Release notes

We change things every now and then...

Fluorescent Blue Preview Download 2.1-alpha.5

2.1-alpha.5 26 July 2018 Download 2.1-alpha.5


Typography has been added as a new theme

All censored words can now be edited and saved at once

Emoji can now be edited and saved at once

Luna now takes the number of accents in a new theme in consideration to reset user and config settings


Emoji shortcodes are now case insensitive

Luna now uses modern emoji shortcodes for new installations and adds them to old installations

Maintenance mode now throws a HTTP/503 code instead of HTTP/200

Themes now have easier access to pagination, menu and notification data

Revamped profile, profile settings and footer API


Bootstrap has been updated from version 4.1.1 to 4.1.2

Font Awesome has been updated from version 5.1.0 to 5.1.1

Luna now requires PHP 5.4 and up


Typography is now the default theme for new installations

More emoji have been remapped to better represent their text-version

Legacy code that functioned as fallback for old PHP versions has been removed

Disabling images in signatures now uses the global image setting of the user rather than its own


Support for MySQL and MySQL InnoDB has been removed

Users can no longer set how many threads and comments they want to see per page

It is no longer possible to disable graphic emoji

Users can no longer require avatars to be hidden

Themes can no longer support accent enforcement


Luna no longer returns the password when a registration error occures

When updating, fields are now correctly dropped from the database

ALPHA Fixes a number of issues with Fifteen and Sunrise

ALPHA Bootstrap Javascript is now loaded correctly locally

ALPHA Luna now correctly redirects after changing the theme

ALPHA Fifteen's "online users" list now works properly

Known issues

Fifteen, Sunrise and Typography have multiple visual issues

Luna will reset the theme to Typography

2.1-alpha.4 30 June 2018 Download 2.1-alpha.4


Known issues are now listed in the Backstage under "About"

Syntax highlighting now supports JSON and TypeScript and extended support for PHP

Backstage now defines its accent colors in a JSON file


Font Awesome 5 will now also be loaded from a CDN when CDN load is enabled

The Backstage and installer now use Bootstrap 4.1

Fifteen and Sunrise now use Bootstrap 4.1

Upgrading will update the cookie bar url if the old default value is still used


Bootstrap has been updated from version 3.3.7 to 4.1.1

Prism has been updated from version 14.0 to 15.0

Font Awesome has been updated from version 5.0.13 to 5.1.0


Some emoji have been remapped to better represent their text-version

When pruning threads, pruning pinned threads is no longer enabled by default


The default user group can now be changed again

Enabling debug mode now works correctly for PostgreSQL

Updating to Luna 2.0 no longer causes 'o_custom_css' to start with "NULL" as value

Fixes a PHP error with receivers in Inbox not being countable

The paper plane icons in Inbox are now properly alligned

ALPHA Bootstrap's JavaScript is now loaded correctly

ALPHA Enabling CDN loading does no longer break the Backstage

2.1-alpha.3 20 June 2018 Download 2.1-alpha.3


Custom emoji can now be added under Settings > Emoji

Themes now have to be installed through Settings > Theme

You can now remove a theme from the Backstage

Themes can now declare which features they support

Features that are not supported by the current theme show a warning


Themes now use theme.json to define their details

Improved consistency in the use of "email"


Backstage now uses the page name in the page title

The LESS Backstage styling has been moved to SCSS


"Theme" has been renamed "Appearance"

Theme selection has been moved from Appearance to Theme


You can no longer change the size of emoji


ALPHA Accents in Fifteen and Sunrise now work again

2.1-alpha.2 14 June 2018 Download 2.1-alpha.2


You can now pick a Font Awesome style for forum icons


Spoilers now use the Bootstrap's collapse plugin

Improved database management

Further refinements to the new Backstage design

Night mode has better contrast and darker design

The sidebar in threads now takes less vertical space on small screens


Fifteen and Sunrise are now written in SCSS


ALPHA Backstage accent settings no longer trigger a warning

ALPHA $luna_config is now used instead of $config for some settings, as it should be

2.1-alpha.1 12 June 2018 Download 2.1-alpha.1


Luna will now get Bootstrap and jQuery from a CDN by default

Font Awesome Pro 5 is now supported


Luna now uses your native system font instead of Segoe UI and Open Sans

Improved navbar for small devices

Tables will now work better on small devices


Font Awesome has been updated to version 5.0.13

jQuery has been updated to version 3.3.1

Rewrites Backstage style in LESS


Improved Backstage design with falter navigation

Improvements to the Luna coding conventions


It is no longer possible to enable smilies

Support for update rings has been removed

Luna 2.1 Preview 5 Download 2.1-alpha.5
Luna 2.1 Preview 4 Download 2.1-alpha.4
Luna 2.1 Preview 3 Download 2.1-alpha.3
Luna 2.1 Preview 2 Download 2.1-alpha.2
Luna 2.1 Preview 1 Download 2.1-alpha.1