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Mobile Legends Tips and Tricks

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an interesting online game where you need to build a powerful force of Heroes so that they can win the battles. To make your game simpler, here are some tips and tricks that you can consider using in the game:


You should try using all hero classes so that you know their strengths and weaknesses. Research well, as there are many types of Heroes accessible in the game. This will enable you to select the best one among them for your gameplay.


As soon as you download the game, you will be shown a tutorial that explains the basics of playing the game. You should watch the tutorial carefully so that you can have good control on your gaming character. The tutorial will not take much time, so watch it for make your game simpler and do not hesitate to try out Mobile Legends Cheats 
There are some ways to acquire Skin for your heroes without spending real money. Check them out:
* Login every single day, right from the first day that you started playing till the seventh day. If you sign in daily, you will get a chest for free that contains Skin.
* After playing the game continuously for two weeks, you will get a Lucky Spin that will let you earn Skin as a reward.
* Participate in the Global Competition offline and try to win. If you are declared as the winner, then you will get Skins.
* When you play the game religiously for three months, you will be able to earn Skin, Ticket, and Battle Points as rewards.
When you go to the battlefield, you need to take a single ability with yourself. All abilities that are accessible in the game are designed to match certain Heroes. You need to research well on them so that you take the right ability with your Hero to the battlefield. A wrong ability will make the opponent stronger; thus leading to your loss in the battlefield.
The Stun Ability can be unlocked after reaching Level 13. When you use this ability, you will be able to stun the opponents in close vicinity for a second. It will then confuse them for another second, and when they use their abilities, it will cost them twice the mana. Also, the opponent’s speed will be reduced. The best time to use this ability is when you are dealing with an enemy who has melee heroes.
Equipment plays an important role in the game as it helps in enhancing your Hero’s skills. There are various types of equipment available in the game. Some of them have life steals, movement speed up, attack penetration, and many more features. So, you should research well on them and pick the best one for your hero.
Each day that you login to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, you get two Chests for free. Each chest will refill every 4 hours. So, if you sign in to the game every 4 hours, you will get a new chest. Most of the Chests will provide you with Battle Points, XP, Emblems, Hero Tickets, and Magic Dust. So, it becomes extremely vital to login daily to the game for acquiring so many goodies. If you acquire a Medal Chest, then you will get many more goodies. However, you will have to play several PvP matches to unlock the Medal Chest. As soon as you win two matches, you can open the chest.
So, make use of our aforesaid guide and have a fantastic gameplay!

How To Sell on Ebay

Okay, so it’s out of the bag there really are secrets to dating. I will just give three because there are so many “secrets to Dating” that I would just narrow it down. Singles dating is huge and you can find a date almost anywhere.

Browse profiles of local singles!
Who are you compatible with?
can help you locate any attractive date men or women.

Any-who here they are:

Top Secrets Exposed for Dating Singles

Etiquette is a voluminous subject. There are many good books on etiquette, as well as the
etiquette of dating in specific. A few pointers are in order here, however. The rules of etiquette in dating have changed somewhat in recent years. However, since the male usually still does the driving, he should open the car door for his date. This is a little nicety that contributes much to the overall atmosphere during the date. When the two arrive at their destination, he should open the door for his date again.

When the evening is over, the man should see the lady to the door. It is not enough to simply drive up to her house and open the car door for her. He should walk her up to the door of her home and see that she is safely inside before he leaves. This gives the lady the feeling of being protected. Further, the man should hold open the doors of restaurants and other establishments for the lady as well as help her with her chair when she is seated, unless she shows a desire to do these things for herself.


“Should I kiss on the first date?” You didn’t think I would skip over this question, did you? The answer is no. The most mistaken idea among young people is that a goodnight kiss is mandatory. When reduced to such a common level, the kiss loses all depth of meaning. The guy is requesting a privilege he has not earned. The lady is indicating that her kisses are not worth much. The kiss should be an indication of a special bond between two people.

