes

2.0.8 12 June 2018 Download 2.0.8


Font Awesome has been updated to version 4.7.0

Prism has been updated to version 14.0

Add support for PHP 7.2


Fixes an issue where splitting a thread would reset solved to null

Fixes an issue where Backstage would use Mainstage errors

2.0.7 23 November 2016 Download 2.0.7


Fixes an issue where resetting the password would fail

2.0.6 18 October 2016 Download 2.0.6


Hidden threads now have a yellow indicator on the right hand side


The Mainstage won't show notifications twice anymore

Some BBCodes would break with certain uses of hard returns

Fixes content of spoiler-tags being unreadable in night mode

Editing a user will no longer change the accent color of that user

Fixes sorting of the userlist on the second page

Fixes moderator forums being unavailable in the profile admin settings

Fixes an undisclosed security issue

2.0.5 6 October 2016 Download 2.0.5


Simple searches now list results descending


Fixes notification links being broken

Fixing missing ids for threads in the bell icon in search results

2.0.4 5 October 2016 Download 2.0.4


Bootstrap 3.3.6 has been updated to version 3.3.7


Fixes an SQL injection with notifications

Fixes a memory leak in PHP 5.6 on XAMPP

2.0.3 4 June 2016 Download 2.0.3


Password reset would fail to reset the password in some situations

2.0.2 29 May 2016 Download 2.0.2


Info messages no longer feel like an error if they're not

Custom CSS is now loaded before emoji CSS to allow custom web fonts

Improved error design in Inbox


jQuery has been updated to version 2.2.4


The quick reply box in Inbox has been replaced with a Reply-button


An issue with signing in has been resolved

Fixes the password reset link which was broken in certain situations

Fixes wrong avatars in Inbox conversations

2.0.1 16 May 2016 Download 2.0.1


When no threads or forums exist, the messages are shown in a more polished style


Font Awesome has been updated to version 4.6.3


Some of the left over Luna Preview elements hav been removed


Fixes an issue where an URL in a mail would be mising

Fixes an issue where removing a forum would fail

Fixes a number of issues with plugins

Fixes a nesting bug in the board page

2.0 9 May 2016 Download 2.0.0


Fifteen has received a fully reimagned design based on Airalin

Sunrise has also been reimagned based on the new Fifteen look

You can now add custom CSS to the theme you're using

Luna's default placeholder avatar can now be replaced

Notifications now get marked as read when clicked

New notification tools on the Notification page in the profile

Comments can now have admin notes that are displayed in threads

You can now upload a header background to use in your theme and the Backstage

You can now manage your boards favicon in Settings

You can now respond on Inbox messages from the message view

Reports now trigger a notifications for admins and moderators

New threads in a subscribed board now trigger notifications

Fifteen, Sunrise and Backstage have new Pink, Dark Red and Beige accents

The parser now supports the spoiler-tag optionally

Luna now has a Dutch translation included by default

Maintenance mode now shows a warning in the Backstage header


You can now see what's a subforum and edit more settings in board management

Users can now disable or enable First Run from their profile

The editor will now put items under a button if the screen becomes to small

When you have a notification, the icon will animate

Advanced search has an improved UI

About can now be translated to other languages

You can now directly manage a reported comment from the Backstage

Improved Backstage UI and night mode

Multiple improvements on accessibility

Luna now provides a description meta tag to prevent weird search results


Luna now uses salts and SHA-512 to save passwords

Luna now includes full "Right to Left"-support

Components now live in their own folder in the Luna root

Debug mode can now be enabled with one line in the config file

Bootstrap, Font Awesome and jQuery have been updated to the latest version


Revamped search forms for users and bans, including responsive design

The Backstage has a whole new structure

Luna's file structure has been updated


The editor no longer has an emoticon menu

The code base no longer supports PHP 5.2

Notifications can no longer be marked as read/trashed from the fly-out

You can no longer manage the database from the Backstage

Tools to add new users have been removed


Fixes 63 bugs

Luna 2.0.12 Download 2.0.12
Luna 2.0.11 Download 2.0.11
Luna 2.0.10 Download 2.0.10
Luna 2.0.9 Download 2.0.9
Luna 2.0.8 Download 2.0.8
Luna 2.0.7 Download 2.0.7
Luna 2.0.6 Download 2.0.6
Luna 2.0.5 Download 2.0.5
Luna 2.0.4 Download 2.0.4
Luna 2.0.3 Download 2.0.3
Luna 2.0.2 Download 2.0.2
Luna 2.0.1 Download 2.0.1
Luna 2.0 Download 2.0
Luna 2.0 Release Candidate 2 Download 2.0-rc.2
Luna 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Download 2.0-rc.1
Luna 2.0 Beta 2 Download 2.0-beta.2
Luna 2.0 Beta 1 Download 2.0-beta.1
Luna 2.0 Preview 7 Download 2.0-alpha.7
Luna 2.0 Preview 6 Download 2.0-alpha.6
Luna 2.0 Preview 5 Download 2.0-alpha.5
Luna 1.4 Preview 4 Download 1.4-alpha.4
Luna 1.4 Preview 3 Download 1.4-alpha.3
Luna 1.4 Preview 2 Download 1.4-alpha.2
Luna 1.4 Preview 1 Download 1.4-alpha.1