4 Useful Freeware Tools for Windows

Firstly, if you don’t know what freeware software’s are then let me give you a little introduction of it. Freeware software are basically the software which can be used free of cost. But, they comes with a copyright license in which we cannot edit/modify the software. Though they can be distributed to your friends/family as they’re free.

Another benefit of freeware software’s is sometimes they’re better the paid software’s as well. Though it also depends upon the developer like how often he wishes to update the software and how he/she provides the support for it. Then also, a freeware software is like a life-saving solution against heavily charged software’s.

Today, I’m going to share with you a list of four really helpful freeware tools which you’ll surely love and some of you might be using them already as well.

This tool can be considered as a replacement to the MS Office pack. It does all the things like basic writer, presentation, plan maker, etc. It is also better then OpenOffice.org, which is also a replacement of MS Office. It is compatible with Windows as well as Ubuntu and works very well on both the OS. But, unfortunately it has a drawback. It doesn’t work with the latest version’s of Windows. You’ll need to use the earlier versions of Windows but then also it can be very useful.

I’m sure some of you guys would surely be familiar with this tool. If not then let me give you a basic introduction of it. MalwareBytes is basically a Anti-Malware software which’ll protect your computer against Virus, Trojan, Malware, etc. It is the best freeware software I’ve used till now and I’m sure you’ll also like it.

Another freeware software which is very handy tool. If you haven’t been using this tool then I’m sure you’ve been missing lot of fun lately. This tool is just superb in a layman language. It’ll help you to share your screen with your friends easily. So, if you’ve ever got a problem in your PC then you can ask your friend to solve that without moving from your own PC’s. Though, this tool is only for Personal use. If you want to use it commercially you’ll need to buy a license for that.

Have you ever wanted a free software like Microsoft Outlook? Then this is your solution. This tool is very handy tool for all those who are looking for an alternative of MS Outlook. It is completely free and I just love using this software. Also, the interface is very easy to use and you’d be amazed how such a tool can be completely free. Also one more good thing about this tool is you can also add this in your FireFox browser and can make the most out of it. Though it just works in selected themes.


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