Tip #2 Keep the Conversation Alive

Questions To Keep The Conversation Going

* Have you ever been here (the restaurant or other setting the two of you are in) before?
* (Discuss aspects of the facility such as food, amenities, and so forth.
* Do you live in (name of town or city)? How long have you lived in the area? How do you
like it here? (This can lead into a discussion of area politics and other local issues.)
* Have you visited the local (park, library, shopping center)? (Talk about the special attractions of your town.)
* Did you grow up here? (If not), Where did you live before this? What was it like there?
* How does this area compare with that one?
* Does the rest of your family live nearby? (Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles?)
* What do you like most about the area?
* What kind of movies do you like?
* What is the worst movie you ever saw?
* Who is your favorite actor/actress?
* What is your favorite TV show?
* What is your least favorite?
* Did you catch the academy awards, (or that new show, or the game, etc.) last night?
* What kind of music do you enjoy?
* Who is your favorite performer/group/band?
* Who do you think is the hottest this year? Do you think they still will be next year?
* What is your favorite type of reading matter?
* Who is your favorite author?
* What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
* Do you subscribe to magazines?
* Do you belong to any local clubs or organizations?
* Are you a morning person, or do you find yourself at your peak later in the day?
* (For young people): What kind of career are you interested in? Or, “What are your career goals?”
* What do you like to do in your spare time?
* Hobbies, interests…?
* How did you get involved in your hobby?
* What do you like most about it?

Secret Tip #3

Cheesy pickup lines are silly ice-breakers but can send a subtle message to your single friend. Pick-Lines are quirky I know but try it out. Here are some silly, funny, cheesy pick up lines to use on your hot date.

Okay that’s enough cheese for once. If you want to find more dating ideas, tips and advice for singles you can find them right here

Most Useful Search Engines


Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world. It is also the most popular search engine in the world. and it is also one of most popular product from Google. According to latest report from Netmarketshare, more than 75 percent of Search Engine market has been acquired by Google. The tech giant is always trying to improve the search engine algorithm to provide best results & user experience to the end-user.

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google and it was launched in 2009. Bing is also a good and best search engine. Bing is the default search engine in Microsoft’s web browser. The team behind Bing is always thrive to make it a better search engine but still does not able to give Google a slight competition. This Microsoft’s search engine provides different services including image, web and video search along with maps.

Both Yahoo & Bing are not giving competition to Google but giving competition to each other. According to latest report on netmarketshare, Yahoo have a market share of 5.2 percent. Yahoo is still a leader in among most popular free email providers but does not able to convince users in search engine area.

Baidu is Chinese web search engine founded in January 1, 2000. This web search is made to deliver results for website, audio files and images. Also Baidu has Alexa Rank of 4 . It also provides some other services including maps, news, cloud storage and much more. was previously known ask Ask Jeeves. Its search results are based on question answering web format. It was founded in 1995. In fact, it is a question & answer community. Here you can get the answers for your question and it integrates a large amount of archive data to answer your question. With, you will not get as better results you get in Google, Bing and Yahoo. is also among the top search engines in the world. It has market share of 0.05 percent. Verizon Communication has bought AOL for $4.4 billion. It was started back in 1983 as Control Video Corporation. It was named America Online in 1991 and in 2009 as AOL Inc.

In fact AOL is a global mass media company which is based in New York. The company also provides advertising services as AOL Advertising and AOL Platform.

Most of us don’t know about a search engine named “Excite”. Even I was unaware about it before got to know while researching about this topic. Excite is an online service portal. It provide internet services like email, search engine, news, instant messaging and weather updates. It was launched in 1995.

DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine known for protecting the privacy of the users. In order to generate search results, they have partnered with Yahoo, Bing and Yummly. It was founded back in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. Its revenue come from Yahoo-Bing search alliance network and Affiliates.

WolframAlpha is computational search engine which does not give list of documents or web pages as search results. But its results are based on facts & data about that query. It’s also called a computational knowledge engine. It was launched in 2009 and based on Mathematica.

Yandex is most used search engine in Russia. In fact it is an Russian internet company. It was launched in 1997. Yandex also has a great presence in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. It also provides services like Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, online translator, Yandex Money and many other services.

