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How To Change Your Email On Instagram: A Step By Step Guide.

Instagram has become an essential part of our everyday lives. It’s where we share our favorite moments, catch up with friends, and look at beautiful pictures of places we’ve never been. As a platform to share the best moments in your life, Instagram is great, but it can be frustrating when you want to change your email on Instagram. Here is how you can change your email on Instagram without any trouble.*.

What you will need to change your email on Instagram 

To change your email on Instagram, you’ll need the following:

– The original email address or phone number associated with your Instagram account

– Your username for Instagram

– Access to a computer or mobile device that has access to the internet

*If you are experiencing trouble changing your email on Instagram, try these steps: https://support.instagram.com/articles/3645631


How to change your email on Instagram 

First, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. In the top right corner of your profile, you will see a small box with your email address inside it. Tap on that email address and you will be taken to a page where you can change your password. This will allow you to sign into Instagram using different emails.

Next, open the Instagram app and tap on the camera icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, tap on “Sign in.” Next to “Email address,” tap on “New email.” Enter your new email there and continue signing into Instagram.

Now that you have changed your email on Instagram, get posting!*


What if you still can’t change your email?

If you’re still struggling to change your email on Instagram, make sure you’ve set up your account correctly. You can find more information about how to set up your account on the Instagram Help Center website.

To change your email on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. In the top menu of the Instagram app, tap “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Account” and choose “Email.”
  3. Enter the email address you would like to use then tap “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.



Instagram is a fantastic platform for businesses to grow their brand, network and engage with their target audience. If you have an email address, it is easy to change your email on Instagram. There are a few things to know before you go through the process. First, you must have an email account set up in Instagram’s app settings; second, you need to make sure that your email account is linked to your Instagram account; third, your email must be verified in order to change it; fourth, your email must be active in order to change it.

Liquid Cooling a GPU: Everything You Need to Know

Liquid cooling your GPU is a way to keep it cool. It might help your computer and graphics card work better too. This article will show you how to do it.

What is the difference between liquid and air cooling?

When you use a heatsink and fans on top of the computer, the hot air goes into the computer. And if you are using liquid cooling, then some water is going to be there. This can help cool down the computer because it has more than one fan and also more water that can absorb heat. Immersed radiators are used by professionals because they cool so well. Many people do not use them unless they are doing graphic-intensive work or overclocking often. An agitated radiator has fans to keep the fins from getting too hot and a block for water.

Liquid Cooling a GPU: Everything You Need to Know

Liquid Cooling a GPU: Everything You Need to Know

Liquid cooling is better because it takes away the heat before the air coolers can(mostly laptop cooling pads are using air to cool your laptop). Air coolers are only good for one GPU and they need a fan. Immersed radiators are better, but not necessary if you do not overclock your pc or work on graphics often. An agitated radiator has fans and needs to be submerged in water.

A liquid cooling kit is a system that uses water or another type of coolant to keep your computer’s CPU and GPU from overheating. When your graphic-intensive tasks such as gaming, drawing files, or rendering images, the card produces heat. This means the liquid cooling kit will help you with these tasks. There are two types of liquid that can be used. The air cooled means that fans have been put on top of the GPU and take away the heat from there before it goes back into your computer’s main water loop. The other is an immersed cooler which has radiators with more than one fan that take the heat away before anything bad can happen. They work so well because they don’t have any restrictions, which means they can cool better than air cooled ones. When you want to cool your computer, you need tubing. One end attaches to the cooler and the other end goes to different parts of your computer. You also need tubing for air cooling because it is different from liquid cooling.


How is liquid cooling different from air cooling?

Coolers have their own water that runs through a radiator. It can absorb heat from the card before going back to the main water loop. That way, all parts stay at about the same temperature and there are no hot spots on your card.

An agitated radiator has fans to keep the fins from getting too hot. Immersed radiators have a block for the water so they can cool better. They are more expensive, but you can do better with them than an agitated one.

Liquid coolers use tubing and fittings. Flexible rubber or vinyl is used to connect all the parts together. Fittings are needed at either end – one for your gpu and one that connects into your radiator or backplate (depending on which type you have). Different types of fittings are available, so make sure you do some research before purchasing any liquid cooler!

Can you liquid cool a GPU?

Yes, it is possible to liquid cool a GPU. This process can be more efficient than air because there are no hot spots on your gpu that may affect performance in an uneven fashion – all parts will stay at about the same temperature.

How can I make my GPU cool?

One of the best things that you can do to keep your GPU cool is to keep it dust free and clean. Dust on a fan will decrease the cooling effect that the fan has because it will insulate the heat-producing components. Keeping your GPU dust free can also help with overheating. If you are doing any sort of graphic intensive work, consider buying a liquid cooler!

Should I liquid cool my CPU or GPU?

Both processors and GPUs can be cooled with a liquid cooler. If you do not mind paying the extra money, an immersed cooler is better than an agitated one because it takes heat from all of the components. For a budget-conscious consumer, it may be best to consider air cooling using a heatsink and fan combo.

Is GPU cooling necessary?

No, GPU cooling is not necessary if you do not mind the heat and your computer is working properly.

