Behold what the future holds


Luna Codename Date Final release End of life
Luna 1.0 Aero 13 April 2015 1.0.10 9 October 2015
Luna 1.1 Bittersweet Shimmer 20 June 2015 1.1.5 17 October 2015
Luna 1.2 Cornflower Blue 17 October 2015 1.2.4 8 December 2015
Luna 1.3 Denim 25 December 2015 1.3.1 9 May 2016
Luna 2.0 Emerald 9 May 2016 July 2018
Luna 2.1 Fallow July 2018
Luna 3.0 Glitter Late 2018


Fallow is an intermediate version update to Luna which we will hopefully provide with regular minor feature updates along the way while we're putting our back into fixing everything we think is wrong with Luna, which might take a while...

Its main focus is with the following subjects:

  • Update included 3rd party packages.
  • Include Font Awesome 5 Free, with support for Font Awesome 5 Pro.
  • Improve navigation in frontend and backend.
  • Use a native font stack for all operating systems.
  • General Quality of Code improvements.
  • General bugfixes.

Unlike previous releases of Luna, Fallow will receive regular minor feature updates and extends over more than one minor version. Luna 2.2 will also be named Fallow, but will be a smaller update than you might have been used to with Bittersweet Shimmer, Cornflower Blue, Denim or Fallow (2.1).


Glitter is our big reset button. With Glitter, we want to return to a more simple experience, which will include the removal of some features that should never have made it into Luna. We'll also take some serious care of the codebase in general. Glitter is not supposed to introduce many new features.

Its main focus is with the following subjects:

  • Serious updates to the codebase. Seriously.
  • Bootstrap 4.x as front-end framework, which will include a redesign of Luna to give it a modern look and feel.
  • Notifications, Inbox, and a number of other features will be dropped.
  • A bunch of small features, nothing to fancy.