Lycos has a good reputation in search engine industry. Still It is also a popular search engine founded back in 1995. Its key areas served are email, web hosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.

According to Wikipedia, is a human-guided search engine. It was founded in 2006. You can ask anything in its search box and you will answered in real-time. It is similar to question and answer. It also provides mobile search and marketing services. You can also install its mobile apps on iPhone, iPad and Android.


10 things not to do when you’re online dating

What to avoid when you’re looking for love online.

1. Get your hopes up.Online dating: it’s just like buying shoes (Picture: PA)Looking for a partner online is like looking for shoes online. You might find a good pair but you’ve got a better chance of finding the right fit on the high street, where you can see them in bright light from all angles. Though sadly you’re probably more likely to find a man in a pub than Kurt Geiger.

2. Post a 20-year-old photo of yourself when you were slimmer, more attractive and had all your hair. If his profile picture looks like this, you may be in for disappointment (Picture: AP)Don’t despair – out there somewhere is another overweight 50-year-old dying to meet you. Do not waste everyone’s time by arranging a date with a 20-year-old with some kind of deluded plan to win them over. You will not win them over. You will leave them with the belief that all online daters are pathological liars who look like Shane MacGowan but own magical mirrors reflecting Ryan Gosling.

3. Post a load of pictures doing adrenaline sports.We can’t see your face! (Picture: Alamy)I revert to point 1. Kurt Geiger doesn’t post pictures of its shoes jumping out of a plane, deep sea diving or going to a fancy dress party with 3,000 friends. You can’t see the shoes very well, can you?

4. In fact, post any pictures without getting a member of the opposite sex to vet them. This is not a good profile pic. (Picture: AP)What says ‘fun’ to you may say ‘Jack Torrance in The Shining’ to them. What says ‘flirty’ to you may say ‘sex pest’ to them. Go through your photos and ask yourself ‘do I look like a normal human being in these?’ If you wouldn’t send them to a prospective employer don’t send them to a prospective partner.

5. Lie about your height.Be honest about your height (Picture: AP)Actually go to the gym and get measured. Oh look, you aren’t 6ft, you’re actually 5ft 4. Yes, this is important (see point 2).

6. If you’re a woman, worry too much about what you’ve written.Excessive use of LOL should be avoided.As long as you’ve drafted a rough outline of things you like and have nice photos, you will get asked out. If you’re a man, spend longer on what you’ve written. Why would someone reply to a person who can’t differentiate between there, they’re and their?

7. Forget to tell a friend where you’re going, what time, his number etc every time you go on a date.Always tell a friend where you’re going. (Picture: PA)Safety first.

8. Forget your manners.Don’t expect everything to be paid for. (Picture: supplied)It’s fine to split a food bill but it’s rude not to buy a drink. If you can’t afford £2.50 for a flat white you should be working, not dating. This applies to both sexes.

9. Rant.Probably not a good idea to rant about your political ideologies on your first date. (Picture: REUTERS)Well, you can, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a second date after giving a veggie a point by point explanation of why they should eat meat.

10. Take it too seriously.Don’t take it too seriously. (Picture: Reuters)Life, like many men online, is just too short.

Quinton Business Startup Method

How would you like to have a business that makes money while you’re on vacation? And, this business is completely automated so you don’t have to touch it? Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’ve been doing it since 1999 so clearly it’s a reality! As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started more than a dozen companies over the past 20 years, all have been profitable, some I’ve sold, others continue to run essentially on their own and generate massive profit margins in the 95% range.

How have I been able to do this? Is it some secret formula? Well, yes! My business startup methodology has been developed and refined over 20 years and is not something that came easily. It’s taken two decades of hard work, testing, perseverance, trial and error and blood sweat and tears to develop this method – and now you get to learn it for yourself!

As I’ve proven my business startup method with numerous businesses already, there’s no question that it works. It’s simply a matter of you implementing it for your own startup business. You are finally the master of your destiny. You CAN and WILL be successful if you follow my fool-proof plan that I’ve laid out for you on this website.

