Luna 1.0 Beta 1 now available

We’ve decided to make a little change to our original roadmap. The result is that you will be able to try out Beta 1 of Luna starting today. The first Beta is available now on our download page.

Beta 1 is all about translations. We’ve made some major improvements to the translation files. In fact, they are translate-ready. There is a note to it, through: this beta does not include the new strings. These strings still can’t  be translated. We’ve decided to clean up the current language file, and we will add all missing strings later, on the bottom of the Original English translation, to prevent any confusion, and to make translating as easy as possible.

Another focus point in this release was Random. We’ve made some major improvements to Random during this release, prety much all around. However, we’ve decided to not bind Random to the Luna release schedual. This means that, if Random isn’t ready before Luna 1.0 hits, it won’t be in Luna at all. We’ll probably release it later as a separate package before Luna 1.1, and include it in Luna 1.1 as soon as that version is released.

Further, we’ve improved our documentation further. Fixed bugs. And so on. Kind of the usual stuff. Beta 1 also includes some changes to make Luna more release ready, as in we’ve replaced some images and other stuff.

Roadmap update
Yesterday, we’ve decided to alter our roadmap. Why? Because we realized that in April, our project will celebrate its second aniversary. Something we want to celebrate with a new release. But we have nothing useful on the ModernBB-side of things, so the first logical release would be Luna 1.0. Luna 1.0 was originally planned to launch May 2nd, now it will be available on April 13th.

All coming Betas and RCs will be released every half week. We’ll update Luna every Wednesday and Saturday. So stay tuned, Beta 2 will land later this week.


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