Quinton Business Startup Method

How would you like to have a business that makes money while you’re on vacation? And, this business is completely automated so you don’t have to touch it? Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’ve been doing it since 1999 so clearly it’s a reality! As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started more than a dozen companies over the past 20 years, all have been profitable, some I’ve sold, others continue to run essentially on their own and generate massive profit margins in the 95% range.

How have I been able to do this? Is it some secret formula? Well, yes! My business startup methodology has been developed and refined over 20 years and is not something that came easily. It’s taken two decades of hard work, testing, perseverance, trial and error and blood sweat and tears to develop this method – and now you get to learn it for yourself!

As I’ve proven my business startup method with numerous businesses already, there’s no question that it works. It’s simply a matter of you implementing it for your own startup business. You are finally the master of your destiny. You CAN and WILL be successful if you follow my fool-proof plan that I’ve laid out for you on this website.

You no longer have to work for someone else and make THEM wealthy, now YOU can be the boss – your own boss. You can make your own hours – or not work at all! The Quinton Startup Method (QSM)¬†allows you to learn how to startup your business on a shoe-string budget and do so in your spare time, you don’t have to quit your day job while you’re getting started.

The QSM is all about maximum returns on minimal investments in time and resources. In many ways, it’s a lifestyle play because I believe firmly that you should enjoy your life and spend as much time doing the things you love rather than spending all your time working in some misearable dead end job. There are a million things that I enjoy more than working, that’s why I’ve worked hard to make sure my businesses don’t require me to work!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s far from it. At first, you’ll have to work hard to get things off the ground. But this is the time to do it. As a veteran of more than a dozen start ups, I can tell you this will be the time your motivation is the highest. You’ll be excited about the possibilities that lay ahead so you won’t mind putting in some late nights with the tasks I’m going to put on your shoulders. There’s always a lot of upfront work in any start up business, but the difference is that with the QSM all of the hard work revolves around the core lifestyle concept that once you get the system started, it begins to take care of and grow itself.

That’s what makes the Quinton Startup Method unique. Once the leg work is done, you can kick back and literally make money while you’re sleeping, or hiking, or sitting on the beach, or whatever else it is you’d rather do than work!

So, are you ready? Have you made the conscious decision to take charge of your destiny? Are you determined to be successful AND enjoy your life in the process? Then let’s get started…


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