The Luna logo uses the Segoe UI Semibold typeface. Besides our logo, we also use Segoe UI as our main font, with a fallback to Open Sans whenever Segoe UI is not available.

Weight and styles · Segoe UI

Below you find the Segoe UI styles that are used. Note that if Segoe UI is not supported on your current device, the fonts below will be displayed in Open Sans. Segoe UI Light is mainly used for large titles, while Segoe UI Semilight is used for smaller titles. Seoge UI Regular is used for normal text and Segoe UI Semibold is used to idicate important words and is our brand typeface.

Segoe UI Light 300
Segoe UI Semilight 400
Segoe UI Regular 500
Segoe UI Semibold 600

Weight and styles · Open Sans

Open Sans Light 300
Open Sans Normal 400
Open Sans Semibold 600