Luna 1.0 RC1 now available

We released Beta 3 a day earlier then planned, and that means that we got a day extra to develop RC1. Yes indeed, we’re now in the semi-stable “RC” stage. The final week of developing Luna 1.0 starts today. And while you might expect RC1 to be as large as the extremely small Beta 1 and Beta 3 updates (Beta 2 contained quiet a lot of change), nothing is less true: RC1 comes with tons of improvements and fixes.

And these improvements are mainly bug fixes. Special thanks to Quy and other that reported these issues. We fixed 63 bugs since Beta 3 and now can bring you an even more stable experience with our Luna 0.8 release. It’s an amazing progression compared to Beta 3, and we are realy happy about it. However, it isn’t all bug fixes. We’ve also some other minor changes to how Luna handles some things. Here is a small list of the non-bugs that have changed:

  • “About” has been cleaned up and no longer shows Preview/Beta-information like Preview/Beta-updates.
  • The logo in “About” has been updated.
  • When requesting your password with a wrong email address, you’ll now get an error instead of nothing.
  • When you log in, you won’t be redirected to the Index anymore, but to the page you loged in from.
  • The back-up system has been updated to support Luna.
  • Back-ups are now named “luna-<date>” instead of “modernbb-<date>”.
  • When removing posts from Inbox, you’ll now get to see a modal instead of another page that asks for confirmation.
  • We’ve removed the (not working) options to edit or delete posts from conversations in Inbox.
  • New installations will no longer add a note to the “Admin note” section.
  • We’ve made small changes to the way the notification page identifies you.
  • We’ve made some minor changes to our language files. So translators: be sure to check them out.

All these changes, combined with our very long list of fixed bugs, makes us think that we have a prety solid RC1 right here. Overal, RC1 comes with minor changes, a lot of minor changes. And that’s what a Release Candidate is ment to do. We didn’t had to fix major bugs that made Luna unusable, but that doesn’t mean that it is not important to update to RC1 if you’re on Luna 0.7 or below. Next week, we’ll release Luna 0.9, our second Release Candidate, and we hope our final, because the week after, it’s Luna’s time to shine.

RC2 isn’t going to be as big as RC1. We have, for now, just 6 more bugs to fix and we hope to have that done by RC2 so we can put some more focus to our documentation again. Meanwhile, we’ll kick off the development of Bittersweet Shimmer, you’ll see a lot of new branches appearing in our repository soon, including a “bittersweetshimmer” branch, like we have also an “aero” branch.


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