Release notes

We change things every now and then...

Cornflower Blue Download 1.2.4

1.2.4 8 December 2015 Download 1.2.4


Luna will now assign a random accent color for new installations


Fixes bug in email validity check

Fixes a markup error in the login links

Fixes wrong links on the Update page

Fixes errors not being shown when required

Fixes a migration issue from ModernBB

1.2.3 6 November 2015 Download 1.2.3


Improved security on token hash

Pruning forums will now also decrease the comment count

General UI improvements in Backstage


Fixes multiple issues with SQLite 3 support

Fixes 5 other bugs

1.2.2 28 October 2015 Download 1.2.2


Reissues the 1.2.1 update

1.2.1 28 October 2015 Download 1.2.1


Replaces Javascript redirects


Fixes a security flaw when deleting avatars

Fixes a bug with the PostgreSQL database layer

Fixes a visual glitch on the users page for Fifteen

Fixes multiple issues in the language files

1.2 17 October 2015 Download 1.2.0


Mark topics as solved

You can now set any color as forum colors

New tools to clean up notifications

You can now give your forums their own icon


Support for non-Latin characters

Improvements for non-Javascript usage

Some parts of the core have been rewritten


Extended language support for syntax highlighter

Improvements to Fifteen and Sunrise design

Improved tabel in user management

Updated and incorporated components


Default avatar settings have been updated for new installations


Fixes 29 bugs

Luna 1.2.4 Download 1.2.4
Luna 1.2.3 Download 1.2.3
Luna 1.2.2 Download 1.2.2
Luna 1.2.1 Download 1.2.1
Luna 1.2 Download 1.2
Luna 1.2 Release Candidate 1 Download 1.2-rc.1
Luna 1.2 Beta 2 Download 1.2-beta.2
Luna 1.2 Beta 1 Download 1.2-beta.1
Luna 1.2 Preview 3 Download 1.2-alpha.3
Luna 1.2 Preview 2.1 Download 1.2-alpha.2.1
Luna 1.2 Preview 2 Download 1.2-alpha.2
Luna 1.2 Preview 1 Download 1.2-alpha.1