The heat from a card can be bad for your computer. Cooling liquid like water and air can take the heat away before it goes back to the main water loop. Immersed coolers are better than air cooled ones because they are more expensive but they will do a better job at cooling.

Different types of liquid cooling are available. You need to connect them with tubing and fittings on either end- one for where the cooler attaches to your CPU and another end for the GPU.

What is best Liquid cooling kit?

When looking for a liquid cooling kit, you will want to look for different aspects such as reviews on the product, the installation process and cost. You will also want to decide if you are looking for an air cooled or immersed cooler.


Top 10 fashions of 1900 which reappeared in the 2000s

While looking into the pictures of my mother’s childhood days, I noticed one thing “fashion is immortal” it never had an ending. It is living with us for ages with different faces. I saw my mom wearing a loose Patiala kind of lower with a short Anarkali. Can you guess the dress now? Yes, it’s a dhoti pant layer blow a frock. Not only this, there are many things you will notice similar with your mother keep the generation bars aside. And to the lucky girls out there, you can also steal these from her old clothes is she still have them. Well, it’s not only the clothes you will find many other trendy things be it the clothes, bags, pieces of jewelry or any accessory that speaks of fashion, but your mother or grandmother had also if she was fashion freak the way you are. Being the 1900s kid does not at all make any difference have a look how?

Here as top 10 fashion of the 1900s which reappeared in 2000s

1. Long Maxi dress

The loveliest dress fit for all occasion now is a maxi dress. Be it an evening date, or any wedding ceremony it is the first choice for every woman now, as it was before. It is one of the most comfortable dresses stated by women of all age. And the best part of this dress is you do not need any other thing to complete it, the town itself as a whole is a complete dress for any occasion. If you think this is a new style have a look at some of the pictures of Queen or any famous character of the 1900s this dress is as common then as today. Be it a teenager or any pregnant lady this dress is the most comfortable and cozy one.

The loveliest dress fit for all occasion now is a maxi dress. Be it an evening date, or any wedding ceremony it is the first choice for every woman now, as it was before. It is one of the most comfortable dresses stated by women of all age. And the best part of this dress is you do not need any other thing to complete it, the town itself as a whole is a complete dress for any occasion. If you think this is a new style have a look at some of the pictures of Queen or any famous character of the 1900s this dress is as common then as today. Be it a teenager or any pregnant lady this dress is the most comfortable and cozy one.

2. Skirt and blouse

I guess this is the one you bought at your Veere di wedding, right? Of course, the combination of a Skirt and blouse or crop top is another dress for which the craze never changed. This dress not only makes you look beautiful but at the same time defines your curves. Be you the girls of the category who love the covered dress or the one who loves the short sexy dress, Skirt, and the blouse is the perfect destine to your search. You can add a dupatta with the dress or even without the dupatta would also make you look glamorous in this dress. The tube skirt and the peplum tops have also given a new face to this combination. Of course, the pattern of the skirts or the tops have changed but the combination has always been the same. Ever you grandma would have worn the same pleated skirt and shirt in her schooldays.

3. Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants were more in fashion at the late 1900s when the gender equality started, and women tried to copy men. Pants paired with kurtas, the blouse was loved then and again are being loved by all the girls. Be it a casual outing or an interview, India or western these flared pants have always been the last moment savior of all the women. You can team it up with any loss of tight top, kurta, Anarkali, frock anything you feel like. All the more you must also be seen girls wearing jumpsuits or the dungarees with the flared bottoms. Have a look at how it turned up from the 1900s to the 2000s. Be it the denim, the rayon or the silk palazzos are a big boom to the fashion world.

4. Junk jewelry

Junk pieces of jewelry are back again but in the new Avtar. Previously only the married women used to wear jewelry as they could not afford gold. Silver was one of the metal apart from iron or copper which we have them as the tassel and the junky ones. The anklets, earing, the neck pieces, choker and all the new collections you see are all the same your grandma wore at her age. It’s just the ways that you have changed to wear them. They wore it over sarees, and ethnic dress as and you are wearing it over all the dress you feel like. This era is more a democratic one, you can mix and match anything in any possible way to stand out of the crowd and we call it “fashion” and mark it as a “statement” isn’t it?

5. Piercing

Though I love wearing nose ring now I was forced to get the piercing done for the sake of I being a girl. Similarly, every woman had to get the piercing done. Apart from nose and earlobes, the ear bones or each part of the ear, the belly button, eyebrows, tongue are in fashion these days. But do you think this is a new trend? Absolutely no it’s an old tradition people used to follow as a punishment. Every time they were found guilty, they used to get a new piercing as self-punishment. Whereas some did to represent their caste or the background they grew up from. And some followed to maintain the trend and carried the fashion to 2000s which can be seen more widely as before.

6. Ruffle

Be it a top, skirt, saree or any possible outfit ruffles are the new way to get the cutest look. It all the way help you look younger right? Yes! This fashion season would help you get a lot of frills and flounce. But remember this may be new to you but you Muma knows where did these ruffles arrive. Weather its printer or the solid the strips or the checks adding frills is just another way you may you stand out of the crowd with the bouncy wavy guise. It gives a hint of animation to your boring day out. Ruffle are so cute they are just one of the perfect choices for the sea breeze.

