Android Apps That Are Firing The Market

The best thing about android is perhaps the seemingly unlimited apps that come with it. Because android is open platform, almost every day a new app is created by developers around the world. These apps belong to various categories- fun and games, business apps, educational apps, musical apps, technological apps etc. Some cool new apps are discussed below.

HDR camera- this belongs to the group of camera apps. With this app you will be able to capture HDR images in high quality. The images will have good resolution, good details and vivid colors. This app can tackle low light conditions and shakes in a photo. There is a free version available so that users can get a taste of the apps utility. The power of this app is attracting millions of users all over the world.

Dolphin Browser HD- perhaps the best browser available to users of android. It works very fast and is very easy to use. Dolphin is the first web browser for android that has sonar, gesture and other add-on in it.

SONAR- it helps dolphin to understand your voice and search the internet for your favorite sites. The Gesture feature lets the user create a personal symbol or gesture that can be used to gain access to computers and mobile phones. Another feature Webzine lets you view your favorite web content without any bugging of ads. The best thing is this app is available totally free. Just go to the android store and download it. All the features are accelerating the purchase in a new mode.

Poweramp music player- it is the most powerful music player for android it supports all known music formats. It comes with separate bass and treble settings. Also there is 10 band graphic equalizer option and many attractive themes. There is a trial version that has all options and is valid for 15 days. One must get this under their grip so that they can try out the best in the industry.

ES file explorer- The best option to organize and view your files. The features include- all-in-one file manager, app manager, task killing option, drop-box client and ftp client. Android users anywhere in the world can easily manage their resources. Use your 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, and share files, upload images, view videos. In function it is not simply a file explorer. Unbelievably it is totally free on Play store. Compare to others, this one is giving a bang as it came in the market.

RDIO- there is a collection of 15 million songs. This app will allow you to explore through that collection and listen and share your favorite songs even when you are offline you can sync and listen to the songs of your choice. You can create playlists according to your choice. Search and discover your favorite music on RDIO. Also there are great social media features available which are making it a social media explosive to be used by its lovers.

You are away from these apps then don’t lose time and grab the best for you!


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