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I’m long on easy beats hard every time. If you look around the net you can find all kinds of information on text message advertising. “Google” Mobile Marketing and you will come up with 144,000,000 sites.

Stay at it long enough and you can spend hours reading information relating to this, that and the other thing. Its not that the information isn’t useful but where do you stop. I’m sure it’s an addiction or I’m going to be responsible for labeling it one. I’m calling it the, “What did I just read” syndrome.

According to the 80/20 principle, 20 % of your ideas will produce 80% of your results. So I’ll boil it down to a few simple bedrock principles. Do them well and your likely to be succeed.

When we boil marketing down it really comes down to 4 things.

1. Find a customer!

2. Increase the number of customers!

3. Persuade these customers to buy more!

4. Encourage these customers to buy more frequently!

More customers, More orders. More often. That’s it, these are the buttons on the control panel called the customer.

Dress it up, make it eye-popping and techno-brilliant. If you aren’t addressing these principles on a daily basis someone else will and you will end up with an overhead-time-sucking monstrosity called a website and a plan that isn’t working.

If your in business then you probably have mastered point 1. to some extent and you spend the rest of your advertising dollars addressing point 2 – 4. What text messaging does is address points 1 – 4 in a new way. One that you may not know about or have thought about .

Here are three (3) vital statistics of text messaging that make it one of todays most important business decisions.

95% of text messages are read.

90% of text messages are read in 4 – 6 min of receipt.

87% of Americans own a cell phone that is text ready out of the box.

Read them again, commit then to memory. Decide how you are going to apply them to your advertising plan. Lets look a these points as they might relate to text messaging.

Point 1. Find a customer!

Use your short code in all of your traditional advertising material. Mailings, newsprint ads, fliers, coupons, etc… where ever you advertise. Todays consumer is getting used to seeing text short codes where ever they go. Example (text coffeevip to 63210) A customer may see your ad and text your short code for latter promos, information….. New customer!

Point 2. Increase the number of customers!

Same as above, but when a customer signs up put “Please FWD 2 a friend” people love to share a good deal with there friends…..More Customers.

Point 3. Persuade these customers to buy more!

Reward your customers. Send great offers that are different from your regular specials and other coupons. If you reward people who have taken the time to opt-in to your campaign with offers they can only get from their cell phone, you will have much higher sales and profits. “Buy One, Get One” “FREE” “Dollar Amount Off” are the three highest converting offers for text advertising.

Point 4. Encourage these customers to buy more frequently!

Text your target group a most once a week. Include great deals and offers to this special list. (see reward your customer above) If you text your list more then once a week you better have a good reason.

Remember we want to change advertising into content. If your list knows that when you send them an offer it will be worth there time to read it. They will see it as content instead of an advertisement. Content is king!

For a great cost effective start into text messaging see Trumpia for a 15 day free no obligation trial.


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