7. Dhotis

As I said earlier, I saw my Mumma wearing the dhoti pant and I realized how these trends have arrived. We all may wonder out new fashion stylist is so so amazing and innovative that they up will new cheeky looks every now and then but, it’s not just this much. They have just re-employed the old ideas, polished them, created a new out of the trash and this is what you have now. The Dhoti pants are more in trend now, which have disappeared for some years as it was also repeated the in the year 2008 or 10 as far as I remember I was in class 07 or 08 when I first wore this but then the trend went away. And look what after again it is back with some more fabulous looks. Pair it with kurtas, frocks, Anarkali, crop tops anything you want and you would look great with this fusion.

8. Footwear

How can we forget the one who is with us as long as we live? Who would love us more than out footwear? Here are some of the exclusive footwear that are trending these days but have you ever asked, grandma, what did she wear on her foot, just the slipper or the heels too.

Wood soles shoes, sneakers, canvas, wedge or the lacy shoes are so much in the fashion like the olden days.

You must have seen so many old pictures the pointed belly with the narrow heels were in the trend of that time.

9. Layer over the layer

We all used to wear layered clothes only in winters but slow another season also switched to layered dresses. I am sure you are also a part of this and love to wear the layered dresses. Kurta over the skirt, Anarkali over the skirt, t-shirt over the shirts, shrug over suits, long flared shrug teamed up with any outfit be it Indian or western, the over or even the undergarments. You are allowed to layer anything over everything all you have to keep in mind is be what you are just do what you love. It’s not just this day you are layering clothes, ladies of the 1900s also loved to team up long coats with saree, skirt-shirts, trousers or the tops. Never did they ever missed a chance to look out of the crowd just the way we do.

10. Tattoos

No matter how tattoos were previously originated, some were compelled while some found it a way to represent themselves. It was previously a sign marked to symbolize. Some women used to convey their pain, love, swore, and living through their body marked, and max to max marks was religious and zodiac marks. People used to believe tattoos to be one of the uncommon things which only some could get. But it gradually spread and became a style statement. Which was once considered unsafe for the skin? But we are back with the organic and all the good inks that would not harm any skin type carrying the trend to the next level. And this is how tattoos are back.

I hope I am able to share the maximum info I was aware of and would keep doing this but before you move ahead, I would love to know which of the above did you noticed are reappearing and hitting your eyes. And if you know some more fashion trends that are reappearing please let me know in the comment below to help. Would be glad to hear from you guys.

Loads of love.


Top 5 Best Immersion Blenders 2020

It’s important to know what constitutes the ideal best immersion blenders for you, so read on and learn some important tips. You will be glad you did!

As soon as you have found the blender, you’ll have the ability to create beverages at home with ease. Best immersion blenders there are many varieties of them, such as one-pot soups, apple pieces, yogurt, ice cream, cheese cubes, and others. They do not even get good reviews, although some versions will give you additional features, such as the ones that can be applied as food processors or purees.

What makes a blender that is an immersion blender? To find out which lender is right for you, it’s important to consider how you’ll use the device. You don’t want to purchase the best immersion blenders that you could find to use it for food recipes or coffee drinks in the morning unless you are prepared to spend a lot of cash for a blender that makes drinks.

When you buy a blender that will produce drinks like fruit purees soups, and smoothies, you will have the ability to save money. And since you can make drinks from the blender, your meal is going to be made. This can save you money.

The food at home is becoming easier than ever. One of the reasons that you should look for the immersion blenders is since they’re usually considered to be more versatile. A high-quality best immersion blenders have all of the proper features that you require, and they can be purchased by you on a budget. What better way to get the best product for your needs than through testimonials?

You can find wonderful blenders for a great price if you have a budget, but you may be disappointed with the performance that you get. The ideal immersion blenders are famous for their performance. After you’ve located the blender, you read customer reviews and can go back to the net.

The ideal best immersion blenders are one who knows what sort of drinks you might be making the time that you wish to whip up something special and that you will use frequently. With the blender, you will have the ability to create those terrific drinks. After you have found the perfect one, you should realize that there are ones out there that you should be looking at, and you may be surprised to learn what it is that differentiates one from the other.

You will need to choose the model that is perfect that you can afford if you’re interested in the best immersion blenders. Some of the versions are priced around $200, but others cost twice as much. Both price ranges are normal, and while they both have good quality, they’re on two different ends of the scale.

One which is priced about two hundred dollars is a blender that is perfect for producing soups that are one-pot and fruits. These models come with several features that make it easy to create a lot of drinks. One will only have the ability to make soups, so it isn’t meant for creating fruit drinks or many other kinds of drinks.

In case you’ve got a budget in mind, you should know that these are a terrific selection for any home chef. Some of the best immersion blenders will even include blenders and ice makers. These are much smaller than most, so you may wish to make sure that you can fit it in your home’s kitchen area.

