Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 1 now available

It’s that time again, a new release of Luna is available. We call it Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 1, for short Luna Preview 3.1. Or even shorter: Luna 0.3.3802. It’s what you prefer, we take all 3 of them. Either way, todays update is a small one, through it brings some nice things to the table.

Inbox improvements
We’re currently working hard on making the Inbox interface better, todays update contains a couple of these changes already, but more are to come. Either way, you’ll find yourself in a much improved interface, and a major fix to an interface that was still based on old markup.

Further, we’ve improved our conversation management in Inbox, you’ll find yourself with new tools and other improvements, like an improved interface (it was a mess in earlier Previews).

Notification Center improvements
Another interface we improved in todays update is the Notification Center. The buttons have been given a new place, an icon and a color for accessibility. Also, we fixed these buttons, as they where broken in Preview 3.

Language improvements
While language isn’t our focus until we get to Preview 4, we’ve already started with some cleaning. Todays build comes with less strings (the unused strings are removed, partially) and language fixes. More on this in the future.

Soft delete
As promised, Update 1 comes with improvements to Soft delete. You can now undo a soft deleted post, so that it will appear again for all users. We’ve also added new permissions for soft deleted posts, they don’t have any effect yet, but that’s for later.

The Backstage has been improved in the Settings-area. Maintenance is no longer part of that category. It now has its own category in the main menu. The old “Maintenance” page also has been split up into Maintenance and Prune. You can also find our Database Management under this new category.

Theme Engine
Once again, we’ve added more freedom to our Theme Engine 6. This time around, you’ll be able to change more in Inbox and help. Also related to themes: Sunrise and Sunset have got a couple of updates too.

Finally, we’ve made some improvements to Search, too. The result page now has a look that closer resembles the general forum lists when your results are displayed as topics.

And the usual bugfixes…

Either way, expect us to release Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 2, or Luna Preview 3.2 for short, later this month or early next month. Update 2 will be the final Preview 3-release, before moving to Preview 4, which will be our final alpha release (through it will get some updates, too).


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