Luna is a community software, release onder the GPLv3 license. It’s great software to use if you want an easy to integrate community for your website. It’s designed to be fast, easy and modern, building upon the philosphi of its precessor, ModernBB.

ModernBB is a forum software project that is a reaction on the FluxBB development’s slow progress. We started with FluxBB 1.4 as base to bring back the ranking system with all improvements and bugfixes from the 1.5 series. The result was the very nice ModernBB 1.6 branch. Through after that, we started working on ModernBB 2.0, our first “real” version. This was a major update to the software, most focus was on moving the ModernBB Core to Bootstrap, something we only succeded at in 2.2.

ModernBB 2.1 through was a great step forward on design, bringing an all new design to the table, something great, something you haven’t seen before. ModernBB 2.2 improved this design, giving it a faster and more modern look with fresher colors. Except for the design, slowly, more and more awesome features found their way to ModernBB. Through you could say, that the ModernBB 2.x series was more of a playground to make the ultimate jump:

ModernBB 3 was a major update, through mostly “under-the-hood”. It was mainly focused on improving existing features: we kicked out the old editor and replaced it with a nice WYSIWYG editor, Kindness joined the fun, the Backstage was seriously improved, major improvements to the parser, etc. We ccan go on for a while. End users wouldn’t see much of a difference, through the difference is realy there, bringing an more advanced ModernBB to you, that’s more modern then ever. But we where not done yet.

ModernBB 3.1, in fact, was more of a sneak-peak at what we had in our mind for ModernBB 3.2. It was an intrim release and brought a very nice new topic view with a much more modern look. Something the whole forum software soon would be benefiting. ModernBB 3.2 adopted this new design language for every other page, improving small thing like breadcrumbs, up to big thing like the profile. Result is the most beautiful forum experience you can get.

However, a beautful forum experience is pointless when you can’t change its looks. And that’s what our main focus was in ModernBB 3.3: seriously improving the style system to make it more easy to change the style and design of ModernBB to whatever you wanted it to look like. The Backstage was majorly improved, too. With it’s brand new design and more customization options. ModernBB 3.4 followed the same month and brought all-arround updates to the board, improving the system prety much everywhere. 3.4 would later enjoy another 2 minor feature updates. The 2nd update was released together with ModernBB 1.7, the final ModernBB 1.x update which also included small new features.

With Luna in development, we didn’t stop delivering updates to ModernBB. ModernBB 3.5 was the first proof of this, delivering new features and improvements. However, the release rate did drop, as most focus went to development of Luna. ModernBB later got an update to version 3.6, featuring even more new improvements. In the meantime, Luna got its first preview in the form of Luna 1.0 Preview 1, introducing a bunch of new features. Later on, a DEVED-version of Preview 2 was released to show off everything that was coming in the second major Preview of Luna.