These are usually well-suited for a kitchen and make preparing batches of drinks which are high in sugar and fat a snap. So, the larger the kitchen area, the better the one you choose.

If you want the best immersion blenders for you, by deciding on the one that is right to suit your needs, you will want to start. You won’t want to wind up with a blender that does not function as it should. After you have spent so much money on it.

Pokemon Black DS Review _ How To Download

Pokemon Black DS is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Pokemon game. The visuals have been entirely redone, resulting in a game that looks and sounds nearly identical to the original. Pokemon black DS rom torrent download These are high-quality graphics that perform well and look fantastic. These downloads are safe and take just a few minutes to complete. Simply download and rip the Pokemon Black DS rom torrent file to your PC.
This game is packed with interesting features and mechanics. It includes everything from standard Pokemon interactions to combat between Pokemon and trainers. Additionally, you’ll get to witness all of the Pokemon from the Black series in action thanks to the option to utilize Pokemon black ds rotation fights. These enable you to fight prior Pokemon and see how they perform in battle against one another. This may make or break the experience, so ensure you understand how to play the rom and anticipate some stiff competition.
The player in Pokemon black ds has the option of many distinct areas. Some are brimming with very uncommon Pokemon and trainers. These areas may be reached by capturing the Pokemon that call them home. Other areas provide a greater variety of Pokemon and are simpler to locate. However, the more difficult-to-findpokemons are often worth the effort.
If you like the previous three editions of Pokemon black, you should find the new Pokemon black computer game to be a pleasant experience. This replicates the experience you experienced with the previous three games. However, this edition has a handful of new features. For instance, Pokemon Black DS enables you to exchange Pokemon and their friends directly from your DS. Additionally, you may download new Pokemon and transfer their associated Pokemon from your old console to your new one.

The one flaw I found in this version is that the Pokemon’s character colors get a bit unsettling after a while. This, as well as many other glitches and problems, have been addressed with the updated Pokemon black rom gbc. This version works very well and has much improved sound and image quality over prior versions.
In general, this is a significant upgrade over the previous Pokemon black rom. The new pokemon has some good visuals and a nice soundtrack as well. There are no significant concerns about this version of the Pokemon black 2. The only real disadvantage is that it lacks a password security option, but even if it did, I’m sure most users would just delete the file anytime they wanted to turn off the console.
In general, this is an excellent video game. It gives the Pokemon universe a more authentic feel and adds much more complexity to the game than previous installments. This game is available for free online, which is an excellent feature. Additionally, it includes an emulator for playing the game on your computer. This eliminates the need to visit a shop each time you want to check out a new Pokemon game.
This package has some incredible new features, including Pokemon games for the white and black consoles. It’s amazing to see how many features this emulator offers, and how realistic the majority of the Pokemon games are. I was blown away by how many improvements this product makes over previous Pokemon games. This device is fantastic, from the ability to easily swap Pokemon between your party and your bag to the ability to enjoy great video game play. I’m very thankful that I was able to obtain the Pokemon Black DS rom for the Nintendo DS. It has been an incredible experience.

I Need a Baby Whisperer

I am exhausted. For the past three weeks now Zhen has been on a backwards schedule. Instead of sleeping at night and being awake during the morning/midday hours, she stays up very late and sleeps through the morning. I’m talking 3 to 5 a.m. late.

I’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried rocking her to sleep, giving her warm bottle, playing soft music, laying down beside her. I’ve even tried letting her cry it out because I figured she may be having trouble falling asleep on her own now that she’s a little older.

Nope. Nada. Nothing is working. She just cries or wants to stay up and eventually tires out after 5 a.m.

Staying up until it’s a new day and seeing the sun rise is not fun to me at all. It makes me feel nauseous and weird. It’s strange seeing my husband go to bed at night and then wake up in the morning for work. I feel like I’m stuck in The Twilight Zone.

My mom asked me if I thought maybe Zhen was teething and perhaps this is why she has trouble sleeping at night. I checked. She’s not. Could she be sick? Nope. She’s had a cold the past three days, but her new sleeping habits have been going on for a few weeks. So it’s definitely not the cold.

Yesterday she tried to sleep around 2 a.m., but she woke up crying. I rocked her back to sleep, put her down, and 20 minutes later she woke up crying again. This continued 3 more times. I’m not sure if she had a bad dream or what. My husband suggested maybe she senses I’ve left the room and she doesn’t like being by herself anymore.

Tonight she went to bed around 1 a.m. (very early compared to when she’s been going to bed). I have her sleeping in the living room with me because I’m afraid she’ll wake up if her put her in her crib upstairs.

Why am I still up? Because Zhen has been staying up so late it’s now hard for me to go to sleep. I feel tired, but I am having trouble sleeping. I think I am on alert, afraid she will wake up crying.

I can’t help but feel a little angry as I watch my husband sleeping soundly while I try to calm Zhen and get her to sleep. Sitting next to someone who is sleeping while you’re lacking a good night’s rest is beyond maddening. It makes me want to scream. Sometimes I wonder if I were the one who had to leave for work in the mornings, would he still get up in the middle of the night and sit with the baby?

