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Top 10 fashions of 1900 which reappeared in the 2000s

While looking into the pictures of my mother’s childhood days, I noticed one thing “fashion is immortal” it never had an ending. It is living with us for ages with different faces. I saw my mom wearing a loose Patiala kind of lower with a short Anarkali. Can you guess the dress now? Yes, it’s a dhoti pant layer blow a frock. Not only this, there are many things you will notice similar with your mother keep the generation bars aside. And to the lucky girls out there, you can also steal these from her old clothes is she still have them. Well, it’s not only the clothes you will find many other trendy things be it the clothes, bags, pieces of jewelry or any accessory that speaks of fashion, but your mother or grandmother had also if she was fashion freak the way you are. Being the 1900s kid does not at all make any difference have a look how?

Here as top 10 fashion of the 1900s which reappeared in 2000s

1. Long Maxi dress

The loveliest dress fit for all occasion now is a maxi dress. Be it an evening date, or any wedding ceremony it is the first choice for every woman now, as it was before. It is one of the most comfortable dresses stated by women of all age. And the best part of this dress is you do not need any other thing to complete it, the town itself as a whole is a complete dress for any occasion. If you think this is a new style have a look at some of the pictures of Queen or any famous character of the 1900s this dress is as common then as today. Be it a teenager or any pregnant lady this dress is the most comfortable and cozy one.

The loveliest dress fit for all occasion now is a maxi dress. Be it an evening date, or any wedding ceremony it is the first choice for every woman now, as it was before. It is one of the most comfortable dresses stated by women of all age. And the best part of this dress is you do not need any other thing to complete it, the town itself as a whole is a complete dress for any occasion. If you think this is a new style have a look at some of the pictures of Queen or any famous character of the 1900s this dress is as common then as today. Be it a teenager or any pregnant lady this dress is the most comfortable and cozy one.

2. Skirt and blouse

I guess this is the one you bought at your Veere di wedding, right? Of course, the combination of a Skirt and blouse or crop top is another dress for which the craze never changed. This dress not only makes you look beautiful but at the same time defines your curves. Be you the girls of the category who love the covered dress or the one who loves the short sexy dress, Skirt, and the blouse is the perfect destine to your search. You can add a dupatta with the dress or even without the dupatta would also make you look glamorous in this dress. The tube skirt and the peplum tops have also given a new face to this combination. Of course, the pattern of the skirts or the tops have changed but the combination has always been the same. Ever you grandma would have worn the same pleated skirt and shirt in her schooldays.

3. Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants were more in fashion at the late 1900s when the gender equality started, and women tried to copy men. Pants paired with kurtas, the blouse was loved then and again are being loved by all the girls. Be it a casual outing or an interview, India or western these flared pants have always been the last moment savior of all the women. You can team it up with any loss of tight top, kurta, Anarkali, frock anything you feel like. All the more you must also be seen girls wearing jumpsuits or the dungarees with the flared bottoms. Have a look at how it turned up from the 1900s to the 2000s. Be it the denim, the rayon or the silk palazzos are a big boom to the fashion world.

4. Junk jewelry

Junk pieces of jewelry are back again but in the new Avtar. Previously only the married women used to wear jewelry as they could not afford gold. Silver was one of the metal apart from iron or copper which we have them as the tassel and the junky ones. The anklets, earing, the neck pieces, choker and all the new collections you see are all the same your grandma wore at her age. It’s just the ways that you have changed to wear them. They wore it over sarees, and ethnic dress as and you are wearing it over all the dress you feel like. This era is more a democratic one, you can mix and match anything in any possible way to stand out of the crowd and we call it “fashion” and mark it as a “statement” isn’t it?

5. Piercing

Though I love wearing nose ring now I was forced to get the piercing done for the sake of I being a girl. Similarly, every woman had to get the piercing done. Apart from nose and earlobes, the ear bones or each part of the ear, the belly button, eyebrows, tongue are in fashion these days. But do you think this is a new trend? Absolutely no it’s an old tradition people used to follow as a punishment. Every time they were found guilty, they used to get a new piercing as self-punishment. Whereas some did to represent their caste or the background they grew up from. And some followed to maintain the trend and carried the fashion to 2000s which can be seen more widely as before.

6. Ruffle

Be it a top, skirt, saree or any possible outfit ruffles are the new way to get the cutest look. It all the way help you look younger right? Yes! This fashion season would help you get a lot of frills and flounce. But remember this may be new to you but you Muma knows where did these ruffles arrive. Weather its printer or the solid the strips or the checks adding frills is just another way you may you stand out of the crowd with the bouncy wavy guise. It gives a hint of animation to your boring day out. Ruffle are so cute they are just one of the perfect choices for the sea breeze.

7. Dhotis

As I said earlier, I saw my Mumma wearing the dhoti pant and I realized how these trends have arrived. We all may wonder out new fashion stylist is so so amazing and innovative that they up will new cheeky looks every now and then but, it’s not just this much. They have just re-employed the old ideas, polished them, created a new out of the trash and this is what you have now. The Dhoti pants are more in trend now, which have disappeared for some years as it was also repeated the in the year 2008 or 10 as far as I remember I was in class 07 or 08 when I first wore this but then the trend went away. And look what after again it is back with some more fabulous looks. Pair it with kurtas, frocks, Anarkali, crop tops anything you want and you would look great with this fusion.

8. Footwear

How can we forget the one who is with us as long as we live? Who would love us more than out footwear? Here are some of the exclusive footwear that are trending these days but have you ever asked, grandma, what did she wear on her foot, just the slipper or the heels too.

Wood soles shoes, sneakers, canvas, wedge or the lacy shoes are so much in the fashion like the olden days.

You must have seen so many old pictures the pointed belly with the narrow heels were in the trend of that time.

9. Layer over the layer

We all used to wear layered clothes only in winters but slow another season also switched to layered dresses. I am sure you are also a part of this and love to wear the layered dresses. Kurta over the skirt, Anarkali over the skirt, t-shirt over the shirts, shrug over suits, long flared shrug teamed up with any outfit be it Indian or western, the over or even the undergarments. You are allowed to layer anything over everything all you have to keep in mind is be what you are just do what you love. It’s not just this day you are layering clothes, ladies of the 1900s also loved to team up long coats with saree, skirt-shirts, trousers or the tops. Never did they ever missed a chance to look out of the crowd just the way we do.

10. Tattoos

No matter how tattoos were previously originated, some were compelled while some found it a way to represent themselves. It was previously a sign marked to symbolize. Some women used to convey their pain, love, swore, and living through their body marked, and max to max marks was religious and zodiac marks. People used to believe tattoos to be one of the uncommon things which only some could get. But it gradually spread and became a style statement. Which was once considered unsafe for the skin? But we are back with the organic and all the good inks that would not harm any skin type carrying the trend to the next level. And this is how tattoos are back.

I hope I am able to share the maximum info I was aware of and would keep doing this but before you move ahead, I would love to know which of the above did you noticed are reappearing and hitting your eyes. And if you know some more fashion trends that are reappearing please let me know in the comment below to help. Would be glad to hear from you guys.

Loads of love.


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