You no longer have to work for someone else and make THEM wealthy, now YOU can be the boss – your own boss. You can make your own hours – or not work at all! The Quinton Startup Method (QSM) allows you to learn how to startup your business on a shoe-string budget and do so in your spare time, you don’t have to quit your day job while you’re getting started.

The QSM is all about maximum returns on minimal investments in time and resources. In many ways, it’s a lifestyle play because I believe firmly that you should enjoy your life and spend as much time doing the things you love rather than spending all your time working in some misearable dead end job. There are a million things that I enjoy more than working, that’s why I’ve worked hard to make sure my businesses don’t require me to work!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s far from it. At first, you’ll have to work hard to get things off the ground. But this is the time to do it. As a veteran of more than a dozen start ups, I can tell you this will be the time your motivation is the highest. You’ll be excited about the possibilities that lay ahead so you won’t mind putting in some late nights with the tasks I’m going to put on your shoulders. There’s always a lot of upfront work in any start up business, but the difference is that with the QSM all of the hard work revolves around the core lifestyle concept that once you get the system started, it begins to take care of and grow itself.

That’s what makes the Quinton Startup Method unique. Once the leg work is done, you can kick back and literally make money while you’re sleeping, or hiking, or sitting on the beach, or whatever else it is you’d rather do than work!

So, are you ready? Have you made the conscious decision to take charge of your destiny? Are you determined to be successful AND enjoy your life in the process? Then let’s get started…

Android Apps That Are Firing The Market

The best thing about android is perhaps the seemingly unlimited apps that come with it. Because android is open platform, almost every day a new app is created by developers around the world. These apps belong to various categories- fun and games, business apps, educational apps, musical apps, technological apps etc. Some cool new apps are discussed below.

HDR camera- this belongs to the group of camera apps. With this app you will be able to capture HDR images in high quality. The images will have good resolution, good details and vivid colors. This app can tackle low light conditions and shakes in a photo. There is a free version available so that users can get a taste of the apps utility. The power of this app is attracting millions of users all over the world.

Dolphin Browser HD- perhaps the best browser available to users of android. It works very fast and is very easy to use. Dolphin is the first web browser for android that has sonar, gesture and other add-on in it.

SONAR- it helps dolphin to understand your voice and search the internet for your favorite sites. The Gesture feature lets the user create a personal symbol or gesture that can be used to gain access to computers and mobile phones. Another feature Webzine lets you view your favorite web content without any bugging of ads. The best thing is this app is available totally free. Just go to the android store and download it. All the features are accelerating the purchase in a new mode.

Poweramp music player- it is the most powerful music player for android it supports all known music formats. It comes with separate bass and treble settings. Also there is 10 band graphic equalizer option and many attractive themes. There is a trial version that has all options and is valid for 15 days. One must get this under their grip so that they can try out the best in the industry.

ES file explorer- The best option to organize and view your files. The features include- all-in-one file manager, app manager, task killing option, drop-box client and ftp client. Android users anywhere in the world can easily manage their resources. Use your 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, and share files, upload images, view videos. In function it is not simply a file explorer. Unbelievably it is totally free on Play store. Compare to others, this one is giving a bang as it came in the market.

RDIO- there is a collection of 15 million songs. This app will allow you to explore through that collection and listen and share your favorite songs even when you are offline you can sync and listen to the songs of your choice. You can create playlists according to your choice. Search and discover your favorite music on RDIO. Also there are great social media features available which are making it a social media explosive to be used by its lovers.

You are away from these apps then don’t lose time and grab the best for you!

Instagram Story Viewer & Product Sale

Instagram Story Viewer Analytics

If your story is published, you will view some simple analytics and find out how many times it was shared and who saw it. In your instagram story, use the up arrow to see who has seen the data you have saved, as well as who is your instagram story viewer each picture and video.

Introduction of  Instagram Creator Studio Insights

If you add an Instagram Story Viewer or Instagram Expander tool to your Facebook, you will be able to see a breakdown of your story’s data in the Facebook story overview.

To access the Content library, navigate to Creator Studio, pick your Instagram account from the drop-down menu and then choose the menu page. A detailed guide to how to help you discover and access all your Instagram videos, photos, carousel, stories, and IGTV posts is given here.

the details of each post will be saved in the library so you can see your tale, when you develop it, along with all of which Facebook associates the respective post with an impression, reply, click, and URL.