And then there’s the guilt. I try my very best to remain patient and understanding. I try to be loving and nurturing. But sometimes I get frustrated because I don’t understand why she won’t sleep. I don’t understand why she keeps waking up crying. So I feel guilty for feeling frustrated and feeling slightly selfish because I just want to rest. I keep reminding myself Zhen’s also struggling because she is restless and she is clearly upset because she’s crying.

This is the part of being a stay-at-home-parent that sucks. I know there are many good things about being the parent at home, but right now I’m a little grouchy and feeling sorry for myself. I’m on edge. Weird schedules, a fussy baby, and sleepless nights will do that to ya. And I’m 95% sure in about 10 minutes Zhen is going to wake up again crying.


Apple Watch 3 May Launch in September This Year With iPhone

Apple Watch 3 release date is just around the corner if speculations are to be believed. It’ll be launching in September this year alongside iPhone8/iPhone7S, whichever comes out this year. Whatever happens, the Apple Watch 3 is going to be one hell of a smartwatch to look out for. It could very well be the best smartwatch the industry has to offer. Here a look at what we might expect of the Apple Watch 3.

The Watch 3 is likely to be unveiled alongside Apple flagship device. While the first line of Apple Watch was launched in the year 2015, this would be the third installment of the smartwatch. The original Watch had four variants called the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Hermes, and Apple Watch Edition. The Watch 3 will too most likely have four different variants too. With the launch of Watch 3, other smartwatch makers will have to step up their game.

As for the exact Apple Watch 3 Release Date , earlier there was a rumor that the device may launch before the release of iPhone. The Apple Watch rolled out on April 24, 2015, and the Apple Watch 2 on September 16, 2016. It’s likely the Apple Watch 3 will roll out in the September (in the September event of the company) in 2017.

The Watch 3 is likely to sport a 1.65-inch display with AMOLED screen similar to iPhone 8 and resolution of 390×312. The display on this one will be better and much crisper. Reports have it that the display’s film touch panel shipment will take place in the later part of this year.

Moreover, the Watch 3 will be featuring a smart band because Apple has recently filed a patent for a smart fabric wristband. The band will be one of its kinds and will be showing time and notification to the users. The strap might even have battery embedded into the band that’ll provide power to the smartwatch. The piece of the device will have a number of models along with a number of straps.

The device will come with the improved processor but there isn’t much information available on that. The last installment of the piece of device featured a dual-core S2 chip processor that is very likely going to be over 50 percent faster than the predecessor chipset. As for the battery, the Apple Watch 3 will be backed by a powerful battery which according to rumors will be manufactured by the Taiwan-based Quanta. This is supposed to be a better battery than the one’s we had before.

With September coming in nearer and nearer, more and more rumors are coming, and one such rumor suggests, the Apple Watch 3 will be supporting LTE connectivity. And there are rumors that the smartwatch will feature selfie camera made specifically for making FaceTime calls. If this happens, then it will definitely put Apple Watch 3 above the rest of the devices on the market. The watch will be smaller and more compact than its predecessor and most likely be running on watchOS 4 or watchOS. Whatever the truth is, it’ll be our when the device rolls out in September 2017.

An Effective Affiliate Marketing Education

It’s important to get an affiliate marketing education which lets you keep an open mind. Many times people don’t even think about promoting an online affiliate program to an offline audience.

I’d like to show you a case study of how I took a friend of mine and together, generated over $7000 a month income. We were promoting a high-value affiliate program to targeted offline clients.

You can do this with any affiliate program you like. But the main thing is that it needs to be the most highest paying affiliate program that you can find.

The basic idea

What I did was to have my friend advertise a free website. He also advertised a 2 year free, .com domain name and a full email address at the chosen .com domain. I told him to call this a ‘domain exclusive email address’.

So basically we’re giving people a free website. We’re giving them a free domain name. And we’re giving them free email addresses at the domain name. To get this, all the customer has to do is use our monthly hosting.

Time spent

We spent around two hours per day dealing with sales. I also spent an extra hour arranging websites for people. These websites all came from free web templates. This made the whole process a lot quicker.

Remember, this was only whilst the work was being done. If we stopped taking on new customers it would only take one of us half an hour a day to maintain this model.

Marketing efforts

All of our offline marketing was outsourced. We kept our advertisements very simple. All they were was simple white A4 sheets of paper. They looked like this:

This simple flyer for our affiliate marketing
was printed in black and white.

As you can see it’s nothing fancy. Simple black text which gets the point across quickly: You can get a free business or personal website. If you want one, contact us. If you want to improve it you can also add text like:

“The first 100 websites are free – call us to get yours before they’re all gone!”

Or something like that.

You want to get these flyers out to wherever your prospects will see them. The more the merrier. Just be careful that you don’t step on anybody’s toes or get in trouble with the local districts.

Good places to distribute your flyers are:

* Village notice boards
* Store messaging boards
* Local shop windows
* College campuses
* Foyers of professional places
* Sports centres
* Meeting areas of local businesses etc.

You can also have your flyer made up into a business card. Just order a few thousand business cards. Then get a few plastic holders and put them in local shops and community centres and other places that display business cards on the side.

