Release notes

We change things every now and then...

Denim Download 1.3.1

1.3.1 1 January 2016 Download 1.3.1


You can now access your subscriptions from your profile


Labels now appear in a consistent order everywhere

Improves strings in the language files

Small visual improvements to Sunrise 2

Removed multiple instances of trailing whitespaces

Improved behavior on small viewports

The notification fly-out now show notifications from new to old

The profile will now hide avatar and signature settings when disabled

Luna now hides search fields when an user doesn't have permission to use them

Subscriptions settings won't show up when subscriptions aren't available

On mobile devices, announcements will now appear on top of the page


The "solved" and "important" label now appear search results

New installations will no longer assign a wrong announcement type

Closed and moved thread will now show both icons

The leading zero for minutes will now be displayed in notifications

The updater will no longer attempt to create the same column twice

Fixes multiple issue with labels in the moderation view

When logging in with a banned account, the error will be displayed correctly

Changing a threads state won't cause an error anymore in some occasions

Breadcrumbs will now have a correct markup in reports

There is no longer a trailing dot in search results on mobile devices

1.3.0 25 December 2016 Download 1.3.0


Sunrise has received a fully reimagned design

You can now mark a thread as important

Optional center and size markup tags


Major naming convention updates

Timezone settings have been reworked


Daylight Saving is now handled by Luna

Fifteen now has an updated sidebar

Improved mobile interface for Fifteen and Backstage

The behavior of some markup tags have been changed

Embedded videos are now fully responsive

CSS files have been rewritten to reflect our new coding conventions

Multiple improvement for High-DPI screens have been applied

Bootstrap and Font Awesome have been updated to their latest versions


The license has been changed from GPLv3 to GPLv2


You can no longer determine the size of embedded videos


Fixes 21 bugs

Luna 1.3.1 Download 1.3.1
Luna 1.3 Download 1.3
Luna 1.3 Release Candidate 2 Download 1.3-rc.2
Luna 1.3 Release Candidate 1 Download 1.3-rc.1
Luna 1.3 Beta Download 1.3-beta.1
Luna 1.3 Preview 5 Download 1.3-alpha.5
Luna 1.3 Preview 4 Download 1.3-alpha.4
Luna 1.3 Preview 3 Download 1.3-alpha.3
Luna 1.3 Preview 2 Download 1.3-alpha.2
Luna 1.3 Preview 1 Download 1.3-alpha.1