With stories, you will identify stories and expand on their most important aspects to discover the ones are most famous or make the most impressions in Buffer.
By means of an inbuilt buffer that uses the predefined total Instagram Story expansion metrics such as the number of Impressions and completion time, which Buffer Analy offers segmentation shares your stories in line with their stories and individual figures such as Total Impression amount and mean impression amount.

provides a great freedom for users, but doesn’t always mean further exposure.
The measurements of Instagram Stories
the perfect width and height for Instagram stories are 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall the screen area to the aspect-ratio of the display is 916

These measurements are especially beneficial if you choose to produce a video or graphic to really give your Instagram stories a distinctive voice.

Stay basic just focus on one thing. The simplicity of Instagram Stories’s design can be their main design feature.
You should say a good tale using simple words rather than confusing ones.

research on video clips on Instagram Stories has shown that it performs more with basic, static graphics and quick-takes than with professionally-made ones.

To never deviate from a single theme
The second concept is to be true to yourself and true to your values.

This is called “the story method of constant expansion,” which simply means that you stay inside a predetermined topic and produce exclusive photos rather than trying to produce an entirely different one every time. One of the best things you can do to establish your brand image as an authority on your topic is to let them know who you are.

Here are a couple items to noteable facts to keep in mind:

the kind of style in which photos or videos are posted
of yellow, white, black, and red become even more beautiful when a person ages, maybe even when one has never seen any at all, since childhood
Proportions alter the size and spacing of the material.

Promote Your Product Or Business With Instagram Story

Product or Business Experiments

You can post up to 10 stories about your product or business during each 24 hour period each day. You can experiment with different stories and choose which ones will be in your readiness when you inspire 2014

About Image or Video and My Story

You can share about your interest/commerce or product via Instagram in real-time using either a ready-made story at or a graphic image or video.

Podcast and Videos

Typically, you get to share a video or a very brief amount of an experience to demonstrate a new technology, product, and your business. You can also share a new fashion, game, item of your own, and a motivational quote.

Coupon for Your Product and Business

If you’re almost out of discount coupons for your product then you can share a coupon for a 100% off coupon via Instagram, for a short period of time.

Important to Tweet Your Screen shots

Your screen shot is your way of describing what you saw or what you saw happening. You can include an image that contains your product or business, telling them how business-specific or visual your product is.

Note – you can verify and describe another product, another business or someone you are with as long as you claim only name and position in your comment.

Product Updates

Update a quick coupon for a product and your business and share it with them or send a direct message.

Global Contact

Share and share more once you have your product or business. Leverage everything you love and share it on Instagram.

Product Upheret

Share what you’ve been up to, and share your brand new product and your business in between terms and issues, etc.

Price Drop

Share a price drop! Show the discounts available for saving on visuals on Instagram.

TV Recommendations

Find out what TV Recently unveiled, or share a so far trending TV show, or how your business is at a resort.

id and work remotely via a computer and something new gadget. Try it out!

Added 1/4 less later

Weekend updated

Share 1/4 less, add 1/4 of an item, and connect phone to processor

Sifters-opsi, idea, story about, information, so on

Share – share and share

Try it out! see video about brand new tablet for 12.3 or whatever, share some news or if you answer a question via telephone that is relevant to your product or business.

Did you buy a new pants and dress, post a budget W.I.I.F.I.G. pants, and above?

Did you find a good place to purchase your favorite T-Shirts, you will feel like you recently purchased one. Plus you will share this on your Wall not to talk about your product or business; just to let your fans know about your fashion with no judgment

Use Dedicated Feature, where you can choose what to share about your product or business. You can choose photos of a red T-Shirt, pin the image, or something else.

Getting local Alexa Ranking, how often your website is clicked on, and with the same keyword become an activity result when clicking?

Should I share a link of different items of your inventory? It may be time to start changing some of the product listing sections, instead?

How browsing prioritized by assets sold?