In fact, the business cards have an advantage. People will take them home and so they will easily be able to remember your contact details.

You also need a phone number for this. Just use a Skype line which will allow you to make as many calls as you like, for a nice low price.

Next you’ll need a domain name and an e-mail account. Just get the cheapest reseller account you can find. We always use Hostgator. That costs around $25 a month.

When it comes to your domain name choose something simple. It needs to be something that can be easily remembered. And it should also be a .com:

* GetAFreeWebsite
* JamesFreeSites
* YourFreeSite
* FreeSiteDesigns
* DesignsAFreeSite etc

You get the idea.

So once your flyers go out people will definitely:

* View your site
* Email you
* Call you up

What will you give them?

You tell people that you’re offering them free website design. You are also offering them a free domain name, and free ‘domain exclusive email address’. You can also show them other websites online who charge for these services.

The bottom line here is to let the customer know that they are getting a good deal with you. If they tried to get these services elsewhere, they would have to pay for the website design, the domain name, AND the web hosting.

With you all they pay for is the web hosting.

You need to explain this all when they get in contact with you. Tell them that that this is a limited time offer which won’t always be free. Also let them know that they can get started as quickly as tomorrow.

Let them know that they can have a .com. Also find out if they’re interested in a business or personal website. Give them example’s of domain names that they can use. They love this part!

Then let them know that if they sign up, they will get free dedicated e-mail that is hosted by Google. They can access it anywhere. Their e-mail can also be checked with a cell phone.

You can easily set this up for free using Google Apps.

Further details

You can actually host their site in two ways.

If you just want a one time commission then choose option 1. But personally, I think you can make more money with option 2.

That’s the one I’m going to talk about.

Let’s say you do pay $25 for a reseller account. This can easily host 100 websites. You are targeting people who are new to having a website. Their websites wont use a lot of webspace. And their websites won’t get many hits either.

The payment details

When you tell your potential customer all of these details, they will be happy to hear them. But they will also wonder how you’re able to offer such a great deal.

This is where you let them know that they get all the freebies but will need to pay for the hosting. If you have shown them the other sites which charge for web design and domain names, then this step will be a minor point to them.

Let them know this too:

“When you’re satisfied with the website design and the domain name we host it for you for just 12 bucks a month. That includes everything mentioned – even all your e-mail and additional e-mail accounts you want to give to friends and work colleagues if you want”.

This is a great deal for them.

Also, since we’re working with the reseller option here, we can choose how much we wanted to charge them each month. It’s a good idea to try different price points.

Your website

All this needs to be is a quick sales page explaining the offer. Or you can simply have it forwarded to a ‘get started’ type page.

Next you simply tell them to go to the ‘get started’ page on your website like:


On this page you’ll need to collect:

* Name
* Address
* Phone number
* E-mail
* Preferred .com domain name
* Agree to terms – yes?

Have a clear terms and conditions page.

Then have a submit form that brings them to a free 10 day trial. That will be followed by the $12 a month recurring billing. Use Paypal to set this up or even use the webhost’s billing features for a small extra fee.

It’s a good idea to walk them through this ‘get started’ process over the phone. You can explain that the 10 days is for you to get the website up to their standards.

Once you get to this stage you will need to work on their site.

Building their site

I’ll show you how to do this quickly.

Create an account in CPanel. Next, install WordPress with Fantastico. This will take you around two minutes.

Then, find a theme, and go to settings. Add a page as the front page. You can also use the blog as an ‘updates’ or even a ‘news’ feature.

Ask for all the information from your client. Get them to e-mail you with all the text and images which they want on the site.

Then, make a page or directory on your site which looks like:


Put a welcome text introduction there. Also add the link to their site. It’s also a good idea to add a quick Camtasia video that shows them how to go to their site and do a few basic things like:

* Logging in
* Editing text
* Adding images
* Updating the blog
* Logging out
* Viewing any changes

We also install a basic stats package and show them how to use it with a different Camtasia video.

If they’re happy with the design then tell them you will register their chosen domain and upload the site properly, on day 10. That way you will definitely get the money for registering their domain name, in case there are any problems in future.

It sounds like a lot of work but you can actually get this process down nicely. Ideally, you can get multiple numbers of clients paying you each month, and you can use some of the money to pay someone to build the sites for you.


When everything is all set up your customer should be pleased to pay your monthly free every month. Let them know that if they cancel at any point, they will lose their domain name and access to their new e-mail account.

Make sure you stated this in your terms and conditions too. The end decision is yours, but if you are asked you should just refund anyone who isn’t happy.

Also when they are happy, get them to refer a friend to you.

The figures

We charged $12 a month for this service. My friend takes care of the details and I have arranged a guy from Elance.com to take care of building the websites for a small fee.

The sign ups look like:

The above table shows our customer
numbers over a period of 90 days.

That’s an average of 6 customers signed up each day.

That is also 594 * 12 = $7128 income each and every month.

Yeah, that’s not all profit but once you get it rolling your monthly costs will be low. Expenses will be around $1000 a month for outsourcing of offline marketing costs and website creating, as well as minor hosting costs etc).

