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Different Ways To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

There are actually a couple of ways to optimize your site for mobile devices. This has become more and more important over the past few years. Nearly everyone has a smart phone and quite a few people have tablet devices. More importantly some internet users do not even have access to anything other then a smart phone or tablet. So optimizing for these potential visitors is incredibly important. Directly mobile optimization does not effect your search engine standings within the search results. Though there is actually one major ranking factor that could be harmed by not having a mobile optimized site.


It’s not apparent straight away to where the link is. Though you will start to notice that if your site isn’t optimized for mobile then visitors can tend to bounce off your site once they realize they can’t easily read what you have to say. Sounds a bit out there really but statistics have shown that this is actually the case. Your website bounce rate is actually a major ranking factor. Think about it, if you was Google and you were aiming to display the most relevant results then surely a site which has users bounce of it frequently can not be of as much value as a site which keeps their visitors on their site. It’s logical thinking. So how can you optimize your site for mobile.


Responsive design was brought to us by CSS3 which brought along the media query. It is a fantastic way to get a mobile optimized site as you basically have separate styling for different screen sizes. If you are using a popular CMS, e-commerce or blogging platform. Such as Joomla, Magento, Opencart or wordpress then there are many developers who are developing themes for these platforms which are responsive ready. So if you are willing to do a bit of work on your site and change to a responsive theme then this can be a highly inexpensive route for you to take. Though if you are using either a platform with a bespoke design or a bespoke built platform. Then this could be incredibly time extensive and costly. Converting sites into a responsive design is much harder to achieve then building a site from scratch to be responsive. One major boost to responsive development is the twitter bootstrap framework. It’s a framework that has become a popular base for most templates and websites that are developed these days. So what could be a better approach if a site rebuild is going to be a costly route for you.


On some platforms such as Magento you can purchase their web app. It basically act’s as a separate website that is only accessed by mobile devices. Actually you most likely have seen a fair few such as Ebay or Amazon. When ever you see a little link saying show main website then you know your using their web app. Responsive design does not have a separate website so being able to see your main website is impossible. There is different web apps out there I suggest having a look at them though I personally have a few problems with them. I seem to always find myself wanting to see their main website no matter how difficult it is to navigate. The web apps I encounter usually haven’t a certain feature incorporated which the main site will have. So I would make your decision wisely on which route to take.


Advertising Blog

One of the largest challenges facing any business is getting your advertising in front of enough people. Advertising can cost a lot of money. From the design to the delivery everything costs a bundle.

While you want to get your advertising done for as small as possible you can’t afford to have your advertisements look terrible. If your ad looks like your 5 year ancient place it together or the copy in your ad is terrible, you will not get fantastic results.

With that in mind I have place together 5 ways you can save on your advertising and still get the results you want.

1. Use a freelance graphics designer. The internet has made an international marketplace for freelancers and you can take advantage of that. Services like and make it affordable for any size business to have professional looking ads. At these sites you can see portfolios and have designers bid on your job.

2. Use targeted Pay-Per-Click advertising. Search engines like now allow you to highly target your advertising on a geographical basis. At you can target a country, a state, a city, a zip code, or even an area contained within points YOU specify. This means you can be sure you will not be paying for clicks in London when you are a local business in Springfield, MO.

3. Advertise on local websites. Find out what business in your town have a website then call them up and work out a deal to place a banner ad on their website. If you have no clue how to place together a banner ad, don’t worry. Refer back to the first item in this list. Sites like and can help.

4. Advertise on or This tip is a lot like #2 but with a twist. These site allow you to target your ads geographically AND by the information in the users profiles. This allows you to hyper target your advertising.

5. Invest in LED Signs. LED Signs have one of the lowest costs per view of any form of advertising. There are hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of cars driving past your business everyday. For a fraction of a penny per view you can place your sales messages in front of that traffic. LED Signs also allow you to do spur of the moment advertising. You can make an instant sale at slow times and end the sale as soon as business picks back up.

There you go, five tips on how you can save on your advertising and stretch your budget without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. These tips will let you squeeze every last ounce of value out of your advertising budget with out sacrificing quality and results.

For more information on how to use Outdoor LED Signs .

Developing Your Seo Strategy website seo review

There are many internet marketing companies out there offering their services. The variety of different methods claiming to give your site a presence on the internet can be overwhelming to choose from. Who do you believe? What methods work best? An important note to keep in mind is that the simplest and most clear cut strategies normally work the best. A good internet marketer will sit down with you and give you a straightforward marketing strategy tailored to the needs of your site. You will want to see a portfolio of proven results and techniques which have worked well for them in the past.

There are some simple steps to execute to develop a good SEO strategy, which can be used by professionals or those who are wishing to do their own internet marketing. The first thing you need to do is sit down and determine what sort of market you are aiming for with your website. What services are you offering to the internet community?

The wonderful thing about internet marketing is that you can develop a lot of new business by being prominent in the search engines. When people are looking for a product, service or information, the first thing they do is look on the search engines. When they type in a keyword relating to your site, you will want to be amongst the first sites displayed as results.

The first thing you need to do is conduct some keyword research to determine how many people are searching for words relating to your site. There are good marketing tools on the search engines that will tell you how many searches are conducted monthly for the keywords relating to your site. The keywords with the most searches are the ones you should target. Once you have done your keyword research, you can write articles with links back to your site on the keywords. These articles can be submitted to article sites. Remember that quality content is best, as you will want to build up trust and a good reputation for your site. You want the reader to enjoy the article so that they will be enticed to click on your link.

Besides article marketing, the organic way of displaying yourself in search engines, you can also submit your site to online directories. These online directories will simply list hundreds of websites relating to a specific product or service that clients are looking for.

There is also always paid advertising, and pay-per-click campaigns. You can pay to have your ad on other sites, and you can also pay to have your site appear along the top banner or side bar of the search engine results. With pay-per-click advertising, you may be on the first page, but you will have to pay every time someone clicks on your link. It is far better to work at getting your site onto the first page of the search engines by the submission of articles and your site link to online directories.

With a good SEO strategy you can work out a time frame. You can write a certain amount of articles per month, and choose the best article sites to submit them to. Submitting quality blog posts to blog sites will also give your site more exposure. Remember, the more links you get back to your site, the better. If the search engines see a good number of links relating back to your site on the internet, they will favor your site. Constantly updating the content on your website is important to. Fresh, concise information and text rich with keywords on your site will help you in your SEO too.

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