Skydrive Services from Microsoft for Easy Share

After the arrival of the internet also we are still lagging in uploading the files and data’s and also in retrieving it. The major difficulty we are facing is we cannot able to share more. These difficulties are now overcome with the arrival of the skydrive. The capacity of the skydrive is more than the other and it is offered by the Microsoft. It is said to be a cloud service, which provides the facility of retrieving the data from anywhere. The skydrive is more helpful for the student, professional and for the storing the company details and the confidential sources.

Microsoft Skydrive

The facilities offered by the Microsoft are, you can able to store about 7GB of data in the cloud. And you can able to retrieve the data at anytime said to be 24/7 and we can have the access at any place within the area they offered. The main advantage of using the skydrive is it protects the server downtime & increases the communication. Unless the other storage services like Google drive, apple icloud it can able to access through the mobile phones, operating systems and the real time collaboration with more number of users at the same time and at everywhere.

Using Skydrive

The skydrive can be implemented by using the following steps, they are displayed for you. Start your Microsoft account; choose the id which you like, say,, and more. Go behind the procedures which are displayed for you. Note the range of services they offered. Select the outlook which is placed in the left corner of the page. Then immediately create your own skydrive in the desired cloud. Select the desired flavor which is suitable for the devices by which you are going to retrieve. Keep watching the lower part of the page to start the run. Then continue with the installation process.

Then move on to the sign in and ensure that your cloud hard disk is installed. The skydrive option is in my computer home page. Click the caret for the launching process. Then you can use for the share and the teamwork, finally you see the files in the form of widgets. By following all these steps you can able install properly and to share and upload your files for the future reference and use.

Live Skydrive

The skydrive live is the one which has more advantageous. With this we can able to store the data in the online and can able to share by utilizing the windows live services. It provides the storage capacity of cloud storage of 25 GB which is more efficient than the Google drive. Because the Google drive can able to store only up to 15 GB of the data with it. It also provides furthermore facility that the members available for the free of charge. Skydrive live can be accessed either by public or by private. Highest level security is awarded to it, only the authorized person can able to access it.


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