Luna 1.0 Preview 4 now available

As promised when we release Luna 1.0 Preview 3 Update 2, we are now on a weekly schedual and thus, we release Preview 4 today. Preview 4 is our final alpha-branch for Luna 1.0. Starting from this point, it’s going to be exciting! Luna 1.0 Preview 4, or shorter Luna 0.4 (version 0.4.3900) can now be download from our download page. Go get it!

In the past previews, the announcement-system was broken. Now it works again in all its glory. Enjoy it.

Theme color schemes
Themes are able to use different color schemes that are delivered with the theme. With Preview 4, we’ve decided to use IDs instead of colors to identify a color scheme, this will allow you to switch to another theme without breaking anything. Also, the default themes – Luna, Sunrise and Random – have a fall back build-in just in case. We recommend your own themes to do the same.

Preview 4 also includes a very early version of Random 5.0. Random 4.0 and earlier have served us well during the ModernBB-age, and we’re happy to make it join us once again for Luna. Random is being build up from scratch. The current development version actualy contains more features on the index than Luna and Sunrise do…

Luna and Sunrise
Sunrise and Sunset have been renamed in this build. Sunrise is now called Luna, and Sunset is now called Sunrise. It’s a small change, but be sure to remove Sunrise and Sunset from earlier version before applying the update. We’ve made other improvements to these themes, through, like enhanced design for Inbox and other small changes.

Preview 4 also includes a redesigned emoticonset. We’ve updated our rather outdated emoticons with fresh and modern designs, based on the Segoe UI Emoji font versions of the emoticons. Further, the size setting that used to be only for Emojis now also changes the size of emoticons.

Preview 4 also removes the build-in Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome packages. Instead, to keep our own core light and simple, we use CDNs to load these packages. This is only a developer thing. Through Preview 4 is 127kb smaller then Preview 3 Update 2. And don’t forget that Preview 4 comes with an additional theme compared to Preview 3.2.

Other changes
And as usual, we’ve got included a couple of bugfixes. The language files also have received an update, but they are far from finished. We’re currently only cleaning up the strings we don’t use anymore. The new strings have yet to be added.

Build 3900
A fun-fact for this build is that it is build 3900. You don’t get why that is a fun-fact? Well, because build 2900 was our very first Luna build. This build was made back in the summer of 2014 as version, and now we’re here, 1000 builds later, with 0.4.3900 (if we would have followed our old formating, it would have been version Either way, this also means that there have been made 1000 commits to Luna since ModernBB (through not all of them got pushed to GitHub). It’s kind of a milestone.


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