Everything to Know About Nexus 5

Nexus 5 today is at the top of the news debate of its trending features in the Smartphone categories. Today in this post we will see whether this phone hangs the best specifications or not. When nexus 4 was launched in late 2012, the price was kept $300 that was the most enticing part of the phone, but later was seen that the shortcoming was a big issue.

Nexus 5 is now released worldwide. It is a solid Smartphone with 2GB RAM and 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset. It has a 5-inch screen with 1080p display and a battery of 2. The main feature of the phone has the latest android version- 4.4 Kitkat accessibility. You might think it would have stiff price, but that’s not true it is affordable. The price of 16GB and 32GB are kept $349 and $399 respectively. For the better use of the device, root it once before using, but after unlocking your phone. There are many android rooting tutorials available on the internet today, have a look at that before you do so.


Talking about the design, I would like to say it is not as huge as note3, or a sculpted design like Lumia or the precious and delicate one like iPhone 5s. It’s a simple rectangle shaped phone available in black and white colour. The colours might be boring after the launch of Moto X and iPhone 5c in neon colours. The phone is shaped in such a way that it easily fits in your palm and looks smaller than its actual size.


Before the launch of Nexus 5, the rumors and controversies were all about the camera. The 8-megapixel camera on the back of the phone Nexus 5 with LED Flash light just beneath fits perfectly and is capable of capturing beautiful photos with a perfect setting. The Nexus 5 takes snaps with very little contrast and too little colour when you can get the camera to focus at all.

Android 4.4 Kitkat

The changes in the Android Kitkat 4.4 have made the user interface even easier. The visual tweaks have been changed; the status bar up at the top is now translucent. The theme is totally flat in the new version. Icons and other symbols seem cleaner, starker and larger in the new operating system but nothing here is completely flat designing. The dialler design has actually been completely redesigned, but Google needs to change some UI in that puzzle as it might be confusing for the user to use it. In all Android is simpler and tighter. The general UI hasn’t changed much but the visual effects and other additional functions are added to make android more smarter.

Short Term Power

The key feature android Kitkat comes up with is that it can be accessible on the low memory devices. Phones that don’t have the latest processor or GB RAM, can still get all of Google’s latest software. But none of them will work as impressive as it works with Nexus 5’ specifications and functions. In this phone you cannot remove and replace the battery. Another inconsistency found in battery is, that the battery life is not stable. One day it lasted for 8 hours while another day for 16 hours. At the test of battery verge time it lasted for more than 3 hours that is the shortest period among the high end Smartphones. All it depends on the phone usage. The more you use the phone, more battery is used.

More importantly, Google Nexus 5 is an excellent phone in many ways. The phone has an absolutely amazing and gorgeous display. The KitKat update is polished and refined. Google is blazing a new path in the way we buy our phones. A device of this quality for $349 is something to take notice of. Above everything, I recommend to buy this phone unless Google sort out its camera issue. Even now Google is working on to fix this camera issue and I am sure it will be solved very soon.


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