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One of the largest challenges facing any business is getting your advertising in front of enough people. Advertising can cost a lot of money. From the design to the delivery everything costs a bundle.

While you want to get your advertising done for as small as possible you can’t afford to have your advertisements look terrible. If your ad looks like your 5 year ancient place it together or the copy in your ad is terrible, you will not get fantastic results.

With that in mind I have place together 5 ways you can save on your advertising and still get the results you want.

1. Use a freelance graphics designer. The internet has made an international marketplace for freelancers and you can take advantage of that. Services like and make it affordable for any size business to have professional looking ads. At these sites you can see portfolios and have designers bid on your job.

2. Use targeted Pay-Per-Click advertising. Search engines like now allow you to highly target your advertising on a geographical basis. At you can target a country, a state, a city, a zip code, or even an area contained within points YOU specify. This means you can be sure you will not be paying for clicks in London when you are a local business in Springfield, MO.

3. Advertise on local websites. Find out what business in your town have a website then call them up and work out a deal to place a banner ad on their website. If you have no clue how to place together a banner ad, don’t worry. Refer back to the first item in this list. Sites like and can help.

4. Advertise on or This tip is a lot like #2 but with a twist. These site allow you to target your ads geographically AND by the information in the users profiles. This allows you to hyper target your advertising.

5. Invest in LED Signs. LED Signs have one of the lowest costs per view of any form of advertising. There are hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of cars driving past your business everyday. For a fraction of a penny per view you can place your sales messages in front of that traffic. LED Signs also allow you to do spur of the moment advertising. You can make an instant sale at slow times and end the sale as soon as business picks back up.

There you go, five tips on how you can save on your advertising and stretch your budget without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. These tips will let you squeeze every last ounce of value out of your advertising budget with out sacrificing quality and results.

For more information on how to use Outdoor LED Signs .


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