Does Inventory count unique items? Titles can be very compelling, since everybody loves a title. Try to find something that pops to your mind and lines up with your product and brand?

Product Order Review

What should you do if your recently added a new product, the one that improves your range? If you are looking online to look for the answer, are your particular needs better?

What should you do if your already described product comes in a different size ( widening the available range), like a small or medium-sized coffee shop or several sizes?

Product Upsert media tie-in

Brand your image using certain company logos or images.YouTube videos

Quick video promotions like a “vernight success” offer

They are an effective way to promote your product or brand, and encourage and reassure customers to buy, which in turn increases sales.

Be relevant to your product and service.

Be consistent and don’t change name regularly. Quality is the rule in endorsements and branding. A hybrid version of red and green are great to use for anything green.

Keep it clean for Your Personal Branding.

You can set up a resource box, for any product, to include an introduction of yourself. Start sharing your expertise at this stage. Again, just use a customized and compelling headline. You can also add a photograph that helps others identify who you.

5 Tips for How to Pick the Right Smartphone


Almost everyone is having a Smartphone nowadays. And those who don’t have any are increasingly planning on purchasing one. But most of the people get confused when picking a Smartphone. Which Smartphone will be good for you? Which platform will be most suitable to you, Android, iOS or Windows? Which feature you mainly want to have? What are the features that you can live without? There are several questions that must be kept in mind while going for a Smartphone and the biggest question of all, “Do you actually need a Smartphone?”
Answering all your questions, I have tried to roll up the Top 5 Tips on how you can pick a right Smartphone for yours.



If you are thinking of purchasing a new phone and eying on a Smartphone, First make sure you actually need one.
Take a look on how are you coping with your present phone. Do you love to use any SNS frequently? Text Messaging and Calling is more you like to do so you might not like to check your mails on Smartphone. You want to have web-support and latest tweets and news on your tips?
First think about your uses and needs. If your demands don’t require Smartphone, then opt for a Feature Phone. Everyone doesn’t have to have a Smartphone!


Finding a right carrier is the basic step for picking a cell phone, Whether a Smartphone or a regular one. As many Smartphones comes with different Cell phone companies, first of all pick the right carrier for you which will provide you smooth services and coverage of area where you live.
Having a Best Smartphone could be meaningless if you don’t get a good network and reasonable service charges.


You may find a lot of choices when it comes to Price you can pay. But the price of the Smartphone only isn’t the money you have to consider about. Mainly, there are two prices that have to be kept in mind, the price of the Smartphone and the price of the plan. Many Cell phone companies offer various attractive offers and promotions, but always choose the plan as per your use and need.
Price of the Smartphone is one-time-pay while the price of the plan is to be paid monthly or more regularly. You also might end up with some good plans but make sure you don’t end signing with a bad plan that you regret about later.


Nowadays there are mainly four OS that are dominating the market of Smartphone worldwide, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android system, Research in motion’s Blackberry OS and Microsoft’s Windows phone platform.
If you want a lot of apps on your Smartphone, then you might not want o consider the Blackberry phones, as they are prominently used for web-browsing and e-mail. Though one may find most apps on Apples’ iOS but the only problem of this platform is its restricted use to Apple’s devices only. If you are planning to do lot of work on your Smartphone, then you might want to have Windows Operated Smartphones as you may already be familiar using windows on your PC.


If you have decided your budget, Smartphone’s Carrier, Plan and Carrier, then the last thing to do is finding a Smartphone. Don’t hurry take your time on this. Keeping the above discussed points in mind, find out and pick the right Smartphone that suits you the most.

Make your call, whether you want a flip or bar, Trackball or Touchscreen, sound quality, comfortable design and dimensions, Specifications, Applications and performance.
Ask your mates or go online to check the reviews of worldwide users of any particular Smartphone that come across your list.

Follow these above said simple steps and pick the right Smartphone of your choice easily

How To Earn Online -Make Money Online

I Don’t Have Money How Do I Get Extra Money ?

