Luna 1.0 Preview 4 Update 1 now available

After a week of development, we’re ready to release our new preview: Preview 4.1, build 3935. We’ve spend some time on making a couple of improvements which we like to share with you. As we’ve said before, in Preview 4.1, we’ve started to finish all the hard work, and are shifting our focus to fixing bugs (through Preview 4.1 does contain some nice features).

Luna and Sunrise
First off, we’ve updated our Luna and Sunrise theme. Not just with a little improvement here and there, but with a rather big update. Perhaps the largest one since Preview 2.


With this new style, we hope to make Luna and Sunrise a little bit more friendly for the eye by displaying less white. We’ve also added some small shadows here and there. The topic lists have been updated to and now give feedback when your mouse is hovering over an item. Another improvement is the Improved support for smaller widths. Forum lists now also display if there are new posts in them.

For Luna (the theme), you’ll find something weird on the Theme settings page. The page will ask you to install Luna. This will add a couple of additional database entries in the configuration and allow you to change default settings. Important to note is that these settings, currently, do nothing.

Updates: Slow, Normal, Preview or Nightly
When visiting the update page, you’ll find yourself with a new option that allows you to check for slow, normal, preview or nightly updates. Slow updates are updates within the currently used branch that are stable, normal are all stable updates, preview is for the latest unstable alpha, beta or release candidate, while nightly is for versions that get updated more often. We’ve talked about this feature in our previous blog post. When you’re using the Slow or Normal branch, the core version will no longer be displayed in the Backstage.

We’ve also updated our documentation on our website. We’ve updated information about the database. Another big change you’ll probably notice is that we’ve changed the index design and the page order.

Languages and bugfixes
Further, Preview 4.1 comes with multiple bugfixes, for the user list, themes, Inbox and other issues. Another change we made was improvements to the translation files.

Preview 4 Update 2
Next up is Preview 4 Update 2, in which we, once again, will be fixing bugs and finishing of our work. However, for Preview 4 Update 2, we’re planning to finish our work on the Luna and Sunrise theme. I hope all of you guys realize that we’re getting close to the final!


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