10 Paid iOS, Android Apps Gone Free

1. Docs To Go Premium Key

Docs To Go is an excellent and office suite on Android. The catch is that you can’t edit documents unless you get the pro version. At the moment, the premium key (a separate app worth Rs. 620) is free. You can install this app on your Android device via the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon for Android (Free, usually Rs. 620)
iOS (Rs. 620)

2. PDF PROvider

If you need an app to manage all your PDF files, then PDF PROvider is a good choice. This app can merge several documents (even if they’re different formats) into one PDF file. It can also scan photos of printed pages and save them as PDF files. It also lets you annotate and sign PDFs, and has a lot of other features that you can check out using the link below.

iOS (Free, usually Rs. 490)

3. Geekbench 3

Geekbench is the ultimate CPU and memory benchmarking app for iOS. Benchmark apps went out of fashion a long time ago, but they’re still useful for app developers and if you’re checking whether your iOS device is performing as it should. It is free for a limited time, so grab the deal while it lasts.

iOS (Free, usually Rs. 60)
Android (Free)

4. TurboScan

TurboScan lets you use your iPhone as a portable scanner. You open the app and point the camera at the document you need to scan. From there, a few taps will scan these documents and convert them into multipage PDF or JPEG files. PDF PROvider also has this functionality, but TurboScan is geared towards scanning documents fast and has nice one-tap readability settings such as brightness and contrast adjustments. The app is free till November 29 so get it by Black Friday if you can.

iPhone (Free, usually Rs. 190)

5. Buzz Player

Buzz Player is a multimedia app for iOS, which lets you play your audio and video files. This app claims to provide smooth playback even with HD video files. If you watch lots of movies on your iOS device, you might want to try Buzz Player. Its interface is not as good as apps such as Infuse, but it does the pretty much the same things – play videos and supports subtitles.

iPhone (Free, usually Rs. 250)
iPad (Free, usually Rs. 250)

6. Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro is a very popular alarm clock app for Android – it has features like multiple designs to choose from, multiple alarms and timers, and best of all, automatically adjusting for different time zones.

Amazon for Android (Free, usually Rs. 60)

7. Perfectly Clear

Want a one-tap photo editing app for your Android smartphone? You might like Perfectly Clear. It has 12 different one-tap editing modes that give your photos a professional look in seconds. A hassle-free editing experience is an absolute must-have on smartphones and Perfectly Clear does the job pretty well.

Amazon for Android (Free, usually Rs. 190)

8. Convertr

DuckDuckGo can do unit conversions, Siri can do them too, and even Google can do them with ease. So why do you need a unit converter app? Because it supports as many as 450 units and 24 categories. You can convert angstroms to light-years and angle to volume with this app, and it’s free.

iPhone (Free, usually Rs. 120)

9. Core Yoga

If you want a quick yoga cheat sheet, Core Yoga is a good app for you. It has a daily 11-minute yoga programme that “helps you tone your abs”. The art in the app could definitely use improvement, but it shouldn’t be hard to learn the different asanas using this app. Free for a limited time.

iOS (Free, usually Rs. 190)

10. Instagrab

Instagrab is an Instagram companion app that claims to enhance your Instagram experience. It lets you discover photos based on your location and bookmark your favourite photos and videos and add them to collections. The best feature, however, is that the app lets you download Instagram photos to your iOS device. It also lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts, which is not possible in the official app.

iOS (Free, usually Rs. 190)


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