The basic stuff

Before you start working on your plugin, it’s important to know what version of Luna you want to design for. This page is about Luna 3.3 or higher. We only have developer tools for this version of our software. Luna 3.2 and lower wil require slighly different plugins. But don’t worry, if you’re on Luna 3.3 or higher, we’ve got you covered. click on the download button below to download the basic plugin “Example”. This plugin is just a tiny page that will appear under “Extensions” on the Backstage of your forum. This plugin allows you to show a simple text. However, it’s a good start for a Backstage page to manage settings for your plugin, further, it’s useless trough.

Available classes and ids to style your plugin

In the Backstage, you can use all Bootstrap 3 ellements to give your plugin a nice interface. However, Luna has its own ellements too, like the panel-header buttons. You can add more CSS to your templates, however, we recommend you to use the default Backstage style as much as possible. This will prevent further issues.