Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 2 now available

It has been a couple of days again, and here we are, ready to release our next version of Luna. Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 2, or Luna Preview 3.2 for short. Or even shorter: Luna 0.3.3827. Today’s update brings once again some small improvements. And a new website.

Inbox improvements
Once again, we’ve improved Inbox further, this is probably it’s final major update for Luna 1.0. New in this version is that you can now alter the design of Inbox within your themes. Further, we made some small improvements to the system itself, too.

Check for updates
Starting with this version, the Update check feature is back for work and will warn you of new stable releases as soon as we hit Luna 1.0. For now, it will warn you when a new preview version is released.

Notification prune
You can also prune notifications with this update. You can choose to remove all seen, all unseen or all notifications at once. This is a very basic and rather drastic feature, but we have no plans to extend its capabilities for Luna 1.0. Stay tuned for Luna 1.1 for that.

Moderation tools
We’ve also finished off the move of the moderation tools from the Mainstage to the Backstage. They now have an improved design and some new capabilities that where missing in the previous preview.

Emojis and Emoticons
Starting with Luna Preview 0, we replaced the emoticons with emojis. This font-driven replacement for smilies had some issues through: not all platforms supported it correctly, especially Windows Vista-based computers (and Windows XP too, for the matter, but we simply don’t care for it as we do not support it anymore), through Windows 7 had some issues with them too. We didn’t remove emojis, instead, we’re providing a choice to use either emoticons or emojis, emoticons being the default. This build includes the old ModernBB emoticonset, through expect them to change design in a Preview 4 build.

Backstage interface
We’ve also made some improvements to the Backstage interface, once again. First off all, and most noticeable: we’re now indicating all options with icons, no more inconsistency with icon usage: everything uses and icon. We’ve also fixed some inconsistency in button naming (for example, some buttons where named “Delete” and others “Remove”). Secondly, we’ve changed some pages to have a more similar design to other pages (the Group page is a good example of that).

Other improvements
Finally, we made some code optimalizations, improvements on our coding conventions and of course the usual bugfixes.

And a new website
With today’s update, we’re also introducing a new website. For starters: we’ve added a first draft for the documentation. The documentation is mainly based upon the old ModernBB documentation with new additions, expect us to improve that during the coming weeks. Further, you’ll find yourself on a brand new index, we made changes to our About page, added a features-list, updated our roadmap (more on that in another blog post) and made minor style changes.


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