This is after 3 months.

If we carry on growing like this we’ll hit around $22,000 a month net profit at the end of our first year. We’re trying to reach the $15k a month level as quickly as we can.

It’s all written out for you above. Take the idea and use it.

Download GTA 5 Mobile GTA 5 For Android And Ios

As we all know, GTA 5 was released for PC, laptops, PS4 and Xbox consoles a few months ago, but the gaming community is now demanding GTA 5 on smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not something Rockstar Games will readily provide, but have no fear; we collected the game from our sources and you may download GTA 5 mobile from the links provided below without having to do any surveys. There are two smartphone versions: one for Android (apk) and one for Apple’s iOS (ios). Numerous iPhone devices, including the iPhone 6, are capable of running Grand Theft Auto V. If you have any difficulties when uploading, please contact us and the Decidel staff will gladly help you. You may download GTA 5 for free on Android. The game’s expansive menu system is what makes it so much easier and more fun to play than the majority of action adventure games. Because it’s a very huge game with a lot of game play area, including the ability to fly, the map is pretty vast. Finally, you can get GTA 5 on Android. To begin, download the GTA V APK. Grand theft auto mobile is generally considered to be one of the most visually beautiful video games ever created. A Comprehensive Overview of GTA 5 Mobile:

Grand Theft Auto, often referred to as GTA, need no introduction. GTA 5 serves as the benchmark for Rockstar North, often known as Rockstar sports. It is the fifteenth entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, after the success of GTA IV. On September 17th, 2013, the first Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were released. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions were revealed on November 18th, 2014, followed by the PC edition on April 14th, 2015. The option to download GTA V on mobile devices is completely unrestricted. Additionally, it has the ability to be played anywhere, whether on a plane, in a taxi, while waiting in line, or while strolling (it is not proposed ). They’re similar to humans in that they share the same degree of fear and move similarly. The chart is the largest in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, covering about 27.5 square kilometers. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a record size of about 65 GB on controllers. Due to the fact that GTA 5 will not be available on Android or iOS, Rockstar has agreed to condense the game. It improves the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5 by incorporating a genuine GPS and accelerometer into a portable device. Now, you may play the game simply tilting your mobile device’s screen. Among the 124 vehicles and 65 trucks are 18 motorbikes. The same is true for GTA 5’s PC download edition. New weapons have been added to the game, including rocket rockets, grenades, and rockets. This game’s mobile version contains both tasks and a goal. Golf, jet skiing, hunting, scuba diving, surfing, and tennis are all available, just as they are in real life. The Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile Gameplay

It has never-before-seen combat aspects on a smartphone. With all of the buttons and controllers mapped, you’ll be able to play the game as you want, straightforward and simple. In comparison to previous Grand Theft Auto games, the game’s physics and vehicle donation have been altered, making it more realistic. Because the driving dynamics are comparable to those seen in complex racing games, GTA is more enjoyable, realistic, and exciting to play. The melee arms have been enhanced in terms of speed, precision, and physics. You may chop down the branch with a single machete attack or knife reach. On the other hand, arms are excellent for fighting and close combat, as well as brushing. You may download the APK version of this game for both iOS and Android. Another improvement in terms of weapons or phrases is the wheel option, which is included in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption game. The wheel is a more efficient and visible method of transportation. Grand Theft Auto 5 has revolutionary graphics optimized for portable devices, including IPS, OLED, and AMOLED displays. Please keep in mind that your computer often need a GPU to achieve the highest possible graphics settings and beautiful images. Why Are Mobile Operating Systems Supporting Grand Theft Auto 5?

In the industry, there are smart phones that operate on Android, iOS, and Windows. However, GTA 5 will only be compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. For Windows computers, this game is no longer supported. Since Android and iOS devices are user-friendly, anybody can conveniently download GTA 5 without the use of any third-party software. GTA 5 Requirements for Mobile:

For Android users:

The operating system must be at least version 7, which is Nougat or higher.


3 GB of storage

For iPhone/iPad:

The operating system must be at least version 9 or above.

2GB RAM is suggested.

3.5 GB of storage

What Is The Best Way To Download And Install GTA 5 For Mobile?

– Press the download button below to get the GTA 5 apk file.

– If you’re uploading the file from a server, make sure your browser is connected to it.

– Download and install GTA5.apk on your phone or tablet.

– When you open the file, you’ll see a notification that states, “Your phone is configured to prevent installation of applications downloaded from unknown sources for security purposes.”

– Pick Configurations from the drop-down menu.

– Enable installation of Grand Theft Auto V.

– The installation would only take a few minutes.

– On your phone, you can see a GTA V button.

– Launch the game by opening it. It will download the obb and data files and then start the game.