Want to know the secretes to making money online. People jump threw hoops, trying to figure out. How to make extra money online. Want to know what I found out…

The under world of internet and the secretes

There are really no secrets to making money online. Just the basics. Sorry I didn’t me to disappoint you. The truth is there is no magic about it. But I want to warn you. That if your here you are looking. And if you have a minute. I can show you how to make money. People tell me I new you where trouble. Oh well at least I’m making the effort I need to , to give my dreams a shot.

How About You Do You Have What It Takes

Well that’s a deep subject. Lets see what you can do.

Can you make just a little effort, to do what it takes to give your dreams a chance. Can you get started right now. Or do you need to have some one tell you what to do.

I’m sorry if you can’t take what I am saying. But some times the truth hurts. I’m not trying to be a tiger, just being honest. If you don’t have time for you or your dreams. Then you are all ready, a prisoner. Caught up in your own fear to do some thing about it.

Want To Do Some Thing About It.

Follow me, and let me guide you into the unknown world of the wild jungle we call the internet. I’m not going to grab your attention. By really making you think twice about me being to serous. There is no fun in that. I am just trying to get you to see. You have nothing to lose by trying.

Can You Try

Lets get started on all you need to know. About making extra money online. And you can start, Right Here right now. Guest what it is free to join.

Lets Get Serous

There are a lot of people here that care about you and your family. And we all want to help you make the money you need. To get you out of the struggle. your in. We can help you start making the extra money you need. If you let us. Take the first step and trust some one. Not all people are bad. There are still those who care. You have nothing to lose by given me a chance to help you make your dreams come true.

Let Me Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

I want to help you every step of the way, to guide you threw the ins and outs of the online world. I want to help you avoid scams. And teach you that there are those who want to help you and those who want to run off with your cash.

Take a look at how I make money online. And how you can do the same. And let me tell you there are a lot of ways you can make money online. Including what you love.

Take A Look In The Secret World

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LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

LG and Samsung both are top-level smartphone manufacturers in India. Samsung and LG both release one smartphone every year that definitely confuses the buyers. This time there will be a tough battle that is LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. Predecessors of both the smartphones that is G2 and S4 are successful in attracting the customers. But the question here is whether LG G3 and Galaxy S5 would be able to create that same magic that S4 and G2 had created. Let us do a comparison between these smartphone to find out which smartphone will rule the market in the coming battle LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 will have 5.1 inches display screen with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 432ppi. On the other hand LG G3 will have a bigger screen and better screen quality. It will have 5.5 inches display with high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 538ppi. LG G3 will be the first smartphone that will hit the QHD level. Well Display wise Galaxy S5 is not that bad, but as compared to LG G3 it is definitely not that good. So in terms of Display LG G3 won the battle.

LG G3 will have 13MP Dual LED primary camera and Galaxy S5 will have single LED 16MP camera. LG G3 will come with technology like Laser Autofocus and Optical Image Stabilization. LG G3 image quality will be much better than Galaxy S5. G3 will be able to take high quality pictures even in dim light. Both the smartphone will have 2 MP front camera, but G3 camera will be much better than S5 due to bigger and brighter 77 degree front lense in G3. So in terms of camera, LG G3 takes the lead.

In terms of Hardware both the smartphones are almost identical with some minor difference. Both will be powered with Quad core processor and Snapdragon 801 chipset. Graphic Processor unit in both the smartphone is Adreno 330. LG G3 will some in two versions one with 2GB RAM and another with 3GB RAM. Galaxy S5 will have 2GB RAM. Internal storage will be identical 32GB in both the mobiles. G3 and S5 will have expendable memory via microSD card slot. So performance wise both will be same. It’s a draw.

LG G3 has better battery capacity of 3000 mAh as compared to 2800 mAh. But one thing here to consider is that LG G3 QHD display might consume a lot of battery, thereby decreasing its battery life. So in terms of battery, I will prefer Galaxy S5 in comparison to LG G3.

So we can clearly see that LG G3 is the winner in the battle of LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. It has better display, better performance, and better camera as compared to Galaxy S5. So if you are planning to buy a smartphone than I would suggest you to buy LG G3. So which smartphone are you planning to buy LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. Share your views by leaving a comment below.