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Android by Google is reaching high peaks of users. There are various apps for Android created by some or the other person. As Android is getting famous and more users are migrating to Android, apps and their developers are reaching more audience and greater popularity. That’s why even non-coders are interested to develop Android apps. Are you also interested in making an app? Cutting down the confusion, here is a step-by-step procedure to make a customized browser for your Android phone or tablet. Using this guide, even people having no knowledge of coding will be having their own custom browser ready for download.

This custom browser will be powered by the amazing Maxthon Browser for Android. Maxthon is a fast, cloud-synced browser with full of features. Maxthon for Android has many advance features that lack in other browsers like custom user agent, screen orientation, private browsing, wap/web option, etc. You can customize the browser with your custom name, icon, splash screen, browser theme, custom home screen, etc. Using this guide, you won’t be building a complete new browser but a customized version of Maxthon Browser for Android. But believe me, you’ll like the custom app of yours!

1. Icon for custom Browser of 72×72 pixels in jpg/png format of size < 50KB. If you don’t provide this, Maxthon’s default will be used.

2. Splash Screen for custom Browser of 480×800 pixels in jpg/png format of size < 500KB. I’ll advice image in png format as jpg didn’t worked for me. If you don’t provide this, Maxthon’s default will be used.

2. Click on ‘make it now’ button.

3. As directed, click on ‘Connect your Facebook’ button. You need to connect Maxthon with your Facebook account to continue. Please note that Maxthon uses this connection to post a status update on your Timeline like “I made a custom browser for android using Make my browser. Make your own browser here.” after you make your custom browser using its platform (of course, you can delete this status after it get posted).

4. After you’ve connected your Facebook profile, you’ll return back to ‘Make your Browser’ page showing you 6 steps of creating your custom browser. If not, then follow steps 1-2 again (don’t log out from your Facebook account – keep it intact).

5. If you’ve successfully followed above steps, then you’ll see 6 steps, starting with this:

6. Enter the name of your custom browser. This will be the name of your custom Android app and this name will be shown in the app drawer or while installing the app.

7. Next, upload the icon for your custom browser. Icon should be 72×72 pixels in jpg/png format as I directed in prerequisites. Choose default if you don’t have your own icon. This will be the icon of your custom Android app that will be shown in the app drawer.

8. Now, enter a custom homepage for your own browser. If you don’t have your own homepage then how about entering [] or []. This will be the deafult homepage on the custom browser.

9. Next, choose a default theme for your custom browser. This theme will be included by default in your browser.

10. Now, upload a custom splash screen for your browser of 480×800 pixels in jpg/png format as I directed in prerequisites. Choose default if you don’t have your own splash screen. This image will be shown at the time of starting of the app.

11. Enter your email id. Download link of your custom Android browser will be sent to this email id. Download link is also presented to you in the browser after custom app is built but providing email id is mandatory. After entering email id, click on ‘Create Android Browser’ button.

12. You’ll see a small dialog box displaying the progress of building your customized Android browser.

13. After build process has been completed, you’ll see a download link. Download the .apk file to your computer and copy it to your android phone’s memory card.

1. Check ‘Unknown sources’ in your phone’s settings. In Android 4.0+, it is available under Settings -> Security.

2. Now, locate to the .apk file with your phone’s file browser and click on it to install it.

3. Say ‘yes’ for the confirmation dialog.

4. After installation is complete, you will see your customized browser in the app drawer.

Android is gaining markets and developers are readily creating new products to suffice customers’ needs. But that’s not all – many non-coders are also willing to create apps and here’s how you can create a custom Android app for you. It’s a simple procedure and I’ve tried to list out details as much as possible so that you find least problems while creating your first app for Android platform. Maxthon browser is quite good in features in comparison to other Android browsers – it’s not so good in looks but yes, it provide lots of customization options to make it suit your needs.

I’d love to know about your customized browser.

If you find any problems while following this tutorial, report to us using comments.


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