Luna 1.0 Preview 4 Update 2 now available

Well then. Here we are. Luna 1.0 Preview 4 Update 2 (version 0.4.3999) is available starting today, the build number is a coincidence. And this also means that we are at the end of the Luna 1.0 Preview stage. Our next release, which will be available in 2 weeks, will be the Luna Beta (version 0.5). Yep, people, it’s coming to an end. In the coming 2 weeks we’ll finish the feature development. After the first beta release, we’ll only focus on bugfixes and Random.

Like said before, we will not be releasing a Luna 1.0 Preview 4 Update 3 next week like we said before. Another roadmap change is that Luna 1.0 Beta 2 will be released 2 days later (because of personal reasons, fun reasons). Anyway, now we’re going to release Luna 1.0 Preview 4 Update 2, and it is a nice update, in fact.

Small feature improvements
When an username is to long and shortened by Luna, hovering over that name now shows you the full username. It’s a small accessebility improvement. Further, we’ve made improvements to our coding conventions. Another change is that admins no longer see their Inbox percentage, as this didn’t apply to them in the first place. Bootstrap has been updated from version 3.3.2 to 3.3.4.

Interface improvements
Luna (the theme) has been improved to be a little bit more consistent. We’ve replaced most Jumbotrons with navbars to match the interface of Inbox. The Inbox navbar itself also has been updated. The search results also got an update. We’ll continue to change Luna and Sunrise for the next beta.

Random on the other hand has received some major improvements. We’ve updated the design of the topic view to match our old design. Random will be updated further in Beta 1 and beyond (it will be the only feature we’ll develop beyond Beta 1). We’ve got still some work on this, but it is coming along nicely.

Tons of bugfixes
Preview 4.2 comes with an aweful lot of bugfixes. First of all, we fixed 22 HTML5 and CSS3 bugs. Further, we’ve fixed a long existing issue with icons in the navbar. The update also includes a couple of theme related bugfixes. Well, it’s quiet a lot. In total, we’ve fixed a little over 50 bugs compared to Preview 4.1.


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