What is SEO Strategy?

When it comes to SEO, you may have come across many people talking about SEO strategy. There’s a good reason too. Basically SEO has never been straight forward and it never will be. As Google continues to change its search engine algorithm on ranking websites Strategy’s continue to change. So let’s get straight to the point.


Well as you could imagine it’s the strategy you will take to improve your search engine listings. Over the years, SEO’s have categorized different strategy’s into different category’s. For the past few years the main strategies have been black hat and white hat. Recently people have started to mix the two and started to call it gray hat. To keep this short basically black hat strategy’s are usually un ethical such as spam. Where as white hat strategy’s are more ethical usually manual strategies where as black hat is usually automated using programs. Usually when it come’s to an SEO strategy the main focus is building back links. Though this is not the only ranking factor Google uses for their algorithm it is still (though arguable) the main ranking factor. It’s how Google see’s how popular your website is. I think the problem that most are having are quality of links. Where as black hat is all about quantity and not quality.


Well first you must decide on the method you would like to use to obtain your backlinks. Do you want quality or quantity? Do you want to automate the process? Make easy money online? This is where i’ll step in for a second. I highly advise you against using an automated solution, this does not mean don’t buy SEO products and so on so forth. Though if you are looking for a program to do all the hard work then think again. Many people have gone down the road of black hat tactics and over the years they have succeeded in manipulating the search results. Google is no longer primitive and are continuously fighting against spam. Unfortunately this is where it get’s difficult. From my study’s I would say that older sites that have ranked using black hat methods and had their websites stick in the search results don’t seem to be the sites that are effected. Don’t get me wrong a lot of sites have lost their rankings over night but some, oddly enough just haven’t been effected. Where as I’ve noticed new sites to be flagged straight away. So the only option really is using white hat methods. This is also a problem, it’s hard and constant work. At time’s, depending on your niche, you could spend all day and result in no backlinks. Though if you work hard with white hat methods there’s a good chance you could eventually rank very well, not only well but it should stick.



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