Language packs

For an overview of language packs and how to install them, please see the customizing page.


Until the official Luna Translation Center is finished, which will allow for translating the software online, language packs have to be created by hand.

Instead of creating a language pack “from scratch” it is recommended that you start by taking the official English language pack and translate its strings one-by-one to whatever language you’re creating a language pack for. All files have to be put into a folder named after the respective language.


The stopwords.txt file contains a list of words which should not be indexed in users posts. This should be used to filr ter out common words which do not add value to a search, for example, in English, words such as “the” and “it’s”. For more information, check Wikipedia.


Until this will be possible online through the Translation Center, language packs will have to be packaged and uploaded manually. You can just post a topic announcing and linking to your language pack.