Release notes

We change things every now and then...

Bittersweet Shimmer Download 1.1.5

1.1.5 17 October 2015 Download 1.1.5


Fixes a with a fatal error mysqli_free_result

Fixes and issue with excluding new lines when parsing usernames in quotes

Fixes an issue that caused the wrong error to show up when adding users

Fixes issue that caused Administrators to not be able to set a title

Fixes wrong link to IP information

Fixes data size in System info not showing up

1.1.4 9 October 2015 Download 1.1.4


Fixes a bug with the accent function

Fixes issues with responsive and night mode in Fifteen and Sunrise

Fixes issues with plural translations

Fixes issues with Inbox not marking messages as read

Fixes a security issue

1.1.3 3 September 2015 Download 1.1.3


Improved logic for load_css() function


Fixes accent resetting when saving profile and accents disabled

Fixes wrong link in "Forgotten password" mails

1.1.2 19 August 2015 Download 1.1.2


The Slow ring is no longer available

If the Nightly ring is selected, Luna won't check for updates automaticaly

The extended changelog has been removed


Bootstrap has been updated to version 3.3.5 everywhere

Error walls now have a style again

Fixes a corrupt translation for the "Upload avatar" modal

Fixes an issue that caused config.php to be recognized incorrectly

1.1.1 22 June 2015 Download 1.1.4768


SQLite 3 support


The moderation interface has been redesigned

You can now disable the night mode system

Removing posts will cause the postcount to decrease

You can now force the accent color

Bootstrap has been updated to 3.3.5


Fixes 3 bugs

1.1 20 June 2015 Download 1.1.4746


Night mode

Backstage now supports accents

Translations now use gettext


PHP 7 support


You can now click on contact links

Fifteen and Sunrise 1.1

Notifications are now real-time

You can now force the accent color

Announcements has been extended with many new features

Errors have been improved


Fixes 13 bugs

Luna 1.1.5 Download 1.1.5
Luna 1.1.4 Download 1.1.4
Luna 1.1.3 Download 1.1.3
Luna 1.1.2 Download 1.1.2
Luna 1.1.1 Download 1.1.1
Luna 1.1 Download 1.1
Luna 1.1 Release Candidate 1 Download 1.1-rc.1
Luna 1.1 Beta 1 Download 1.1-beta.1
Luna 1.1 Preview 1.1 Download 1.1-alpha.1.1
Luna 1.1 Preview 1 Download 1.1-alpha.1