LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

LG and Samsung both are top-level smartphone manufacturers in India. Samsung and LG both release one smartphone every year that definitely confuses the buyers. This time there will be a tough battle that is LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. Predecessors of both the smartphones that is G2 and S4 are successful in attracting the customers. But the question here is whether LG G3 and Galaxy S5 would be able to create that same magic that S4 and G2 had created. Let us do a comparison between these smartphone to find out which smartphone will rule the market in the coming battle LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 will have 5.1 inches display screen with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 432ppi. On the other hand LG G3 will have a bigger screen and better screen quality. It will have 5.5 inches display with high resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 538ppi. LG G3 will be the first smartphone that will hit the QHD level. Well Display wise Galaxy S5 is not that bad, but as compared to LG G3 it is definitely not that good. So in terms of Display LG G3 won the battle.

LG G3 will have 13MP Dual LED primary camera and Galaxy S5 will have single LED 16MP camera. LG G3 will come with technology like Laser Autofocus and Optical Image Stabilization. LG G3 image quality will be much better than Galaxy S5. G3 will be able to take high quality pictures even in dim light. Both the smartphone will have 2 MP front camera, but G3 camera will be much better than S5 due to bigger and brighter 77 degree front lense in G3. So in terms of camera, LG G3 takes the lead.

In terms of Hardware both the smartphones are almost identical with some minor difference. Both will be powered with Quad core processor and Snapdragon 801 chipset. Graphic Processor unit in both the smartphone is Adreno 330. LG G3 will some in two versions one with 2GB RAM and another with 3GB RAM. Galaxy S5 will have 2GB RAM. Internal storage will be identical 32GB in both the mobiles. G3 and S5 will have expendable memory via microSD card slot. So performance wise both will be same. It’s a draw.

LG G3 has better battery capacity of 3000 mAh as compared to 2800 mAh. But one thing here to consider is that LG G3 QHD display might consume a lot of battery, thereby decreasing its battery life. So in terms of battery, I will prefer Galaxy S5 in comparison to LG G3.

So we can clearly see that LG G3 is the winner in the battle of LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. It has better display, better performance, and better camera as compared to Galaxy S5. So if you are planning to buy a smartphone than I would suggest you to buy LG G3. So which smartphone are you planning to buy LG G3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5. Share your views by leaving a comment below.


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