Round-up #11 – Interfaces and databases

It has been a beautiful week. This week, we released 4 new versions of ModernBB (1.6.4, 2.0.2, 2.1.2 and 2.2.02), and of course, we continue development of what’s next. And what IS next? Well, that ModernBB 1.6.5, 2.2.05 and 3.0.0. And it’s that last one we’ve worked on a lot. Let’s talk about that.

Database and DB Layers
Well, we’ve made some changes for the database layers. The first one is, we dropped support for PostgreSQL. Why? Because we think that this database type isn’t used enough to support. Another big changes that has happened, and where we’re still working on, in the support for SQLite 3. Finaly, FluxBB and so ModernBB (we where planning this earlier than them, but they took our idea!) will do the same (support for SQLite 3 comes also to ModernBB 1.6 and 2.2). However, we’re also thinking about removing support for MariaDB, which is supported since ModernBB 2.0. For the same reason as we stop supporting PostgreSQL, it’s still in considering, but it could happen.

The Backstage Interface
Something else we spend a lot of time on, is the Backstage interface. We’ve improved a lot! First (and most notable), the color scheme has changed. We’re now on a black-blue color scheme, instead of a blue one. The Backstage also uses more of the elements that are available in Bootstrap (like tables in this case). We’ve also worked on the consistency of the interface. All pages now have a title. Buttons are a lot more consistent, everything is.

We’re not done yet. The interface is still to change. We want the blue color to be more of an accent. This will be used to create a new option to change the color of the backstage. Awesome, isn’t it? However, for the once that liked the color scheme from the ModernBB 2.x series, we might concider adding a color scheme that sets back those things.

Other stuff
We didn’t stop there, not even close. The Bacstages “Forums” and “Categories” page has been removed. What? But that’s the place where we could manage our forums and categories!? Indeed, however, we’ve added a new page, “Board structure”, that contains both pages, to give you a better overview. The update message on the front page of Backstage also has been revamped, it doesn’t show buttons anymore, instead, there is a new button on the index that brings you to a special update page.

ModernBB 3 now also requires at least FluxBB 1.5 or higher to be able to upgrade. Other work has been done on the action bar in the topic view, however, this isn’t finished yet. ModernBB 3.0 is also using a development version of Bootstrap 3.1, and we are planning to update jQuery to version 1.11 beta 2 too. Now, we’ve done a lot of work already, but we are far from finished! The template system needs work, the Backstage needs work, the front-end needs work, everything needs work! Check our shiplist to see what’s coming!


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