GTA 5 APK + SD Data DOWNLOAD – GTA 5 APK is available for Android and iOS devices. Our team is pleased to present the final update of GTA 5 APK for Android and iOS devices. In-game sales would also be accessible, allowing you to purchase various guns, cars, and luxurious items. This game has more technical technology than most consoles. Are you looking forward to playing GTA V on your smartphone? How can you get GTA 5 APK on your phone and install it? Follow these easy measures to get started:

1. If you’re using a cell phone, download and install two applications, or full two deals if you’re using a PC, so we can check that you’re human. Once you download and update the apps or complete the deals, your game would be unlocked. ***If you’re using a device, you’ll need to do the following:*** 2. Once you’ve finished the deals, your file will be unlocked, and the download will begin automatically. Connect your iOS or Android gadget to your screen. 3. Download the GTA5 apk or ipa file to your phone or tablet. 4. Click on the file to access it. “For safe, your phone is configured to block installation of apps downloaded from unknown sources,” a pop-up box may appear. 5. Go to the configuration page. Allow GTA 5 to be mounted. 7. The GTA V icon will appear on your phone after installation. 8. Start the game, but you’ll have to wait a couple minutes for the obb and data files to update, after which the game can start. Install GTA 5 APK

GTA 5 for Android and iOS is now available for download, allowing you to experience the capabilities of the portable Grand Theft Auto 5 on your computer or tablet. This is the final edition of the title, which includes many of its functionality. This app runs on every Android smartphone, including your handset, computer, and other handheld devices. After downloading, you will have the GTA V apk package, which you can install on your pc. Follow these guidelines if you don’t know how to mount an apk file on your phone or tablet: So, what do you have to lose? Get the GTA V apk for your Android or iOS smartphone and play it everywhere you go!

Android And Ios Versions Of GTA 5

1. If you’re using a cell phone, download and install two applications, or full two deals if you’re using a PC, so we can check that you’re human. Once you download and update the apps or complete the deals, your game would be unlocked. ***If you’re using a device, you’ll need to do the following:*** 2. Once you’ve finished the deals, your file will be unlocked, and the download will begin automatically. Connect your iOS or Android gadget to your screen. 3. Download the GTA5 apk or ipa file to your phone or tablet. 4. Click on the file to access it. “For safe, your phone is configured to block installation of apps downloaded from unknown sources,” a pop-up box may appear. 5. Go to the configuration page. Allow GTA 5 to be mounted. 7. The GTA V icon will appear on your phone after installation. 8. Start the game, but you’ll have to wait a couple minutes for the obb and data files to update, after which the game can start.

Top 10 free applications for your USB flash drive

I love my USB flash drive! I take it along with me wherever I go because it hangs on my keychain. But my USB flash drive doesn’t just hold data like images, source code, offline html files and personal stuff – I also have a few applications loaded into it. These applications are some of the best free applications I found off the web and I thought that it would be worthwhile to share it with my readers. Although I have quite a number of applications on my USB flash drive, I have selected the top ten in terms of usefulness and listed here. I hope that you will find it useful too.

1. TrueCrypt

What is TrueCrypt? It is a free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. I’m sure you will have a lot of information on your USB flash drive which will need to be protected in case the flash drive is lost. TrueCrypt ensures that all your private information is locked. Encryption is actually real-time and on the fly. You will hardly notice the process and it is completely transparent.

2. Keepass

Keepass Password Safe makes your life a lot more easier by managing all your passwords in one place. I normally use this application to store my email, online banking, social bookmark sites and work related passwords. The encryption is excellent and you can have peace of mind. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database.

Well basically I use this application to download any Youtube videos that I like. This is a great tool for me as sometimes I might not have the time to look at the video at the time that I am surfing. It is also able to download videos from Google Video, MySpace and a whole lot of other sites.

Who can actually go around without Skype anymore? I love Skype because I’m either able to make free calls or cheaper calls. Of course I do have Skype installed on my iPhone via Fring but I still carry around Skype in my USB flash drive in case I cant find a WiFi hotspot.

5. OperaTor

If I’m surfing on a PC that I don’t trust, I’d rather use OperaTor. OperaTor lets you surf the web anonymously and doesn’t store and information about your internet activity on the PC that you plugged in your USB flash drive. It combines the power of Opera, Tor and Polipo.

6. Filezilla

I frequently need to upload files into my server via FTP. Since I host my blog on hostgator I do this from time to time. My best experience so far has been with Filezilla and I try to carry it around wherever I go. Extremely useful application!

7. CDBurner XP

Imagine you’re at a customer’s site and you need to burn information on a CD. They might not necessarily have the best burner is town or worse – none at all! CDBurner XP does the trick for me and I carry it around on my USB flash drive as well.

8. Screamer

How about killing time listening to online radio? Screamer Radio is a freeware Internet Radio player for Microsoft Windows. Tons of radio stations to listen to and earns a spot in my USB flash drive!

9. IrfanView

Here’s an easy to use image viewer and basic editor. I don’t really fancy using Windows Paint and I tend to use IrfanView instead. I can make quick changes to images before I post them up. Ideal for live blogging as well.

10. VLC

Last but not least VLC tops my list of portable media players. It supports so many formats and doesn’t need any codecs to be installed. Awesome media player for someone on the go! Best part is it can run on Windows and Mac OS as well.

Although these are the top ten apps that I consider useful (and I use them a lot), I’d love to hear if you find them useful as well. Any apps that I might have missed?

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